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Home Management Binder Offer


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Home Management Binder
Create a cleaning schedule
Daily chores checklist

Let's face it - life at home is HECTIC...

  • There are always things to remember, tasks to get done, & plans to be made - and finding a way to keep all that important information together can be exhausting.
  • The HUGE amount of 'helpful' notes, leaflets, business cards, reminders etc... are piling up on the kitchen surfaces, the fridge door, and various noticeboards dotted around the house.
  • You're sick of not knowing exactly what needs to be done to stay on track.
  • You're wasting time having to write out important information again and again for people.
  • And you're constantly losing vital things like tradesmens numbers etc... because there's nowhere to put everything safely.

it's time to change all that.

Home Management Binder Pages

what is the Home File?...

An easy to set up, complete Home Management System that beautifully organises all your important information so you can grab what you need, quickly.

Includes 6 gorgeous sections that make every part of home life a pleasure to keep track of, rather than a chore!


Editable versions of everything so you can create a digital copy too!

You won't know what you did without it...

  • SO much easier that having to trawl through your filing cabinet or hunt through the various paper piles to get a phone number or a leaflet you KNOW you've kept
  • MUCH quicker that having to show your family where things are and what to do every day
  • ...and FANTASTIC for handing over to anyone helping you at home (babysittter, grandparents, your partner, your kids etc...)
Home Management Binder Offer

£39 / $49 


see what others are saying...

This is a GENIUS idea! Within 24 hours I've condensed

7 pads of lists & I'm only just getting started!

I am just now getting to spend some quality time with my home file and I LOVE IT.  Thank you for putting this together, because it’s definitely a life (and time!!) saver!!

Chrissy is my new best friend. Her approach to organisation is just what I needed to keep me from feeling too overwhelmed. 

I am nowhere near where I want to be, but with her methods I think I can do it. I love this girl.

A HUGE amount of stuff here. Information, forms, plans, and all sorts of useful things to get your life in order. Impressed!

here's just a glimpse of its uses...

  • got to grab a quick bit of info on the go? - There are places to add the gas reference number, what cleaning jobs you should do that week, when your car insurance is due - so you don't have to sort through your entire filing cabinet to find it.
  • hired a babysitter? Grab the babysitter info page - pre filled out with your contact number, the kids details, routines, and even how to use the TV! and save yourself loads of writing time!
  • been given a business card? - the gardener you used this week to cut the hedges back has given you their details. You can add them to the trades page, AND add the task to your Home Maintenance schedule so you remember to call them again next year...
  • got to touch up where the kids scratched the paintwork in the living room? - the colour and brand is all written out ready for you to get the right pot from the garage.
  • found something interesting about a holiday? Add that information to the Holiday section and you won't forget it next time you're looking to go away.
  • got people coming for a meal? - just look in here for ideas of what they love to eat or even what they may be allergic to
  • hired a cleaner? - use your cleaning schedule to know what's best to delegate, and then fill out the cleaners page so you can just leave it out for him/her to check off
  • got an insurance claim? - use the home inventory to know details of anything around the house that has been lost/damaged/stolen.
  • got a holiday coming up? - grab the pre holiday checklist to get all those tasks done before you go, and use the packing lists to ensure you take everything you need with you
  • changed your financial situation? - use the budget sheets to understand exactly where each penny goes, to check debt repayments and savings are going OK - and lots more!

" The Home File is a complete home management system that will help you run your busy home life more easily

TRULY believe every home should have a copy "

Home Management Binder Offer

£39 / $49 


Chrissy Owner of

Hi - I'm Chrissy

 it's great to meet you over a virtual cuppa...

I'm the owner of, & the creator of The Home File.

Having owned my own Home Organising and Styling business for over 12 years, I've helped countless clients to sort out their homes so that they finally work for them. You truly can't beat that feeling of helping someone to enjoy their home, and it's a HUGE passion of mine.

The Home File is the one item that I ALWAYS recommend to people wanting to sort their homes out once and for all, because it gives you the perfect framework to streamline the information and systems you use in your home - in a way that's unique to you and your family.

We have used every day for over a decade It REALLY works, & I can't wait for it to help you too!

let's look at the details...

  • The Home File includes 6 Gorgeous Planners that will help you organise every aspect of home life: CHORES / HOME MAINTENANCE / FOOD & MEALS / BUDGET & FINANCES / FAMILY & FRIENDS / HOLIDAYS & OUTINGS
  • There are covers for each individual planner - and one for the entire Home File. This gives you the option to create a file for each section - or one master file
  • It comes in pdf format. This is a digital format means you don't get a physical product from me, but it enables you to print each page off as many times as you like.
  • There are a massive 210 planner pages in total, with 79 unique and carefully thought out printables- something for every part of homemaking.
  • You get both A4 and Letter (8.5"*11") sizesand everything is created to be printed in duplex (i.e. on both sides of paper).

... and the best part

Not only do you get the gorgeous printable pdf version to create a physical file of your own - but you ALSO get the editable files so you can choose to create a digital version instead.

It really is totally customisable to your needs.

Home Management Binder Pages

... what's inside?

Home Management Binder

Here's a detailed list of all the amazing pages you get inside each planner - and don't forget you get both the printable versions AND the editable versions of everything listed!

Chores Planner - Part of the Home File


How to create a cleaning schedule step by step guide / Home Chores brainstorm / How often are chores done? / Daily chores checklist / Annual Seasonal chores checklist / 4 week chores schedule / Laundry schedule / Quick clean checklist / Deep clean checklist / Chores for the week for..... / Cleaners checklist / How to clean the....

Home Maintenance Planner - Part of the Home File


Home Maintenance schedule / Home TO DO list / Home TO BUY list / Great shops to buy from / Household Suppliers / Changing suppliers / Trades & services / Home project planner / Comparing trade quotes / Home Inventory / Home decorating info / Tracker for decorating project / Tech info - how to use the.... / What to do in an emergency / Car info / Memberships & subscriptions.

Food and Meals Planner - Part of the Home File


Shopping list (categorised) / Shopping list (Simple) / What's for dinner this week? (1 meal a day planner) / What's to eat this week (3 meals a day planner) / 4 week meal plan / Tried and tested Master meals list / Pantry Checklist / Freezer Checklist / Fridge Checklist / Food info about friends & family / Food for entertaining.

Budget Planner - Part of the Home File


Income tracker / Outgoings info / Card & Gift budget / Monthly budget / Bill tracker (year) / Spending tracker (week) / Wish list / Savings tracker / Debt repayment tracker / In case purse or wallet stolen / Account cheatsheet.

Family and Friends Planner - Part of the Home File


Personal info / Pet info / Home & Family goals / House meetings / Info for babysitter / Birthday & occasion tracker / Guest & gift ideas / Friends & Family contact info / Party event ideas / Party planning checklist / If the worst happens (who to contact etc...).

Holiday Planner - Part of the Home File


Holiday year tracker / Staycation ideas / Where in the world? (want to go to list) / Places to visit again / Pre holiday checklist / Holiday details / Holiday plan / Packing list (adult) / Packing list (child) / Holiday shopping list / Holiday TO DO list / Looking after the pet(s) / What to pack for the pet(s) / Looking after the kids / What to pack for the kids / Looking after the house

Home Management Binder Pages


{ Each planner is worth £12 for the printable AND editable versions }

... get yours now for just

£39 / $49 


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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. I am sure you'll love the Home File, but if you're not happy, then simply let me know.

Home Management Binder Pages


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