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If you’re ready to take back control of the year, be productive, and KNOW that things are sorted out around the house – then these month by month organising plans are exactly what you need.

And don’t forget – each month has a FREE printable that you can add to your planner or Home File – which makes this even easier…

Quick to read, and easy to use – what more could you want!

I’m right there with you.

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It can sometimes feel almost impossible to get everything done.

I mean – where do the years go?! – seriously!

Months are over before you realise it, and then there’s a whole raft of NEW things to contend with.

Every month brings with it it’s own things to do and things to remember to keep the house working well, and it can be really hard to stay on track and understand how to be organised throughout the year without some sort of help.

Not to mention making sure the house is ready for whatever season it is – including seasonal homemaking and storage ideas.

That where this post comes in!

Over the course of the past year I wrote a post at the start of each month about all the things to look at each month when it comes to homemaking and life in general.

Each month has it’s own things to remember when it comes to how to be organised this year, and it’s own specific tasks that would be best to focus on at that particular time of year.

Each post has all those tasks written down and explained, along with ideas of things to do, what to tackle etc.. to stay on track for each month of the year.

There’s even ideas for peoples birthdays – so that you always have inspiration for what to buy in certain months.

Sounds good, right!

… and don’t forget the totally free printables that you can grab for each month that you can add to your Home File or Planner to stay on track.

You can take a look at each month in turn by clicking on the links below: –

Your monthly TO DO’s to show you how to be organised this year…

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In January For Your Home & Life

JANUARY – Start the year as you mean to go on.

Set the tone for the rest of the year…

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In February For Your Home & Life

FEBRUARY – Instead of loads to do this month, it’s more of a focused month – with decluttering front and centre of thoughts.

It’s a great month to declutter because you’re far enough after Christmas to want to make a change, but still have that new year feel to motivate you.

Things to do in March - with Daffodils in background

MARCH – Yes, paperwork is a tough focus, but with the start of Spring and those sunnier days, why not open the windows and let some fresh air in while you’re tackling it all?

Have a great Easter / Mothers Day / School Hols etc… – or whatever falls for you this month (if not – it’s an early wish for them for April!).

Things to Do at Home In April

APRIL – Getting on top of things in the house after the Winter months, setting up/tweaking your cleaning schedule, and getting help, are the important homemaking tasks for this month.

Alongside that, reinventing your meal plan to be more in line with spring and summer food can be a lovely way to introduce the family to new meals, and make cooking interesting!

Oh – and Easter, of course!

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In May For Your Home & Life

MAY – Enjoying the holidays, getting some bigger tasks crossed off your TO DO list, walking more, and tackling the kitchen, are all the important homemaking tasks for this month.

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In June For Your Home & Life

JUNE – The main things really are to make time for you and your health now the weather is working WITH you, make plans for Fathers Day and the Summer (incl. some BBQs!), and last but definitely not least is to deep dive into your budget

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In July For Your Home & Life

JULY – Get the outside stuff done while it’s warm, prepare for the emergencies that will hopefully never happen, and have a great summer in the process!

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In August For Your Home & Life

AUGUST – Whatever you do this August, have fun, do a few new things with the kids, and don’t forget to forward plan for the start of the new school year – you will then have the best holiday ever!

Printable checklist of things to do in September

SEPTEMBER – Getting into a groove of getting things done this month will really help to stay motivated as the nights draw in – and you will be able to get so much done if you pace yourself with a little each day.

Think of it as a 30 day challenge!

Things To Do In October

OCTOBER – There’s a chance to get well ahead of things with starting your Christmas prep now (don’t forget your Planner!), and sorting out your plans for Halloween and Half Term.

Leaves on wooden background

NOVEMBER – There’s fun to be had with Bonfire Night, expectations for Christmas – and lots of sorting out the house for the winter months.

It’s time to cosy up!

Things To Do In December Plus Free Printable

DECEMBER – Yes, there are a few things to do (mostly admin for the end of the year!) – but above all else ENJOY!

You’ve worked hard this year, you deserve it!

And that’s it! – all those months planned out for you, so you can get things done without having to worry that you’re missing things.

How To Be Organised All Year - With FREE Printables For Each Month

I hope that each of these posts and printables really help you to know how to be organised this year and stay on track for the whole 12 months, so that the year is a great one for you!

Now – go get organised – and have a brilliant year…

P.S. If you’re ready for even more year round tasks that will make your home AMAZING – you’ll definitely want to take a look at this post next (CLICK HERE TO READ – 365 things to declutter this year).

P.P.S – This is a page to bookmark so you remember to get the next months’ printables. Either that, or Pin it!


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