6 Easy Ways To Create A Smart Home That Works For You


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When it comes to technology in my home, I’m behind. 

Way behind.

I love the idea of making things work harder for me so I don’t have to do as much. There’s something quite magical about having products that do a job in your home without you having to do much in return (in fact, they are controlled through a smart phone app – and some are even just by your voice – so so easy!). It’s almost like having invisible home help…

It sounds like the holy grail of homemaking – and it’s becoming a reality. In fact, it’s got a name – and that name is a SMART HOME…

Smart home - using technology to help around the house

Creating a “SMART HOME” has been something that I’ve thought about for a while now, and I’ve kept it on my TO DO list for the longest time.

However, it’s never made it to URGENT status, even though it has the power to give me back some much needed time, and save me some energy in the process.

These type of things are things that really SHOULD be a priority, after all, we are all looking for ways to simplify life, aren’t we!?….

So – when John Lewis asked me to take a closer look at their Smart Home range, lots of products to help my home work harder for me, I jumped at the chance.

They say that smart home products represent the ‘home of the future’, and I for one want to see what those homes can offer.

It’s the excuse I’ve been waiting for to see what’s out there, and what could potentially help me to run my home so it feels like I have help (sounds good!).

So – if you’re like me and wanting to try out some smart products that can hopefully save some time, effort and energy, then why not take a few minutes now and let’s explore some of the fantastic options together…

Quick note – these are all items that can be controlled easily by apps on a smartphone or tablet – making them totally accessible and easy to use – after all, who doesn’t have a phone nowadays. Technology is becoming more and more easy to use in our day to day lives, so let’s embrace it and take that leap once and for all.

Smart Lighting

Coming home to a dark house is one of my least favourite things in the world.

From being a very young child I was always a little (OK OK, a lot!) afraid of the dark. It seems very unwelcoming, and highlights the fact that you are the first person through the door at night.

So, if there is a way to turn the lights on BEFORE I get home, and indeed, having control over the lights for whatever reason, I’m all ears. Here’s a quick video of exactly what it can offer…

I’m definitely going to be taking a look at the Phillips Hue range of smart lighting in my own home (especially as the nights are getting darker).

Other great benefits of these lights are: –

  • They are dimmable
  • They can give you bright white light AND warm white light, and some offer different colours as well
  • All lighting options are there, from table lamps, wall lights and ceiling lights, to track lighting.

Smart Heating

Along with being able to control your lighting from wherever you are, you can also control your heating.

No more coming back to a cold house because you don’t want to have the heating on all day wasting money, no more burst pipes when you’re away because there’s been a cold spell that wasn’t expected….

You can pick what temperature your heating is at, and when, all from your phone! (and it even learns what you like so it starts to do it for you after a while – amazing!).

John Lewis have a wide range of options to help – including Nest and Hive.

Some products even have installation from a British Gas engineer included – which is a huge bonus in my eyes.

Smart Home Monitoring

Another area of the home where I would love to get even more technical is when it comes to safety.

Having been burgled twice in our last home, we are aware more than ever about how to keep our space safe and secure.

Home monitoring can help stop things before they even happen (you can appear like you are at home even when you’re not), and there are various options available including security cameras and video doorbells to enable you to literally see what’s going on, wherever you may be.

Here’s one of the options in more detail (the Ring doorbell) – which has a clever in-built video which lets you monitor who’s on your doorstep, wherever you are.

Smart Appliances

Let’s turn the attention away from the home as a whole, and concentrate on the appliances inside it now…

I’m talking ways to make your washing machine, fridge, dishwasher, oven – even your hoover – smarter!

Who knew….!?

Now, washing machines that help you to pause and start their cycles from anywhere, hoovers that work by themselves, or an oven that you can turn on and off wherever you are are one thing – but smart appliances can go even further than that now. I had no idea that these type of things were available…

For example –

Ways a Smart Fridge Can Help You

  • See what’s in your fridge with built in cameras
  • Systems to help keep track of expiry dates
  • Monitor and re-order your food shopping
  • Touch screen for note taking
  • Watch TV or listen to the radio

It’s not just a fridge anymore!

Smart Entertaining

Smart products aren’t just for the practical side of homekeeping either, they can be for the fun stuff too!

How about being able to listen to your music from any room, without having to switch things on and off, or moving from stereo to stereo?

Sonos and Bose are both great options for smart entertaining, and are definitely worth a look…

Smart Health

Last but definitely not least, I already use and love some of the smart health options that are out there.

I personally have a Fitbit which I love, as it makes tracking your fitness, eating and even sleeping(!) so easy, and gives you a way to understand where you could be doing better, and there are a variety of wearables out there to choose from depending on what you need it to track, what you want it to look like etc….

I know that I now have a mini competition with myself when out and about each day to beat the number of steps I take, or how many glasses of water I drink – all of which can only be a good thing…

So many smart home options to look at, and it’s got me excited as to how much technology can work with me to make my home and life much more simple each and every day.


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