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A fantastic list of homemaking things to do in March that will help sort both your home and life really easily. Includes a free printable for you to keep track, so you’ll be more organised than ever!

Things to do in March - with Daffodils in background

This is part of the HOW TO GET ORGANISED ALL YEAR series of articles – with a detailed TO DO list (and free printable!) for EVERY month of the year waiting for you. CLICK HERE to get them all.

March is the time of year when…

It’s the start of Spring! – The weather is starting to get better, nights are getting lighter, and there’s a general feeling of anticipation and fresh new starts. 

Its time to shake the winter off, and get moving again!

When Spring hits, it usually comes with it a sense of being able to get more done

There’s just more energy when the days are longer and temperatures start to rise – so it’s a great time of year to make the most of it.

Things to do in March

Regular monthly tasks

There are some things that, as a homemaker, you need to do each and every month. Without them, you will start to fall behind pretty quickly.

I wrote a post about these 3 main tasks to do each month HERE if you want to read the full article, but the quick list is here: –

#1 –  Check your diary

#2 – Sort all cards and gifts

  • Make sure all presents and cards for March are on track to get to the recipient at the right time (post or hand delivered)
  • Check that you have got all the presents and cards ready for April
  • Buy all presents and cards for May

#3 – Check your bank statement

  • Are all outgoings correct?
  • Are all incomings correct?
  • Are you on track with your budget?

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Tasks specific to March

#4 – Plan for Easter

Easter is a moveable feast – and could be in either March or April – but getting organised for it now will make life a LOT easier over the coming weeks.

Think about the following: –

  • Where are you going to spend Easter Weekend? Do you need to book anywhere? Are you inviting friends/family over?
  • What will you eat?
  • Who do you want/need to buy presents/eggs for? – how will you get them to them? (very hard to post!)
  • Do you want to send cards to anyone?
  • What are you doing over the kids school holidays?
  • When are the church services you want to go to?

Get an Easter TO DO list going, and start to tick off all those little bits and pieces – before you know it, you’ll be all sorted!

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#5 – Changes for clothes and the house

The end of Winter and start of Spring marks a big change in what we wear and how we feel about our homes usually.

With our clothes – we start wearing warmer day things – albeit with layers! – and with our homes, we start to open the windows, see more light, and feel like everything needs a quick refresh.

This is the month to get those things done: –

  • Wash and pack away anything that you won’t wear over the spring/summer if you don’t have room to keep everything out (I keep it all out as I wear layers and only have a few specifically winter or summer items, but the choice is yours depending on your storage and preferences). Also, get out and wash all the spring clothes you have, ready to wear. Extra tips – declutter any winter clothes you know you won’t wear next year – and mend anything that you DO want to keep but isn’t looking it’s best before it gets put away.
  • Make a list of any items of clothes you need to replace or update – and add this to your shopping list so that you know what you need next time you hit the shops.
  • Pack away any throws or wintery accessories from around your house, and give each room a quick refresh in terms of look and feel. For instance – I usually move the furniture around in our living room in the spring, the sofa can now cover the radiator because the heating won’t be on – whereas in the winter, we needed as much heat from that as possible! If you DO have any spring accessories then get these out now!
  • Add in a few Spring flowers to your home – a bunch of daffodils in the kitchen look great – or a tub of spring flowers outside.

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#6 – Plan for Mothers Day

This can be an emotional day – for both good and bad.

There are lots of people who find it really hard – maybe they aren’t a mum as yet but want to be, or they’ve lost their own mum.

But there are also many who love the day – being a mum themselves, or celebrating with their mum.

However you feel about this day – it’s worth taking a bit of time to work out how you’ll mark it. Doing a bit of prep up front can make things much easier….

As well as cards or presents, some more unique ideas are as follows: –

  • Send a card to a friend who has become a mum for the first time this year.
  • Write a letter to your mum, if she’s here then you may want her to read it, or it may just be for you to get your feelings out – and if she’s not, then you’ll feel closer to her.
  • If you’re a mum – have a bit of time to yourself planned, or whatever you want to do with the day.

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Deep dive tasks

These are things that follow my organising roadmap for the year. March is the month for tackling all the paperwork.

It’s a tricky topic, but is one that EVERY home usually struggles with, and as a result will make the most difference when tackled near the start of the year.

#7 – Paperwork Focus

It’s time to tackle those paper piles and set up a system for paperwork that works for you and your home.

And I can help!

I have written LOADS of articles about paperwork that you can find HERE – from where to start, to quick tips, to setting up systems and products that will make a huge amount of difference to the high stress levels that paperwork constantly coming into your home can cause.

Maybe you will use this month to tackle your filing, or you may want to set up a new system for yourself, or you just want to get everything in one place and sort through to get back on track – the choice is yours. Start at the place YOU need to – and get what you can done.

#8 –  Set up a Home File

When it comes to paperwork, EVERY home has loads of little notes, information leaflets, business cards from trades etc…

We usually keep all these on a noticeboard, on the front of the fridge, or in various drawers and cupboards.

Not ideal!

So – I urge you to consider looking at setting up one place where ALL that information goes. One place for everything – a manual for your home.

You can get started with the help of my Home Management Binder series – and I’m sure once you set one up in your own home, you’ll never look back!

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Free printable tO DO List for March

If you’d like all these TO DO’s in one easy to use checklist, then you’re in exactly the right place!

The gorgeous TO DO list has everything I’ve talked about in this post written down for you to print off and tick as you finish each task:

Free Printable TO DO list for March

Want a copy?

Your very own copies of this gorgeous (and helpful!) printable is waiting for you in the Free Printables Library.

To get FREE access to the entire library simply click the button below – hope you enjoy!

Important dates in March

  • EASTER (Although changes every year – so could be in APRIL also.
  • MOTHERS DAY – one that changes date year on year as well (Each country celebrates on a different date usually, but did you know that International Mothers Day falls on the 12th each year?).
  • ST DAVIDS DAY – 1st – Patron Saint of Wales
  • ST PATRICKS DAY – 17th – Patron Saint of Ireland

Also – don’t forget to add your own important dates to your diary (including Birthdays, Events, Appointments etc….).

March Facts

  • MARCH BIRTHSTONE – Bloodstone and Aquamarine
  • MARCH FLOWER(S) – Daffodil (also known as Jonquil)
  • MARCH ZODIAC SIGNS – PISCES Feb 19th to Mar 20th, and ARIES Mar 21st to Apr 19th

Gift Ideas for March Birthdays

I LOVE buying gifts for people because it’s a chance to show them that you care for them and they are someone who means a lot to you.

There are lots of gift guides and gift giving inspiration for different people on the site already, so take a look HERE, but if you want something specific to the month then why not use the March Facts in the section above, and take inspiration from them?

I’ve put a couple of ideas below to get you started, and I really hope they inspire you:

#1 – DAFFODILS – Sending a jug of daffodils would be a gorgeous present, for Birthday OR Mothers Day. You could also get a bunch and wrap in some lovely paper, or get a planter full if the recipient has a garden – the choice is yours!

#2 – PISCES ZODIAC PRINT – Gorgeous, simple, but very thoughtful.

Free printable TO DO list for March

There you have it – all the things to do in March to get more organised!

Yes, paperwork is a tough focus, but with the start of Spring and those sunnier days, why not open the windows and let some fresh air in while you’re tackling it all?

I hope you have a great Easter / Mothers Day / School Hols etc… – or whatever falls for you this month (if not – it’s an early wish for them for April!).

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