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Great list of homemaking tasks to do in May to help you sort home life out more easily. there’s even a free printable checklist to keep you on track. What more could you ask for (apart from actually getting things done automatically of course?!)

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In May For Your Home & Life

This is part of the HOW TO GET ORGANISED ALL YEAR series of articles – with a detailed TO DO list (and free printable!) for EVERY month of the year waiting for you. CLICK HERE to get them all.

May is the Time of year when…

We have so much to look forward to this, the last month of Spring.

There’s May Day, 2 (!) Bank Holidays to enjoy, Half Term for the children, and (fingers crossed!) the weather really starts to warm up – summer is on its way!

It’s definitely one of my favourite months.

I love May – my daughter was born at the end of the month which makes it an extra special time of year for us, and I’m really happy that the warmer days mean being able to take lots of walks and be outside loads which I try and make the most of.

Also it’s so nice just being at home when the sun is shining – it makes everything seems more manageable somehow and I always seem to get loads done which is a bonus!

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Thing to do in May

Regular Monthly Tasks

There are some things that, as a homemaker, you need to do each and every month. Without them, you will start to fall behind pretty quickly.

I wrote a post about these 3 main tasks to do each month HERE if you want to read the full article, but the quick list is here: –

#1 –  Check your diary

#2 – Sort all cards and gifts

  • Make sure all presents and cards for May are on track to get to the recipient at the right time (post or hand delivered)
  • Check that you have got all the presents and cards ready for June
  • Buy all presents and cards for July

#3 – Check your bank statement

  • Are all outgoings correct?
  • Are all incomings correct?
  • Are you on track with your budget?

Tasks specific to May

#4 – Days off

May has 2 bank holidays giving us long weekends (hooray!) – so why not make the most of them…

You could plan a getaway, the odd day out, a BBQ at home etc… – but it’s also a great time to plan what I like to call a BONUS day at home.

With any 3 day weekend you’re given that extra day off, so why not use the first day of the 3 to tackle some stuff you’ve been putting off because you need some time to get them done.

I like to get out into the garden and tackle the bigger tasks that get it ready for summer, alongside sorting various parts of the house that feel a little unloved!

Even after spending a long day doing tasks, you’ll still have a full weekend ahead of you, which is why I class it as a BONUS day.

I love this way of thinking!

#5 – Half Term

If you have children, they’ll no doubt have half term at the end of the month – so start thinking about places to go and the people you want to see so that everyone has a great week.

If you work are there places that will look after your children for some of the week?

For example – our gym does amazing days where the kids get to take part in loads of sports and crafts. I can work there and get lots done, so it’s a win-win!

Lots of places do one off days that kids can join in on which are a great way to break up the holidays and make them exciting (and wear them out a little!) – you only have to look in your local magazine/newspaper to find loads of interesting ideas that will make the week something special!

Why not book in some play dates for the kids and coffee for you and their mums, or a day out, and even work out some chores that the kids can help with – another way to get things crossed off the list! (I find that half terms are a great time to sort through kids wardrobes and toys).

#6 – Walking habit

It’s all too easy to stay at home and get stuff done because there feels like there’s just not enough time in the day – BUT it’s so important to stay fit and healthy as well.

If you can start to add a walk to your day (a pedometer is a great bit of kit that I use every day**, as I like to see how many steps I’ve done, and I challenge myself each week to walk a little further than the last), then you will get some much needed Vitamin D from the sun and fresh air. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be less stressed and find all your home tasks that little bit easier. What could be better than that!

Whatever amount of steps you can manage, do it – then challenge yourself to do a few more over time – you’ll love this time so much!

TIP – I read while I walk, by listening to Audio Books. Audible is truly one of my favourite things, and I’d highly recommend becoming a member as it makes my daily walk a real treat!

Deep dive tasks

These are things that follow my organising roadmap for the year. May is the month for tackling your kitchen and food.

#7 – Update your recipe file

If you don’t have a recipe file as yet, then I highly recommend creating one.

It’s a great way to collect together all your favourites in one easy to find place (no more searching through loads of books or websites to find that one recipe you tried last year and loved…), and it doesn’t have to be hard: –

  • Create your recipe file in Pinterest virtually.
  • Photocopy pages from your recipe books that you use again and again
  • Print off webpages that you use a lot
  • Simply add a page at the start of each section (starters, mains, puddings etc…) that has references to websites and recipe books that you own – to save having to print/copy them.

Give it a go – it’s really been a game changer for our family, and it makes meal time or baking time so much easier!

#8 –  Tackle the kitchen cupboards

I find it a lot easier to tackle the kitchen cupboards when the sun’s out! – it’s one of those rooms that feels so so big to get started on, but actually once you get going you can do it pretty easily.

There are lots of ways to tackle the cupboards – depending on how organised they already are: –

Whatever you do – you will be a step further towards making your kitchen work really well for you.

TIP: Although not a specific task for this month, you can ALWAYS do a bit of decluttering. It’s a great thing to do regularly. As such, why not grab a free May Decluttering checklist to help?

Free printable for May

If you’d like all these TO DO’s in one easy to use checklist, then you’re in exactly the right place!

The gorgeous TO DO list has everything I’ve talked about in this post written down for you to print off and tick as you finish each task:

May TO DO list printable for the home

Want a copy?

Your very own copy of this gorgeous (and helpful!) printable is waiting for you in the Free Printables Library.

To get FREE access to the entire library simply click the button below – hope you enjoy!

Important dates in May

  • UK MAY DAY – 1st Monday in May
  • UK BANK HOLIDAY – Last Monday in May

Also – don’t forget to add your own important dates to your diary (including Birthdays, Events, Appointments etc….).

May facts

  • MAY BIRTHSTONE – Emerald
  • MAY FLOWER(S) – Lily of the Valley
  • MAY ZODIAC SIGNS – TAURUS Apr 20th to May 20th, and GEMINI May 21st to June 20th

Gift ideas for May birthdays

I LOVE buying gifts for people because it’s a chance to show them that you care for them and they are someone who means a lot to you.

There are lots of gift guides and gift giving inspiration for different people on the site already, so take a look HERE, but if you want something specific to the month then why not use the May Facts in the section above, and take inspiration from them?

I’ve put a couple of ideas below to get you started, and I really hope they inspire you:

#1 – MAY BIRTHSTONE KEYRING – A gorgeous (and stylish) keyring that they would love

#2 – MAY CANVAS BAG – My little girl would love this so much (and it’s useful too!).

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In May For Your Home & Life

There you have it – all the things to do in May to get more organised!

Enjoying the holidays, getting some bigger tasks crossed off your TO DO list, walking more, and tackling the kitchen, are all the important homemaking tasks for this month.

Next, take a look at the May Declutter Checklist. It’s a great idea for a little challenge this month!

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