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Hi! – I’m Chrissy - and I totally LOVE everything about homemaking. I'm the kind of girl with a list for every occasion, I've always got plans and ideas to try in my house, and if I lost my diary I would probably crumble...

As I write all the articles on this little blog I thought it only right to introduce myself a little first (if we can't meet for a coffee then this is the next best thing!) - so here are some bits and bobs about me, my life, and why I decided to start Organise My House.

Why not grab yourself a drink and get reading - I hope you enjoy!



sliver of colour

Firstly - (and because I love a good list!) - here are 11 random facts to read to get to know me a little better right now: -

  • I am married to my best friend - he has been my rock since I met him in 2000


  • Baking is one of my favourite things to do - it chills me out


  • My guilty pleasure is karaoke and dancing with my daughter - it's a great way to de-stress (and when she was learning to read it was an amazing way to make reading fun!


  • I try and do some sort of exercise every day - this has always helped relax me and keep my head clear - my current favourites are weights, running and swimming.


  • I have learnt to surf, ski and snowboard over the years - although now I would have trouble with all of them (!) - paddle boarding is next on the list (tried it in France this year and loved it)


  • I used to follow my head (Maths degree, corporate job), now I follow my heart (this blog, working for myself in my Home Organising and Styling business) - the head stuff was a great grounding and I wouldn't take it away for anything - but I'm so glad my heart won!


  • I love to visit cities, watch films & musicals, eat out, and stay in.


  • I am a total introvert


  • I decided to quit sugar way back in May 2015 - and weirdly haven't missed it at all - it's given me a chance to be creative with recipes and baking which is always good!


  • I am a world record holder - well - part of a group at least! - You can read all about it here (and the top picture is me all wrapped up as a mummy - you'll understand when you read about it!)


  • I love lists ;o)


sliver of colour


Where did it all start?

I've always been an organised type of person. It's pretty in-built in me. I love planning and having order in life, and will write lists and spreadsheets whenever I can. 

And being organised can seem like a really good thing (especially to people who struggle with it), and it is - to an extent. You see, I've learnt over the years that (as with most things in life) you've got to get the balance right.

For me, striving to be totally organised has come with its issues.... let me explain.

I would class myself now as a recovering perfectionist...

I was one of those people who needed to get things done to perfection every time I started something, or it wasn’t worth doing.

At first glance you may say “What's the problem with that!”, but a life where everything needs to be organised perfectly ALL THE TIME is exhausting.

You never feel that you can do enough, and everything you do do just isn't up to standard - Not to mention the array of spreadsheets and lists written to procrastinate over whether a job can be done or not, or those unfinished projects that start to pile up because I couldn't start them until I knew how to complete them perfectly...

I was the one at school who spent more time making sure my revision timetable was perfect than I actually spent revising! RIDICULOUS (but it did look great!)

In the end this came back to bite me big time.


The turning point...

After graduating from Cardiff University with a Maths degree I started a career in IT but within a couple of years I ended up being signed off for a few months from a successful corporate job because of anxiety and stress.

I assumed that I wasn’t good enough, I worried that others were thinking that I wasn't up to it, and had lots of similar thoughts running through my head 24/7 that simply weren’t true. I set myself completely unrealistic targets each day, and when I finally broke, the doctors said that it was inevitable given my character traits.

I suffered panics attacks almost nightly, my energy levels were rock bottom, and my motivation for anything and everything was non existent.

Enough was enough.


That was way back in 2004 – and from then on I have tried really hard to change. It's hard. VERY hard. But, little by little I got back on track - it was just a different track!

I went from crippling indecision and stress in everything, to creating a simpler life that works again. I worked out what my priorities were, and along with my very understanding husband, we tried to make sure our lives fit what we wanted from them – as a team.

It took a few years, but I made some major life changes - moving to a completely new area, starting a family, quitting my job and starting my own Home organising and styling business.

And now - well now, I couldn't be happier x



Why tell you all this?

You may well relate to at least part of my story. 

Whether you have suffered from anxiety/stress, or you feel totally overwhelmed with things at the moment, or you just want to make your life work for you - you can see that I have been there and come out the other side.

Yes, it takes time.

Yes, it takes effort.

But WOW - it's worth it!

I created this blog to help you and show you that it's totally possible to create the home and life that you want - and organise it in a way that really helps you rather than stresses you out.

There are no right or wrong ways to do things - just making it work for you and how you want to live...

Sound good?.....



What have I learnt from it all?

The main reason I wanted to start this site was to share what I've learned, which is quite a lot over the years! - and I am still learning every day...


  • I am by no means perfect or totally organised, and that's absolutely fine. I don't believe it's possible for anyone to be 100% organised as the goal posts are always moving (life changes!).
  • You only need to be as organised as you want to be - deciding what "organised" means to you will ensure you can create the right systems and routines and habits that will get you there. 
  • Being organised is as much about balancing your life as it is about finding a place for things in your home. It's about making life as simple as possible.
  • Getting properly organised is key to success - not just a quick declutter or a few weeks of being someone you're not - but fundamental changes that last.
  • Organising is a way of life – I am a complete advocate of changing your existing habits/systems/routines to become a more organised person step by step. We all get up every day, have a few (usually 3) meals, go to bed, brush our teeth, wash, go to work/school etc…. We don’t even think about doing them – they come naturally. The trick to getting organised is to add to these, and change others where necessary. Organised people seem to be able to do things without trying - but they have simply developed the habits that make it all second nature.


Of course the perfectionist inside me hasn't left completely - I still strive to do well at things – but that's no bad thing as long as it's kept in perspective!

I try and do the things I want to do, and balance those with what I need to do.

I have learnt to say NO, learnt that I need to be happy for my family to be happy, and much much more – all of which I intend to share on this site.

Notice how I am saying “I try” and “I strive” – its an ongoing process - but I know that I am organised enough for me and my life, and that being organised makes life so much easier.


sliver of colour

so, why start OMH?

I mentioned above that I own a Home Organising and Styling business, which I started back in 2005.

I love to create a space that works hard for those living there, and reflects people as much possible in terms of both style and function.


If your home supports how you live - then life is easier.


As part of this business I offer organising services to homes in my area, and am a member of the UK Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO-UK). As such, I have had lots of experience in organising all sorts of homes and lifestyles over the years.

All of this experience (including my own) has lead me to want to share what I have learned over the years - and this site seemed the ideal way to do just that - so Organise My House was born!

Organising is a huge passion of mine – as I really and truly believe that getting organised can change a persons life fundamentally.

One of my biggest beliefs is that if we can teach ourselves the habits and systems that truly work, we can live our lives in the best way possible, and ultimately we can pass this on to our children so that they can also live simpler lives once they leave home. What a legacy!

Organise My House is my way of helping, just a bit...




What you do today can improve all your tomorrows

I may not be there yet


sliver of colour


So - now you know me a little (warts and all!), I'd love to get to know you too - after all, it's not a conversation if it's only one way. If you would like to share anything with me about why you want to get more organised, what has led you to read this blog, or just to say "hi" - then please feel free to drop me a line.

(Other places to find me are Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram - I add lots of extras on these and I'd love it if you joined me on whichever is your favoured one!)

And if you are ready to get started - why not take a look at my latest posts. There is so much to look at that I'm sure you will take away something useful each time you visit.

Thanks for stopping by - and remember - wherever you are in life, getting organised can help in so many ways. Living in a home that works for you and looks as you want it to can really work wonders, and having the time to achieve your dreams is life changing!

- so what are you waiting for!...

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