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Hi - I'm Chrissy & It's Great To Meet You Over A Virtual Cuppa...

Chrissy Halton - Owner of the Home Organising Blog Organise My House

Welcome to Organise My House (my little corner of the internet) - where I LOVE to share tips, ideas and inspiration on everything 'organising'!

I believe that everyone deserves to enjoy living in their homes every single day, and having worked with clients for over 12 years in my own Home Organising & Styling Business here in the UK, I've learned what works (& what doesn't!).

As a result - I can help you (albeit in a virtual way) to create a home you love, simplify your day to day, and focus on what matters.

Take a look around, learn all my tips and tricks (incl.  my tried and tested A.D.O.R.E method), and you'll have a home life you 💛 before you know it!

(Oh, and if you're interested in knowing a little more about me and Organise My House, just CLICK HERE...).

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How Can I Help You?

This site is packed FULL of simple solutions for a Home Life you A.D.O.R.Ebroken down beautifully into the 3 main areas to get organised (SPACE, LIFE & TIME).

All you need to do is decide what area you want to tackle first (or take the quiz above and I'll help you pick!) - and click on the yellow button to get started...

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The A.D.O.R.E Method

The A.D.O.R.E Method is my simple but very effective way to organise ANYTHING... 

See what some of our VIP subscribers have to say about OMH...

I love your work, over the years you've helped me become more organised, therefore less stressed and as a result of that, easier to be with, which makes my family happier. So thank you

Hi Chrissy. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your amazing newsletters. Your uncomplicated and doable ideas and advice are very inspiring. Slowly but surely I am organizing my home and making it something to be really proud of. 

Love it!

Once again thank you!. Over the past couple of years I have followed your advice and yes it has made a big difference to my life and home. For the past couple of years my life has been much happier because I am more organised.

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SPACE - Create a Home You Love

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TIME - Focus on What Matters...

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