17 Things To Declutter From Your Bedroom For A Good Nights Sleep


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Wondering what to get rid of in your messy bedroom for a better nights sleep? It can be hard to know what belongs in this room and what you shouldn’t keep in there. This article will help you work out what things to declutter from your bedroom so you can relax in the space much more easily.

17 Things To Declutter From Your Bedroom For A Good Nights Sleep

Do you often have a hard time falling asleep at night? Are you constantly tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable?

If so, it may be because your bedroom is full of stuff that shouldn’t be there.

Why Do Bedrooms Get Cluttered?

The main reason bedrooms end up having too much stuff in them is because they’re easier to ignore than other rooms in the house.

They’re often the rooms we don’t show to others, and are therefore ‘safe’ to be a little more messy – so things can all too easily get thrown in there and each item that’s left builds up over time.

After all – it’s only for our eyes so it doesn’t matter, right?!

Well, no – it’s not doing us any good to have a messy room…

Why Is It Important To Declutter Our Bedroom?

A cluttered bedroom can cause stress and anxiety, which make it difficult to relax and fall asleep.

Not only that, but just being able to relax in your bedroom is vital for our well being.

Lady sleeping in bed with black eye mask on

Things To Declutter From Your Bedroom Right Now

We all know the feeling of coming home to a messy room and feeling stressed out.

A cluttered bedroom can make it hard to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

If you’re looking to declutter your bedroom and create a more peaceful space, here are a few things to get rid of.

Use this list as a guide next time you’re looking at decluttering your bedroom, and you’ll be able to chill out more easily, and be sleeping like a baby in no time!

#1 – Anything Related To Working

If your bedroom is starting to feel more like an office than a relaxing oasis, it might be time to declutter some of the work-related items that have made their way in over time.

This can include lots of different aspects of working:

  • Storing office supplies
  • Paperwork that needs to be dealt with
  • Your desk
  • Your filing cabinet
  • Your computer / laptop

If you have work related items in your bedroom you’re going to be less able to switch off from the day, and relaxation (or sleep) may be impossible to come by as a result.

Repeat after me: My bedroom is NOT a home office.

#2 – Anything Related To Chores

All too often we do chores in this space, and/or leave things related to those tasks in there.

This includes things like your laundry basket filled with dirty clothes, ironing boards (where else could you iron?!), and that pile of clean clothes on your bed ready to put away (I see you!).

Having anything like this in your bedroom can remind you of all the work you have to do, making it harder to relax.

Plus – there’s nothing worse than coming to bed to find you have to sort out the clothes mountain that’s on there before you can relax….

These are better in a living room or similar – just like the next category of items…

#3 – Anything Related To Exercise

One of the quickest ways to make your bedroom feel more spacious and serene is to get rid of anything related to exercise.

That includes workout clothes, your gym bag, weights, and any other fitness equipment you might have stored there.

It’s easy to see why this space is used for exercise stuff – and there IS an argument to have these things visible so that you remember to do your exercise each day.

But that’s also an issue… If you have it out to keep it front of mind – it’s front of mind when you’re trying to relax and sleep as well.

Who needs to feel guilty about not doing enough fitness just before bed?

When your bedroom is free of exercise gear, it will be a much more calming environment that promotes restful sleep.

Much better to have your stuff out somewhere you’ll see it each morning after you’ve got up…

#4 – Anything Uncomfortable In Bed That Stops You Sleeping Well

Our bedrooms are for sleeping – so it makes sense that the bed is as comfortable as possible.

Trouble is – we all too often put up with less than ideal bed / bedding setups.

Decluttering can help with that!

It’s time to let go of ANYTHING that doesn’t allow you to sleep well – or that means you wake up with aches and pains of any kind.

  • Lumpy pillows
  • Itchy sheets
  • Too hot / too cold quilt
  • Mattress where springs are sticking into you
  • Mattress where foam padding has dipped in places, making you roll in the night

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Bedroom with white bedding, green velvet cushion, pine bedside table and ceiling hung bedside light

#5 – Electronics And Tech

Your TV, laptop, phone etc… should all stay out of the bedroom if at all possible.

This is due in part to the blue light that they emit, which can stop your brain shutting down to sleep.

But it’s not just that that’s an issue – it’s also that your tech can simply keep you awake for more hours than you’d probably like.

#6 – Anything On Top Of The Wardrobe

It can be all too tempting to add boxes and ‘stuff’ in the space on top of the wardrobe – after all – it’s extra storage space, right?

Well – yes, but no!

Adding anything to the space above the wardrobe gives the room a really cluttered look, and often it’s what you see when lying in bed.

That clutter can, subconsciously or consciously, cause us stress – because it’s something we need to deal with.

If that space is empty it feels less enclosed, and more restful.

#7 – Anything On Your Bedside Table That Doesn’t Need To Be There

This is the last place that you look at usually before you turn your light off – so it’s worth deciding what you’re going to see there.

If it’s full of stuff, then your brain will buzz at what needs doing – but if it’s just got the bare essentials – you can feel calm and relaxed as you switch the lamp off.

