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Spring At Home

Fresher, Lighter, More Energy - What's Not To Love!

There's so much to love in Spring when it comes to seasonal homemaking.

Not only are the days starting to get longer and warmer, which means more energy to get stuff done. But also, we have some lovely times to look forward to - including Easter and other Bank Holidays.

So - will you 'Spring' into action this season?

NOTE: For this site, and for simplicity - Spring consists of March, April and May

Below you'll find popular posts for each month - followed by a roundup of all the Spring homemaking posts on the site.

Hope it helps you find what you need...

Tips And Ideas To Make Spring Homemaking Easier This Year

Popular March Homemaking Articles

The start of Spring days, thoughts of Spring cleaning - what will you turn your homemaking efforts to this month?

Popular April Homemaking Articles

Usually the time of Easter - how do you add a touch of this holiday to your home?

Popular May Homemaking Articles

Bank holidays, Kids Half Term from school - a lot to love about this time of year for sure!

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Browse The Articles To Help You This Spring At Home

Favourite Spring At Home Items...

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It's always nice to add a few seasonal touches to your home, to mark the time of year. Adding new touches in Spring means you can clear away the heavier and cosier items of Winter, and add in some fresh items to mark the lighter days. Here are some of my favourites for inspiration!

Inspiration For Those Spring Months...

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QUOTE - Winds of March we welcome you, there is work for you to do. Work and play and blow all day, blow the Winter cold away
QUOTE - April is the kindest month. It gets you out of your head and into your garden
QUOTE - All things seem possible in May

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