Enjoy a Stress-Free Christmas

Year After Year

... with the Only Christmas Planner You'll EVER need.

Christmas Planner
  • Stunning Printables that will make every part of Christmas Prep a joy not a chore.
  • Use the amazing Christmas Countdown Checklist to stay on track throughout the weeks leading up to the festivities.
  • Use it Year after Year to save yourself time and effort. 

How Does The Idea of Planning Christmas This Year Make You Feel?...

  • Dreading the thought of December and the ever increasing TO DO list that you'll have to add to your already overloaded schedule...
  • Wanting to get to January feeling less drained, and hoping that "this year will be different" - but not sure exactly how to make that happen...
  • Craving an easier way of doing things - so you get to Christmas less stressed and more relaxed...

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way...

You Really CAN Have a Fantastic Christmas Without Feeling Exhausted by All the Prep

"Hello Chrissy - I just wanted to say 'thank you' for the Christmas Planner. It's beyond valuable ...

I've already started planning my most organised Christmas ever! I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks now - I feel like I am on top of everything, I've worked out my budgets and there will be no last minute panics or stress. 

Thanks again - I'm really delighted with the purchase!"

- J. Watts via eMail

Christmas Planner Selection Of Pages

I Get It...

Time is short. Life is busy.

... and Christmas adds a completely extra level to it all.

How on earth are we meant to get it all done?

Years ago, when I started hosting friends and family at my home over Christmas, I wanted to be the perfect host. I tried to create loads of gorgeous food, have a beautifully decorated home that was welcoming, create special memories and much much more.

... and it was exhausting!

I didn't know what to do to get the balance right.

What needed to be done and how to do it so I didn't need a holiday AFTER the holidays!

It was time to get sorted.

That's when I created my Christmas Planner - and it's been a game-changer for me, so I want to share it with you right now so it can do the same for you.

It's my sanity-saver in the lead up to Christmas - and I wouldn't be without it now.

Christmas Planner TO DO list
Christmas Planner December Calendar
Christmas Planner Letter to Santa

It's The Ultimate Way of Creating a Christmas You'll Love - Without the Stress!

JUST imagINe this.....

By the time Christmas comes, you'll have: -

  • check-circle
    Posted all the cards and presents with plenty of time to spare - having missed no-one AND stayed on budget
  • check-circle
    Your home prepared for Christmas. Everything will be decorated, you'll be ready for guests, and you'll have all the food and drink sorted out.
  • check-circle
    Time to relax and enjoy all the parties and events you have in your diary

And when Christmas is over, you'll have: -

  • check-circle
    A note of the gifts your family received - so you can keep track of the Thank You notes to send (There's even a template for the kids thank you's!)
  • check-circle
    A list of things you already know you'll need next year - things that have broken this year or that you loved and want again. You can add them to your Sales Shopping list and save some money right now rather than have last minute stress next year.

You'll Have Enjoyed the Holidays

- AND be Excited for Next Year Already!

& Don't Forget The Very Best Thing ...

I specifically created this planner with the idea that you can re-use it again and again each year.

It's undated - so you don't have to buy it more than once.

You can simply set it up, and use it for EVERY CHRISTMAS FROM NOW ON.

In fact - once you've set it up once, you'll always have a head start when that time of year comes around again! (you'll only ever need to print off the pages you want to create again each year - and because it's a digital download, you get to print off as many copies as you like!).

I love being able to see things from previous years: -

  • I can keep track of what I've bought people, so I never buy repeats
  • I know what didn't work from previous years - so I can do more of what DID
  • I know how I decorated the house last year - so I can do something different OR copy it
  • I have a note of what I spent each year, which helps with budgeting this year

...and SO much more!

So - what are you waiting for?! - Let's do this!

"This is absolutely the BEST Christmas Planner EVER...

I love that it takes you through from October to January and there is a place to organise everything!

I used it this Christmas and I've already set up the next one (I just added some tabs).

I couldn't recommend this any higher - it's BRILLIANT!"

- K. Woodland

What's Included ?

  • The Christmas Planner has 6 sections (time, info & budget, home & hosting, cards & gifts, food, after Christmas),  with over 30 beautifully designed printables that take you through every step of organising your Christmas like a pro.
  • It has been designed to be used year after year - and is completely undated - so you buy it once and can use again and again.
  • All printables are black and white so you can personalise with your own coloured pens and stickers, or leave them simple and classic. I love to add some of the printables to the wall using clipboards or a frame - they look great and keep you on track all at the same time!
  • A4 and Letter sizes are both given as these are the standard UK and US paper sizes
  • You also get to choose if you prefer your week to start on a Sunday OR a Monday - both versions are given.
  • It has been created to be printed on both sides of the paper (duplex) and is a total of 102 pages. You also get a printing index so that you can print off copies of individual pages when needed.
Christmas Planner Contents

... & that's not all! - You also get: -

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for the duration of the Christmas Countdown. The place to share tips and get extra help and advice for all your Christmas Planning.
  • Weekly eMails from me for the duration of the Christmas Countdown - so you stay on track!
  • A copy of my 100+ Christmas Tips eBook - a great addition to your Planner!

You Are Truly Getting AMAZING Value For Money

Christmas Planner Printables
Christmas Planner Printables

Hi, I'm Chrissy....

Chrissy Owner of OrganiseMyHouse.com

... and it's great to meet you! I'm the creator of this Christmas Planner, and owner of OrganiseMyHouse.com. My passion is helping people to love their homes and simplify their lives, and I'd love to help you too.

I owned my own Home Organising and Styling Business in the UK for 12 years, and helped countless people 1-1 to declutter and design their homes to work for them. 

Wanting to reach more people with my tried & tested methods and knowledge, I moved from hands on help to the online world full time, and have never looked back!

I now get to help thousands of people, all over the world by creating planners, printables, eBooks and eCourses that have been carefully put together using all the experience I have had with clients and in my own home life - and I can't wait to share them with you. Welcome to the start of something amazing!


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Christmas Planner

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