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This list of things to do in July around the house (and in life) will really help you to stay sorted, and make a difference to how you feel about home life in general. There’s lots of inspiration and ideas to add to your Planner for July, including a fantastic free printable TO DO list with all the tasks written out for you, some fun facts about this month, and there’s even a quote.

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In July For Your Home & Life

This is part of the HOW TO GET ORGANISED ALL YEAR series of articles – with a detailed TO DO list (and free printable!) for EVERY month of the year waiting for you. CLICK HERE to get them all.

July – the time of year when…

The kids are getting excited as the summer holidays are just around the corner – hopefully you’re able to get away from work as well over the summer – and the suns still out – so what’s not to love!?

This month it’s less hectic in terms of what we want to try and tackle. Mainly because I know that a lot of people will be planning holidays, be off with the kids, and generally have a little less time to get big projects tackled.


There are still some great tasks to tick off in July – so let’s get started, shall we!

Things to do in July

Regular monthly tasks

There are some things that, as a homemaker, you need to do each and every month. Without them, you will start to fall behind pretty quickly.

I wrote a post about these 3 main tasks to do each month HERE if you want to read the full article, but the quick list is here: –

#1 –  Check your diary

#2 – Sort all cards and gifts

  • Make sure all presents and cards for July are on track to get to the recipient at the right time (post or hand delivered)
  • Check that you have got all the presents and cards ready for August
  • Buy all presents and cards for September

#3 – Check your bank statement

  • Are all outgoings correct?
  • Are all incomings correct?
  • Are you on track with your budget?

#4 – Double check holiday plans

Whether this means your booked holiday, or your plans at home during the school holidays – just do some double (and triple!) checks that everything is OK with what you’ve got in your planner.

  • Confirm payment has been made for holidays / childcare / kids classes etc…
  • Confirm any social dates with who you are seeing
  • Confirm travel plans
  • Check you have all tickets for anything you’ve booked

It’s always worth doing now rather than get panicked nearer the time.

NOTE – However organised you think you are – PLEASE DO THIS CHECKING!. From my own experience it’s worth it to save stress! A few weeks ago I was travelling back from a blogging mastermind workshop in Florida, and the connecting flight was via Montreal in Canada. I had totally missed the tiny writing on the booking confirmation that said that even though I wasn’t leaving the airport and visiting Canada at all, I still needed to have the necessary forms to enter the country. I was told at checkout that I had to sort it out there and then, but it could take up to 72 hrs, and I wouldn’t be allowed onto the flight without it. Ugh! And I thought I had all bases covered really well as I was travelling by myself. It was OK though – I got sorted within half an hour and made the flight with time to spare.

#5 – Academic diary?

I sometimes like to change my planner at this time of year, as I find that the summer can be a great time to re-group and gather my goals and thoughts together.

If you’re like me and prefer to change diaries in line with the Academic Diary style – then now is the perfect time to get it sorted.

#6 – Shopping for the holidays

Over the holidays, whether you’re going away or staying at home – there will be extra things on your shopping list to get.

It’s definitely worth taking a bit of time to write this list and to get everything as early as you can – so it’s there and ready to use when needed.

TIP – There are some shopping lists specifically for your holidays in the Home File – Holiday Section – which you may want to check out as it will save you time and effort as it’s already created for you.

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#7 – School’s out!

July is when most schools close for the summer – so it’s worth doing a quick sanity check that you have all the information you need for the following school year before it’s too late to request it.

It’s also worth making sure your kids have bought everything home from school – including uniform, PE Kit, Musical Instrument, Trainers, Coat, Books etc….

Deep dive tasks for July

You will, of course, be sorting out your holidays more than likely this month (or getting ready for them in August), but there are some other things we can deep dive into that can help you stay on track overall: –

#8 – Get outside sorted out

I am a BIG fan of making life easier – and when it comes to sorting out the outside spaces of your home, it makes total sense to do it while the sun is shining.

Having helped clients in garages and sheds in winter in the past – I would most definitely encourage you to stick to Summer if you can plan it that way – your hands and feet will thank you over and over again for it!

So – whatever parts of your outside that needs attention – take some time over this month to do it: –

  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Garden
  • Any other outbuildings (we have an old garage that we use as an office now, so I always sort it in the summer months, as we tend to work in the house in the winter!).

Another outside thing to get sorted while it’s warm, is your car. This is often neglected as we just use them for getting to and from places, and can generally put up with mess if that’s what it looks like. Get it looking great, declutter and clean it – and you’ll LOVE the daily journeys from then on…

#9 –  What would you do…?

There are lots of families that have no clue what they would do should the worst happen.

Whether it be a fire, a flood, a power cut, a burglary, illness, or something even worse like someone passing away unexpectedly… – do you have plans in place to help you at those times?

Do people know what to do, who to call etc…?

There are loads of ways to make all these things easier on whoever has to cope with it – so look at tackling some of these this month: –

  • Fire Exit Plan – Where’s the fire window?, do kids know what they should do?
  • Burglary – do you have a Home Inventory so you could easily tell the police/insurance company what was missing?
  • Power Cut – do all family members know where the trip switch is, or where to find out the number of your supplier?
  • Someone Passing Away – Do you have a Will set up?
  • Illness – Have you got everything written down as to what to do for your house and family should someone have to take over at any point?
  • All of the above – Do you have the right insurances set up?

Yes, these aren’t the nicest of things to think about – but you will be SO thankful when you know you’ve got them all sorted.

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Free printable for july

If you’d like all these TO DO’s in one easy to use checklist, then you’re in exactly the right place!

The gorgeous TO DO list has everything I’ve talked about in this post written down for you to print off and tick as you finish each task:

July TO DO list printable for the home

Want a copy?

Your very own copy of this gorgeous (and helpful!) printable is waiting for you in the Free Printables Library. To get FREE access to the entire library simply click the button below – hope you enjoy!

Important dates for July

  • For the US Readers of Organise My House – Happy Independence Day on 4th July!

Also – don’t forget to add your own important dates to your diary (including Birthdays, Events, Appointments etc….).

July related facts

  • JULY FLOWER(S) – Larkspur (Delphinium)
  • JULY ZODIAC SIGNS – CANCER June 21st to July 22nd, and LEO July 23rd to August 22nd

Gift ideas for July Birthdays

I LOVE buying gifts for people because it’s a chance to show them that you care for them and they are someone who means a lot to you.

There are lots of gift guides and gift giving inspiration for different people on the site already, so take a look HERE, but if you want something specific to the month then why not use the July Facts in the section above, and take inspiration from them?

I’ve put a couple of ideas below to get you started, and I really hope they inspire you:

#1 – JULY BRACELET – Beautiful everyday bracelet that any lady would love!

#2 – JULY MUG – Great for a little girl!

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In July For Your Home & Life

There you have it – all the things to do in July around your home and in life so that you are more sorted for the entire month.

Get the outside stuff done while it’s warm, prepare for the emergencies that will hopefully never happen, and have a great summer in the process!

If you can think of other things to add, or you’d like to share how you get on this month, then I’d LOVE to hear from you.

Why not join the fun in our Facebook Group – Organise My House HQ. There are loads of like minded people there ready and waiting to cheer you on!


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