How Big Should A Rug Be In A Bedroom? Ultimate Guide


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How big should a rug be in a bedroom depends on lots of things. Let’s look into what measurements (and everything else!) you need to know to get the right size!

How Big Should A Rug Be In A Bedroom? Ultimate Guide

Right now we have carpet in our master bedroom, but I’m thinking that it would be nice to go for wooden flooring in the future.

I’d like a rug as well – for various reasons:

  • Cosier underfoot than bare floor when you get out of bed
  • Dampens the sound of walking on a hardwood floor
  • Adds a layer of warmth to the room
  • Adds extra colour, texture and pattern to the room
  • Protects the sub floor from damage and too much wear and tear

So – lots of reasons!

And I’ve decided to start looking at the size needed to make the room look great, as this will add in extra to the flooring budget, of course – and I’ll want to do it all in one go if possible.

So – let’s look at all the things to consider when picking a rug for your bedroom, and hopefully it will help you as much as me!

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Think About These For The Perfect Rug Size

These 3 considerations are due to the things that aren’t really changeable in your bedroom, but will be things that help determine the size of the rug you can have.

NOTE: You could change the bedroom furniture layout if you want to – but this article assumes that the layout is as you want it to be.

Your Bedroom Shape And Size

Your rug shape will often be dictated to you by the room size and shape that you have. 

Firstly – You want some of the floor space to be visible away from the rug so it doesn’t look odd.

Secondly – What shape is the room? A longer room may need more width or depth to the rug to balance out the space. An odd shaped room may need a circular or odd shaped rug to work best.

Let the room start to show you what’s possible.

RUG SIZING TIP: Ideally you want to have at least 1 foot around the edge of the room, and the shape should echo the style and shape of the room.

Your Bed Size

Of course – the size of your actual bed will give you more of an idea of the rug dimensions you’re going to need.

Common UK Bed sizes (for ease for you, I’ve written them down here – make sure you double check with your bed though, as the bed itself may add extra size in the frame and headboard etc…):

  • Single Bed: 3ft (90cm) * 6ft 3″ (190cm)
  • Small Double Bed: 4ft (120cm) * 6ft 3″ (190cm)
  • Double Bed: 4ft 6″ (135cm) * 6ft 3″ (190cm)
  • King Size Bed: 5ft (150cm) * 6ft 6″ (200cm)
  • Super King Size Bed: 6ft (180cm) * 6ft 6″ (200cm)

RUG SIZING TIP: Ideally, you’ll want a minimum of 1-2 ft around each side of the bed that the rug will be appearing – but more if possible for that more luxurious feel.

The Layout

Next – the stuff you’ve got in your room will start to help you work out the shape and size of your chosen rug, so look at your room carefully. 

Are there doors that swing inwards, and items of furniture that need to be avoided?

RUG SIZE TIP: Ideally you want around 2-3 inches of space between the rug and any other items like this

Bedroom Rug Placement Options

Once you’ve looked at the 3 main considerations above, you’ll have more of an idea of the available space for a rug that you’ve got.

Now comes the style and personalisation option – and that revolves around exactly what you want the rug to go under.

Basically – what parts of the room will you want it to cover, and what parts of the rug will you see?

TIP: Remember that if you have a low bed, or a storage bed, then you won’t see any of the rug under the bed itself.

With this in mind, here are the options you’ve got:

Under Whole Bed And Surrounding Furniture

If you want to have your rug under anything like the bedside tables, or a bench at the end of the bed etc… – then you have to measure fully around these items as well as just the bed.

TIP: You may even want to include a seating area on your rug instead of having two rugs which can look more cluttered in the room. 

Floor plan style layout of bed, rug and bedside tables
Traditional Bedroom With large patterned rug placement under bed and chair

If you don’t allow for these items then you may well find that some of the furniture legs may not fit – and that can cause the items to wobble and be less secure. Not ideal if your bedside table has a lamp or glass of water on it…

Measuring everything properly means you’ll get the right size to go under it all.

