Special Mothers Day Gift Ideas For All Age Children To Give


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Mothers Day is a special time to tell your mum how much she means to you. Whether you’re looking for something for your children to give to their Mum, or for something to give to your own Mum – you’ll find some fantastic Mothers Day gift ideas here. Make this year really special for her…

Thoughtful Mother Day Gift Ideas that she'll really appreciate

Mothers Day is definitely the day to celebrate not just the fact that your Mum means a lot to you – but also the fact that she is, in fact, your mum!

As such – all the Mothers day gifts here are Mum / Mother related – if you want extra gift ideas for Women in general, then THIS is the post for you to read next.

This article is in two main sections – firstly for those who just want quick ideas and inspiration – a shopping section. Just click on the item you want to know more about and that’s it!

Secondly – if you want to do a little of the thinking around the gift – to personalise as much as possible for your own Mum, then take a look at the themes I tend to stick to when thinking about what to buy.

I hope that you to find the perfect present for your Mum this Mothers Day – and that she feels really special.

Mothers Day gift ideas you can grab right now

Let’s get started straight away with a selection of brilliant items to buy your mum straight away (perfect if you don’t want to have to scour things yourself – I’ve done the hard work for you! – just call me your personal gift fairy!).

You can find out more about any of the items below by simply clicking the picture – where you’ll be taken to the shop it’s sold in. All links are affiliate links – which means that I get a commission if you make a purchase, at no cost to you of course.

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Themes to try when buying a gift for your Mum

There are a few themes that keep coming up when looking at Mother’s Day presents – so let’s look at each of these in turn, as these may give you some gift giving inspiration as well.

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#1  – Keepsake from little kids

A mum loves her kids, of course! – and so anything that they make, create, or is part of them, would be the perfect way to celebrate on Mothers Day.

Some great ideas for these would be: –

#2  – Help from older kids

Mums are busy, and time poor – in general.

And older children don’t necessarily have money to spend on a gift themselves – even if they want to get something.

So – making these two work together means that older kids could give the gift of time to their Mum, by helping them with something.

Some options for this would be: –

  • Book of vouchers of tasks that they promise to do (make a cup of coffee, wash the car, clean the dishes etc…)
  • Offer to babysit the younger kids if they’re old enough
  • Promise to go to bed early one night so mum can have a movie night / date night / girls night etc…
  • Offer to do errands for a day

TOP TIP – If you’re on a budget then you could make the book of vouchers yourself instead of buying one.

Black and white picture of hand holding ribbon tied bunch of flowers

#3  – Adult children ideas

As an adult – getting something nice for a Mother’s Day gift means just as much to your mum – so take some time to really think about what they may like.

And it doesn’t have to cost much at all

In fact – a lot of the time, mums want to spend time with their children, and/or relax from the usual daily grind – so think along those lines and you won’t go far wrong!

Treat them to an afternoon tea with you, a day out, or sign you both up to a class to learn something that they love (candle making, perfume making, flower arranging etc…).

What does your mum love doing, and what can you do with her?

If you’re far away from her location wise – then spending time may be harder, but you can still create time together by getting on a video call and playing a game, having a weekly chat time set up etc…

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#4  – A celebration of being a Mum

Showing your love for you mum doesn’t have to be completely personalised.

You CAN find some fantastic gift ideas that celebrate Motherhood – that feel personal to you as the sentiment is there.

Plus – they may not all be sentimental – you might find the perfect funny one instead!

Some ideas for these types of presents would be: –

  • Artwork
  • Mother’s Day Card
  • Clothes (t-shirts or sweatshirts with slogans work well)
  • Mug
  • Candle
  • Photo Frame

#5 – Anything personalised for your Mum particularly

Along the same theme as #4 – a perfect Mother’s Day gift idea would be anything that celebrates her as a Mum but also adds a more personalised touch – such as your birth date, your initials etc…

Similar items are available for this, including: –

Thoughtful Mother Day Gift Ideas that she'll really appreciate

I hope there’s something in this list that’s inspired you for your own Mother’s Day gift this year (or when getting them for your kids to give to their Mum!)

I know as a Mum myself that these would all be very well received – and are all thoughtful in their own personal way.

But whatever you’re doing to celebrate – have a lovely Mothering Sunday!

Ready for some more ideas? – Why not head over to the gift giving hub – lots more gifts for everyone in your life. Enjoy!


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