9 Easy Ways to Prep Your Bedroom for a Great Night’s Sleep Every Night


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Who doesn’t want a better night sleep?! Here are all the tricks that make it much easier to achieve. Sweet dreams

9 Easy Ways to Prep Your Bedroom for a Great Night's Sleep Every Night - 1765 prep bedroom great sleep sqw

I LOVE my bed, and I LOVE sleeping.

Trouble is, often I find it really hard to get to sleep.

Frustration hits as I stare at the clock ticking by, and my sleep is shortened most nights much more than planned.


But what can be done?

It all starts with making sure that the bedroom is one that supports rest as much as possible…

So, if nightly tossing and turning are features of your current sleep situation as well, it’s time for a bedroom overhaul!

This list is your one-stop shop for ensuring that your bedroom is a serene sanctuary, allowing you to easily drift off to that beautiful sleep that you’ve been (pardon the pun) dreaming of.

#1 – The Mattress Matters Most

You might be tempted to think that a mattress is just a slab that you throw a sheet over, but it’s the cornerstone of your sleep setup and can really make or break the whole process.

If yours is over a decade old or you find yourself constantly shifting for a comfortable spot, it’s time for an upgrade.

Research and invest in a mattress that supports your back and can hold you without creating pressure points.

Memory foam, for instance, moulds to the shape of your body, providing a personalised sleep experience – and it’s for sure my favourite (we have these on all beds in our house!).

Feet cosy in bed

#2 – Welcome Fresh Air and Natural Light

Ventilation and natural light are more than just aesthetic features in a bedroom, they really help regulate your body’s natural sleep cycles.

In the evening, open your windows to let in the cool, calming air.

I definitely sleep better when the windows are open, so I try and sleep with them like that as much of the year as possible…

Window open to let fresh air in

#3 – Set the Thermostat for Slumber

As already talked about in the previous point, the temperature in your bedroom can significantly disrupt your sleep.

Opening the window is one way to cool the room down, but you can of course also keep your room cool by making sure the thermostat is off, or down…

The ideal bedroom temperature is thought to be between 16°C to 18°C.

And don’t worry, if you do get a little chilly in the night, then have a few blankets stored you can easily add or remove to stay comfortable as the night progresses.

#4 – Banish Bedroom Clutter

A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind, and a cluttered mind definitely doesn’t make for restful sleep.

A simple declutter means that you should go through your bedroom and remove items that don’t belong there.

Keep everything else off the floor and out of sight.

A tidy room will not only be more calming, but it’s also easier to clean, which helps reduce allergens that can cause sleep disturbances – an extra bonus!

TIP – Make your bed every morning. If you do this, you’re more likely to not add clutter to it (laundry piles etc…) during the day, and it will be a calmer space as a result.

#5 – Shut Out Night Time Noises

Even the softest rustle or faintest hum can keep you from deeper sleep. Identify and eliminate sources of noise in your bedroom.

Simple fixes like moving electronics out or using earplugs can make a noticeable difference.

If external noises are an issue, consider white noise machines or listening to classical music as these will help to block disruptive sounds.

The more you can control what you hear, the easier you’ll find it to drift off.

#6 – Shut the Door on Distractions

A peaceful bedroom is a distraction-free bedroom. That means no snacking, no working, and no TV – whenever possible.

Your brain needs to associate this space with rest.

By eliminating extraneous activities, you help train your mind to wind down when you enter your bedroom each night – and you’ll be much more likely to fall asleep more quickly.

#7 – Refresh With Aromatherapy

Scent can have a powerful effect on mood and relaxation. Aromatherapy is a simple and effective way to signal to your brain that it’s time to unwind.

You could use lots of different scents, but lavender is common for its calming properties.

I love using a ready made pillow spray that’s made for restful nights, and often spritz it on my pillow before bed.

TIP – Another option is to use a diffuser to gently fill the room with a soothing aroma.

Essential oils and a candle

#8 – Opt for Soothing Colours In Your Decor

Your bedroom decor should always promote a sense of tranquility.

Soft, natural colours such as blue, green, and lavender have been shown to be the most relaxing, whereas I like a deep colour such as greys, greens, or aubergine (a purple-red that’s really calming).

Basically – pick what colours make YOU relaxed the most.

Also try and use a harmonious blend of textures and patterns that you enjoy.

This is your space; it should make you happy to be in it.

#9 – The Right Sleep Routine Kit

As important as your sleep environment is, so is establishing a routine to signal to your brain that it’s bedtime.

Invest in comfortable pyjamas and bedding, and make sure they’re clean so you’ll be excited to slip into them each night.

Another idea is to take a warm drink to bed – something like chamomile tea or hot cocoa works well.

Lastly, if reading helps you unwind, have a book or magazine to hand so you can add this into your ritual as well. When I read, I feel my eyes getting tired and this helps me to fall asleep more easily as well.

Lady reading in bed
9 Easy Ways To Prep Your Bedroom For A Great Night's Sleep Every Night

Adjusting the environment in your bedroom can lead to a significant improvement in your sleep quality.

The better you sleep, the better you’ll feel, and the more energy you’ll have to tackle each new day.

Remember, sleep is not a passive process; it’s an active state of restoration.

Make preparing your bedroom for sleep a daily ritual, just like brushing your teeth.

You deserve it, and the people who depend on you will thank you for it.

I hope you’ve got some great ideas to change a few things in your own space today, and you have sweet dreams tonight!

And don’t forget that a great declutter in the bedroom is the best first step to getting a good nights sleep – you can read about that next by clicking HERE.


  • Great idea Angela – thanks for sharing!

  • I read recently that plants can help – Aloe Vera and Snake Plant. I bought an Aloe Vera plant and I have had less sleepless nights since then.

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