RUG SIZING TIP: This option will mean you have a large rug – the largest by far – so it works very well if you want to make a real statement. Although you need to have 1-2 ft around the bed, you don’t have to have as much extra rug around things like the bedside table – just make sure that all legs are on the rug at a minimum.

Under Bottom ⅔ Of Bed

By this I mean having the rug basically around the whole bed that can be walked on – but avoiding any bedside table / chest of drawers that may be to the side of the headboard(s).

Floor plan style layout of bed, rug and bedside tables
Industrial style bedroom with dark soft furnishings including dark rug
Neutral bedroom decor with trunks at end of bed

RUG SIZING TIP: Make sure there’s 1-2 ft of space to step onto the rug out of bed, and check any furniture at the end of the bed is also fully under the rug

Under Bottom ⅓ Of Bed

This is usually an option to pick when you are on a budget, as you need a smaller rug to make the impact – but also if you just want to add some colour, texture or pattern to the room and don’t need the whole bed covered.

Floor plan style layout of bed, rug and bedside tables
Pink and neutral bedroom with fluffy rug under bottom of bed

RUG SIZING TIP: You won’t be stepping onto the rug out of the bed for this option, so you don’t need to have it as wide, but you do still need to check any furniture at the end of the bed is also fully under the rug

At Bottom Of Bed

A good option if you have a lot of space between the end of the bed and the wall / furniture opposite – as it breaks up the space a little.

This option works well if you tend to sit on the end of the bed when you get ready or relax in the room.

I also like this because you only need a small rug to make the impact you want – so it can be a cost effective options as well.

RUG SIZING TIP: Usually it works better to match the width of the bed or go slightly smaller when the rug is positioned in this way, but you do still need to check any furniture at the end of the bed is also fully under the rug

Floor plan style layout of bed, rug and bedside tables

At Side(s) Of Bed

A good option for a twin bed bedroom if you want each one to have a rug of its own on the side that you’ll get out of the bed.

Also, a good option when your bed is against the wall on one side.

Floor plan style layout of bed, rug and bedside tables
Childs bedroom with rug at side of bed

And lastly – if your furniture layout is such that you have your bed in the middle of the room but you have more space on one side than the other.

Modern bedroom with fluffy rug half under the bed

You could use a runner style rug as this is a great size for one side of a bed, or a more unusually shaped rug – a lovely example of these would be a sheepskin rug, as these are really cosy and luxurious to feel when you get up each morning.

Natural style bedroom with leaf green rug at side of bed

RUG SIZING TIP: If the rug will be at the side of the bed, ensure 1-2 ft wider than the bed to allow for easy stepping out of the bed, but also make sure that it is no longer than the length of the bed. Also – as the rug won’t reach the wall, make sure any other furniture will sit fully on or off the rug as needed.

Best Rug Measuring Tip

Now we’ve gone through all the things to look at when sizing your bedroom rug – here’s a tip that I love using, that will make sure all your measuring works well.

Simply take some painters tape (less sticky than usual tape – also known as low tack tape) and put it on the floor in the outline of the rug size and shape you want.

Check that it looks right, it works in terms of walking around the space, and it doesn’t get in the way of anything else.

This tip should save any expensive buying mistakes! You’re welcome…


Although picking a rug and deciding on the right size are both important, it would be remiss of me to not talk about cleaning your rug as well.

If you have a large rug that goes under your bed, keep in mind that you will still have to clean it – and so just check that this won’t become too much of an issue for you.

Also – a lot of bedroom rugs tend to be thicker pile and fluffier (sheepskin rugs can be a popular choice!) – which also mean harder cleaning.

TIP: Another thing that stops a rug from looking its best (and also allows dirt to go under the rug) is that it can bunch up, or worse, become a trip hazard. Use rug pads, rug tape, or a rug mat underneath the rug to stop this happening.

How Big Should A Rug Be In A Bedroom? Ultimate Guide

So there you have it – exactly how big a rug should be in a bedroom for maximum style, function and cosiness.

Hope these rug measuring tips help you to choose the right rug for your room.

Just remember to always measure everything, take note of the 3 considerations that the layout and room will dictate – and then you’re going to get the right rug size for you.

Above all – enjoy your rug shopping! 

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