Ideally you only want that which you need and use every night on your bedside table – like a light, book, medication, water etc…

#8 – Anything Related To The Kids

When we have children their stuff can get everywhere – but your bedroom is one place to keep sacred to all things adult only – if at all possible.

Of course – when they are tiny babies they may well be sleeping in your room – but as soon as this has finished, make it a rule to keep your room a kid free zone so you can switch off a little.

#9 – Books You’ve Already Read

Excess books are a very common bedroom clutter creator – as they’re easily piled up in your bedroom, especially if you’re a keen reader.

This also applies to those huge piles of magazines….

Pile of books

#10 – Clothes And Jewellery You Don’t Want / Need Any Longer

There’s a lot you can declutter from your wardrobe – so get it streamlined and you’ll feel instantly better knowing that the wardrobe / chests of drawers aren’t bursting at the seams.

#11 – Makeup And Toiletries Past Their Best

Our bedroom also tends to be the place we keep things to help us get ready each morning.

Especially in the UK where bathrooms are pretty small with little storage.

It’s always worth making sure though, that anything we DO keep in the bedroom in this category is actually something we want.

All too often we keep things that we just don’t need to:

  • Gift sets with a couple of items we won’t ever use
  • Items past their best before date
  • Items that have been pretty much finished
  • Makeup that we don’t wear because it doesn’t suit us

#12 – Anything Under The Bed That Doesn’t Need To Be There

Another space that’s often cluttered in a bedroom is under the bed.

It’s a great storage solution when used properly, but is a clutter trap if not.

Look at everything you’ve got under there and ask yourself whether you REALLY need to keep it, whether it REALLY needs to be in your bedroom – or whether you can let it go.

Often we shove things under the bed and forget about them.

No more!

#13 – Excess Bedroom Furniture

Bedrooms can feel cluttered not only with the little stuff – but also the larger items, such as a chair, extra chest of drawers, or other furniture that we really don’t need in there.

They become something we tend to overlook when we declutter – but can offer some huge wins in the fight for space.

One thing to watch as well is that furniture can become clutter magnets – if you always throw your clothes onto that chair in the corner – it’s time to get rid of not only that pile of clothes, but also the chair.

That way you’re stopping future clutter too (just make sure the floor doesn’t start your clothes collection instead…!)

Description of floordrobe - the wardrobe you have on your floor!

#14 – Excess Soft Furnishings

One of the best categories of things to declutter from your bedroom are the excess soft furnishings.

Throws and decorative pillows look great on a bed, but they can have a tendency to look cluttered when the bed hasn’t been made very well.

Not only that, but they also take extra time to make the bed each and every day. Unless you LOVE the look and like spending unnecessary time creating it – just get rid!

Too many rugs – or a few smaller rugs – can look cluttered as well.

Also in this section I’d add bulky curtains – which can make a room feel smaller. I like using shutters as they feel cleaner and make a smaller room feel more spacious and less cluttered.

Cushions on a bed

#15 – Excess Ornaments And Accessories

It’s nice to dress a space well – but all too easy to go overboard and fill up every available flat surface, floor space, and wall space, with items.

An easy way to declutter is to keep the decor simple. Some well chosen items that you can see and love is much more appealing than loads of items you can’t really enjoy.

You’ll also save lots of extra dusting too!

#16 – Dead Plants

Although plants are a great addition to a bedroom (cleaner air etc…) – they need to be looked after, or can look messy and clutter the room before we know it.

Get rid of all dead leaves, trim plants that are getting too large, – and let go of anything that’s beyond saving.

In the future – make sure you get the right plants for the amount of fresh air and light your room has.

#17 – Family Photos

Lastly – one that may be a little controversial for some, but family photos aren’t something I’d have in the bedroom.

Doesn’t it feel a bit strange to be falling asleep while being smiled at by a family member in a photo?!

Having photos of family and friends is LOVELY – they’re sentimental items to treasure – but possibly not in the bedroom.

Much better in pretty much any other room in the house.

What Items Belong In The Bedroom?

We’ve talked about what you shouldn’t keep in the bedroom – but what about what you SHOULD?

It’s actually quite simple:

  • Anything that promotes a good nights sleep and relaxation.
  • Anything that’s needed to get you ready each morning for the day ahead.
  • Anything that’s private and personal to you.

If you can keep as much as possible stored away, leaving out only the items you truly love, it will help you create a streamlined and restful space that you enjoy being in.

So, when you declutter this room, remember that the end goal is to have a personal retreat for yourself as much as you can create that – somewhere you can recharge and prepare for tackling the day ahead.

Having this vision in mind will help you with your decision making of what does and doesn’t belong in the space – and you should find the decluttering process much easier as a result.

17 Things To Declutter From Your Bedroom For A Good Nights Sleep

There you have it – all the things to get rid of in your bedroom…

It really is a place you should be able to retreat to and feel calm – you deserve to have that for yourself – so keep this in mind when you declutter the room.

If it doesn’t promote relaxation – it should go, ASAP!

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