13 Quick Things To Declutter From Your Hallway For A Warm Welcome


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Your hallway is the first and last thing you see when coming and going from your home. It’s also generally one of the most cluttered areas in your house. If your hallway is crammed with things, it can make your space feel small and cramped. Not to mention, it can be a tripping hazard! Here are some things to declutter from your hallway to make it a more welcoming space.

13 Quick Things To Declutter From Your Hallway For A Warm Welcome

Things To Remove From Your Cluttered Hallway Now

#1 – Excess Shoes

Most people have far more shoes than they need, and their hallways are often where they end up becoming cluttered. If you find yourself with a collection of shoes filling up your shoe rack storage space that you no longer wear, it’s time to get rid of them.

First, get rid of any shoes that are damaged beyond repair, then tackle any that are too small or too large.

Next, if you have duplicates of the same style of shoe, keep the pair that is in better condition.

Any shoes that don’t have their partner any longer aren’t worth keeping for obvious reasons!

And lastly – if you can’t imagine ever wearing a set of shoes anymore, but they’re still in good condition, donate them to a local thrift store.

By decluttering your hallway of excess shoes, you’ll create more space and make it easier to find the pairs you actually want to wear.

Shoes in a line

#2 – Excess Coats

If your hallway is crammed with coats that you never wear, and your coat rack is bursting at the seams, then it might be time for a declutter.

Take a look at the coats hanging in your hallway and ask yourself a few questions:

  • When was the last time you wore it?
  • Does it still fit?
  • Is it in fashion?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then it might be time to let go and benefit from a little extra space.

#3 – Excess Bags

Another common source of clutter in hallways are bags. Whether it’s a collection of tote bags or a pile of shopping bags, getting rid of excess bags can help declutter your space.

If you have any damaged or worn-out bags, get rid of them. And if you have any duplicate bags, keep the one that you use most often and donate or sell the rest.

By decluttering your hallway of excess bags, you’ll create more space and make it easier to find the bag you need when you’re heading out the door.

A blanket in a basket on stairs

#4 – Excess Umbrellas

If you have a few umbrellas taking up space in your hallway, it’s time for a declutter. Get rid of any umbrellas that are damaged beyond repair.

Only keep the ones in good condition. By decluttering your hallway of broken umbrellas, you’ll make it easier to find the right (working!) umbrella you need when the rain starts.

#5 – Excess Gloves

Do you really need three pairs of winter gloves? Or could you get by with just one? If you find that you rarely wear a particular pair of gloves, consider getting rid of them.

Also worth letting go are those gloves that haven’t got their pair….

#6 – Excess Hats

If you have a dozen hats taking up space in your hallway, it might be time for a declutter.

Keep only the ones that you actually wear and get rid of the rest.

#7 – Junk Mail Piles

One of the quickest ways to declutter your hallway is to get rid of any junk mail that’s accumulated there.

Junk mail doesn’t belong in your home – period. It’s just clutter.

So, make it a habit to immediately recycle or shred any junk mail that comes into your house. This will help keep your hallway clutter free and tidy.

#8 – Excess Keys

Do you really need ten sets of keys? Probably not. If you have a bunch of keys that you never use, it’s time to declutter them. Keep only the keys that you actually need and put into a storage solution that fits your space, then get rid of the rest.

This will help reduce clutter in your hallway and make it easier to find the right key when you need it.

TIP – If you’re not sure what some keys are for, it’s worth leaving them in a box elsewhere in the house for a period of time and then you’ll know if you need them or not. This makes it feel safer to let them go once you’ve tested the waters (and in the meantime they aren’t cluttering up your hallway any longer)

#9 – Anything Lying On The Floor

If there’s any item lying on the floor in your hallway, it needs to go – or at the very least get tidied away properly to keep things clutter free.

If it doesn’t have a specific place to be stored, then it doesn’t belong in your hallway. By decluttering the floor of your hallway, you’ll create a more inviting, spacious and tidy looking room when you walk through the front door.

Hallway stairs with plant next to it - clutter free

#10 – Excess Loose Change

This room is often where we enter the house – emptying pockets and dropping off our purses/handbags etc…

As such, a lot of odds and ends from the day can gather.

For a lot of people, this means loose change that’s jangling around.

#11 – Your Handbag Contents!

We often leave our handbags in the hallway – and over time they can become a dumping ground for all sorts of things.

From receipts to old makeup, it’s easy for our handbags to become cluttered. But by taking a few minutes to declutter them on a regular basis, you can keep your hallway tidy and your handbag contents under control.

#12 – Anything Waiting To Go Out Of The House For Some Reason

Whether it’s piles for the tip / charity, for friends and family – or any other of the myriad of possible reasons – having stuff piled up waiting to leave the house is a recipe for clutter.

Set a rule that nothing can stay in the hallway for more than X days. This will help to keep your space tidy and free from clutter.

#13 – Clutter-Prone Areas

If there are any areas of your hallway that tend to attract clutter (think: wall hooks, storage containers, shelf, drawer, cupboard, surface etc…), it’s worth taking a few minutes to declutter them on a regular basis.

This will help things like smaller items not building up and getting out of hand, and will keep your hallway tidy and free of clutter.

Worth Remembering…

However, decluttering the stuff in your hallway doesn’t always mean letting it all go.

Because a hallway is usually quite a small area, it may be that you need the items in it, but can’t store them in the space.

If this is the reason you’re decluttering, then you might want to consider storing them elsewhere, such as in a spare bedroom or attic.

Whichever way you choose to declutter your hallway, make sure you do it in a way that works for you and your space. Also make sure that you have easy access to these things when you need them.

13 Quick Things To Declutter From Your Hallway For A Warm Welcome

When you declutter your hallway, you can make it a more welcoming and spacious space.

You will be able to find what you need to get out of the door easily each day, not to mention, it will be safer for you and your family with less to trip over…

So next time you’re looking to declutter your home, start with your hallway!

If you want to get started on decluttering – head to the FREE quiz to get started. It will tell you exactly how organised you are right now, and give you the perfect places to tackle first for the most reward. Enjoy!

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