13 Easy To Care For Houseplants That Clean The Air In Your Home


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Houseplants are a fantastic addition to a home as they look great and, when chosen well, are easy to care for and look after. Did you know that you can also get houseplants that clean the air? They purify it to remove common household toxins from cleaners and toiletries, which is a HUGE bonus! Here’s my pick of the best low maintenance house plants that have air purifying qualities you won’t want to miss!

13 Really Easy To Care For Houseplants That Clean The Air In Your Home

I LOVE LOVE LOVE plants in my house.

Can’t get enough!

But I’m no green fingered whizz – far from it…

In fact, my main criteria for picking the best plants out there for my home is as follows: –

  • Easy to keep alive
  • Needs little maintenance
  • Look great

I need to get plants that don’t wilt at the first sign of me missing watering them one day, that look good in the room I put them, and that will thrive in the home environment, and so – I went on a search.

Houseplants Have So Many Benefits…

Over the years I’ve found some amazing plants, and I’ve discovered some fantastic benefits to having them along the way….

  • They add a touch of greenery & some texture and interest to the room. They really brighten up any home decor scheme.
  • They are a relatively inexpensive way to fill a gap in a room – a large houseplant works so well in most rooms and looks amazing. (They are also a LOT cheaper than buying bunches of flowers every week!).
  • They are actually good for you! Houseplants that clean the air are pretty easy to get hold of. We have so many toxins in the average home – from cleaning products and toiletries – which are trapped inside due to double glazing and very efficient insulation. Houseplants are an all-natural and efficient way of cleaning the air all the time.

I’m sold – and my collection of plants continues to grow as a result!

IMPORTANT TO NOTE – If you have pets, then please make sure that any plants you choose are OK for them to be around. A lot of houseplants can be toxic to animals – just a word of warning…

As such, I wanted to share my findings today with you – so you can hopefully pick the right plant for the right room in your home – and create a cleaner, fresher, and gorgeous space.


13 Houseplants That Can Clean Your Air

#1 – Money Tree – PACHIRA AQUATICA

My absolute favourite plant at the moment – and I have one in my living room in the bay window. I LOVE the look of the trunk, and it was bought from IKEA (a fantastic place to find some cost effective plants!).

Money tree in a living room bay window

#2 – Peace Lily – SPATHIPHYLLUM

This is a favourite plant of mine, as the white flowers look gorgeous. I’d suggest this for a coffee table or on a kitchen windowsill.

#3 – Corn Plant – DRACAENA

Another one that can be found in your local IKEA! Great looking plant that I’ve added to our hallway in the past because it makes a statement in the corner!

#4 – Boston Fern

A favourite of mine for a coffee table: –

Boston Fern on a Coffee Table in a Living Room with Dark walls

#5 – Chinese Evergreen

This is especially good for darker rooms – always a bonus!

#6 – Rubber Plant

A dramatic looking plant but remember to lightly wipe the leaves weekly as they collect dust and look dull quite quickly. Having said that – they are really easy to look after…

Rubber Plant

#7 – Ficus / Weeping Fig

Beautiful looking plant with loads of tiny leaves – looks great in most rooms.

#8 – Aloe Vera

A plant that looks good, purifies the air – Aloe Vera can also be used on burns and scrapes – win-win-win if you ask me!

#9 – Areca Palm

A favourite of mine, and we have always had one in our kitchen as it works so well. It’s got a lot of texture, but is soft to the touch so works well if you’re walking past it daily!

Areca Palm in a Kitchen

#10 – English Ivy – HEDERA HELIX

I like the way the English Ivy hangs down, and so would use it to soften the look of shelving.

#11 – Bamboo Palm – LADY PALM

Another great large plant that adds a focal point to any room.

#12 – Snake Plant

Quite a dramatic plant, the Snake Plant would work really well in a collection of plants on a windowsill – as would add height and drama!

Snake Plant

#13 – Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is a gorgeous plant on a chest of drawers or shelf, and has a softer feel than a few of the other plants listed.

Spider Plant
13 Really Easy To Care For Houseplants That Clean The Air In Your Home

13 gorgeous houseplants that clean the air AND look great!

What more could you want…

I hope this list has inspired you to try adding a few plants around your home.

The rooms I find work really well for plants are the living room, kitchen, hallway, bedroom and bathroom – so why not add some greenery in one of these today. I’m sure you’ll love it (and hopefully feel a little healthier as a result).

P.S. If you really aren’t green fingered, and I still haven’t convinced you to give real plants a try, you may want to take a look at THIS POST next – as I love artificial plants as well, and there’s definitely a time and place for these too…

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