Important Homemaking Things To Do In February [Printable]


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This is a fantastic list of homemaking things to do in February that are going to help you to sort out your home and life a LOT more easily! Also comes with a totally free printable so you can have a copy to check each item off as you do it. A great addition to a planner, or home management binder.

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In February For Your Home & Life

This is part of the HOW TO GET ORGANISED ALL YEAR series of articles – with a detailed TO DO list (and free printable!) for EVERY month of the year waiting for you. CLICK HERE to get them all.

February is the time of year when…

We’re well and truly into the new year now, and February to many can be a real non-event month.

The weather is still gloomy and rainy – and the mornings and evenings are still quite dark. It really does feels like spring is still such a long way away.

As a result it would be really easy to simply close the doors and hibernate a bit – and no-one would blame you – but I’ve got other plans for you…

You see – why not turn this negative into a positive and make the most of the time spent inside, while we have to?

This is the month that I focus on the house, and on the first practical thing all of us need to concentrate on to make sense of where we live.


Now is the time to tackle both your home and life – and declutter the unnecessary. That way, when later months come, you can sit back and be safe in the knowledge that you are only having to deal with what you really need, and you can spend more time outdoors when the nice weather hits.

In fact – the word February comes from the word ‘februa‘ – which means cleansing or purification – it’s like it was meant to be!

Sound good?

Let’s get started then…

Things to do in February

Regular monthly tasks

There are some things that, as a homemaker, you need to do each and every month. Without them, you will start to fall behind pretty quickly.

I wrote a post about these 3 main tasks to do each month HERE if you want to read the full article, but the quick list is here: –

#1 –  Check your diary

#2 – Sort all cards and gifts

  • Make sure all presents and cards for February are on track to get to the recipient at the right time (post or hand delivered)
  • Check that you have got all the presents and cards ready for March
  • Buy all presents and cards for April

#3 – Check your bank statement

  • Are all outgoings correct?
  • Are all incomings correct?
  • Are you on track with your budget?

Tasks specific to February

#4 – Plan for Valentines Day

Myself and hubby don’t really celebrate Valentines Day as such – as we don’t want to be told when we should show each other we care. BUT having said that – it’s always nice to take a bit of time each month to do something together, and February / Valentines is a good way to focus on it being done!

So – whether you have a passion for Valentines Day and buy a card and pressies, or whether you are much more low key – don’t let it go by without doing something – however small or big.

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#5 – Plan for Lent

The other thing that usually starts in February is Lent – which means to many giving up something for 40 days. Whether it is starting this year in February or not, now is the time to plan what you will be giving up.

You could do some decluttering each day to give up things that others could use, or you could give up a bad habit – these are both (you’d think I made it this way!) key focuses for the month.

OR you could look at adding in a new habit instead.

The choice really is yours….

The point here is that more people give up things for Lent and STICK TO IT for the 40 days than people trying to stick to New years resolutions each year – they seem to last a couple of weeks and then the novelty wears off – whereas I think having 40 days to do something gives an attainable goal that seems easier to focus on.

So why not try and give up something that you know you could do with losing from your life – getting organised is all about creating new habits in your life – so getting rid of a few of the old ones, one at a time – is a great way to start!

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#6 – Plan for half term

If you’ve got kids, chances are they will have a week or more of school holidays this month – which can be great because it means less routine and more time to do things with them – but can also be a source of stress finding things to do and sorting time off work etc…

You need to have a plan to make the holidays as good as they can be.

Simply sit down and talk through what you all want/need to do (maybe decluttering!), and block out time over the holidays to fit it all in.

That way the kids can know up front what’s coming, and hopefully be more motivated to help with chores if they know that some fun stuff is coming too!

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Deep dive tasks

These are things that follow my organising roadmap for the year. February is the decluttering month, and looking to help your home feel more spacious and give you more time and energy for other things.

It’s about getting started with DOING, and I can’t wait for you to get started!

#7 – Declutter – to the level you need to this year

Your home may be a complete mess, or it may look great on the outside but have every cupboard full to the brim.

Whatever state you are in – you’re not alone! – and you can make a huge difference this month with decluttering.

#8 –  Look at your good (and bad!) habits

We’ve already talked about Lent being a great time to look at habits that you currently do. I have a friend who usually gives up cakes and biscuits for Lent, for example, but sometimes Lent doesn’t fall in this month – so I want to make sure that you tackle habits now anyway.

This ties in nicely with decluttering as well, because if you’re a newbie declutterer you may feel it’s enough to make decluttering a habit this year.

If not, you may want to look at adding a new habit that you want to do, or taking away a habit you don’t want to do any longer.

The choice is yours, and the list is endless, but the results really would be life changing!

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Free printables for February

If you’d like all these TO DO’s in one easy to use checklist, then you’re in exactly the right place!

The gorgeous TO DO list has everything I’ve talked about in this post written down for you to print off and tick as you finish each task:

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In February For Your Home & Life

Get this printable – it’s FREE!

Your very own copies of this gorgeous (and helpful!) printable is waiting for you in the Free Printables Library. To get FREE access to the entire library simply click the button below – hope you enjoy!

Important dates in February


Also – don’t forget to add your own important dates to your diary (including Birthdays, Events, Appointments etc….).

February Facts

  • FEBRUARY FLOWER(S) – Primrose
  • FEBRUARY ZODIAC SIGNS – AQUARIUS Jan 20th to Feb 18th, and PISCES Feb 19th to Mar 20th

Gift ideas for February birthdays

I LOVE buying gifts for people because it’s a chance to show them that you care for them and they are someone who means a lot to you.

There are lots of gift guides and gift giving inspiration for different people on the site already, so take a look HERE, but if you want something specific to the month then you can use the February Facts in the section above, and take inspiration from them.

I’ve put a couple of ideas below to get you started, and I really hope they inspire you:

#1 – ORNAMENT – This is a Pisces based ornament that would look great in someones home, and be a really personal gift because it relates to them.

#2 – JEWELLERY – I love getting a birthstone in jewellery for a women in your life. Looking around there are loads to choose from – so always think about their style and what they’d prefer. THIS ONE is one that I think is a great starting point, and would look fantastic on.

The Ultimate List Of Things To Do In February For Your Home & Life

There you have it – all the things to do in February to get more organised!

Instead of loads to do this month, it’s more of a focused month – with decluttering front and centre of thoughts.

I love to have a month to focus at the start of the year on something so crucial to a smooth running home – and I can’t wait to see how you go!

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