What To Do With Your Old Mattress [The 5 Options]


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It’s time to get a new mattress! But what do you do with the existing one? We’ll take a look in this article at all the options you’ve got when it comes to what to do with your old mattress. Pick the idea that works best for you and then you can really enjoy your sleep on your new one!

What To Do With Your Old Mattress [Your 5 Options}

Why Are You Getting Rid of Your Mattress?

There are several reasons why you may be changing your mattress, or thinking about it right now:

#1 – Not fit for purpose any longer

You won’t be getting decent sleep any time soon if your mattress is lumpy, springs have gone, or you find yourself rolling into the centre more often than not etc…

#2 – Different size bed purchased

There’s nothing wrong with the mattress, but you just can’t use it anymore as you need a smaller or larger size.

#3 – It’s been a long time…

It’s been a while – and mattresses don’t last forever. recommends replacing your mattress as often as every seven year. They say that this makes sense when you think that that’s around 20000 hours of sleep

#4 – There’s things on it

… and you’re not willing to sleep with them anymore! By this I mean things like bed bugs, dust mites, stains etc… also says that we lose an average of half a pint of fluid each night, and shed a pound of dead skin cells each year.

Definitely food for thought!

Things To Think About When Deciding How To Get Rid Of The Old Mattress:

These things may end up being what helps you decide what’s best to do for you and your specific situation…

Your budget

It’s always worth shopping around for estimates if you’re enlisting a service of any kind to help you get rid of the mattress. Often this is necessary because of the bulky nature of the item(s).

Difficulty Of Moving

Can you physically move the mattress easily? They ARE large items and difficult to manoeuvre. If you can’t do it yourself, then you may need help, or to have a company do it for you.

Can you fit it into your car? When you’ve removed the mattress from your bedroom, you’ll then maybe need to transport it somewhere. Think about it’s size, and whether you need to keep it undamaged in transit (because if you bend a mattress then it can affect the springs etc…). If you’re thinking that your car won’t be suitable, then maybe this will help you decide to get help or use a service that picks it up for you.

Your Options

Maybe you really want to donate to charity, recycle, or something else, but you need to have that option locally available to you. Have you checked with your chosen place that they actually accept mattresses? – don’t assume anything.

how to get rid of old mattresses – Your 5 Options:

#1 – Sell it

If it’s in a good state, you could think about selling your old mattress to get some money for it.

After all – mattresses are expensive, so you can but the cost of your new one a little doing it this way.

Some of the best options could be local sales sites such as Facebook marketplace – as you can ask the buyer to pick the mattress up from your house to save yourself the difficulty in delivery (both transport and costs).

#2 – Give Away / Donate

If you don’t want to sell it, then why not look to give it away instead? It’s always a good idea to give it a new home if there’s still life in it.

You could add it to Freecycle – again, only if it’s in good condition. Be honest.

Another way to give it away would be to donate to charity. Charities may take mattress donations (homeless shelters etc…) – but they will need to have the relevant fire safety label. Always check the details before you take the time to take it to them (they also may be able to pick it up for you).

Another way to give it away would be to ask friends and family if they want a mattress from you. Nice and easy as they will know that you’ve kept it in good condition etc…

Lastly, why not put it out on the side of the road with a sign on it for passers by to take away? We’ve done this with lots of items in the past with great success. Just remember to only do this in good weather, and of course you need to bring it back into the house if it doesn’t go (never litter).

#3 – Upcycling Ideas For Old Mattresses

When looking to get rid of an old mattress, you may have overlooked actually keeping it.

Yes, really!

But I only suggest this option if you can reuse it in a different, more useful to you, form.

The most creative way to upcycle your old Memory foam toppers or mattresses is that they can be cut up and used for pet bedding.

Your dog / cat etc… will be very grateful of a cosy and comfy bed made from your old one!

#4 – Recycle – Can You Recycle Mattresses?

Recycling is a great option as mattresses CAN be recycled. Trouble is we don’t tend to do so…

In fact – in the UK, of an estimated 5.9 million end of life (EoL) mattresses disposed of in 2014, just 16% were recycled, the majority (73%) were sent to landfill and the remaining 11% were incinerated.

So – where and how can you recycle one if that’s the way you want to go?

#1 – GIVE IT TO THE RETAILER When You Get A New Mattress

A great idea is to bundle up getting rid of your old mattress with when you get your new one. A lot of shops now offer to take your old one away when they deliver the new.

This is a really convenient solution because it allows you to not have to think through the details yourself where you may have to be without a mattress for a night or two (especially if, for any reason, delivery dates change).


If you do a search in your local area you will find companies that offer to pick up and recycle your mattress for a cost (this can vary dependant on type, size etc.. of the mattress(es)).

#5 – Throw It Away


Most skip providers don’t allow mattresses to be put in skips, mainly because they need extra levels of disposal which can be harder than simply disposing of it.

Also though, some don’t allow them because they can be too bulky for safe transportation within the skip.

Can You Take Your Mattress To The Tip?

If the mattress is really beyond a second use, upcycle etc.. – then you will be wanting to know how to dispose of your mattress, and whether you can take it to the tip / rubbish dump or not.

Worth noting here is that a lot of the mattress is NOT degradable – so this isn’t the best choice for you if you’re eco-conscious. It’s also a large item – which just isn’t a good thing when it comes to landfill.

Note – a lot of local councils offer a service that will pick up your old mattress for you as it’s a bulky item. Check with them whether they do, and whether they recycle or add to landfill.

What To Do With Your Old Mattress [Your 5 Options}

And there are all the things you could look at when you want to get rid of your old mattress.

Go through them and pick the one that suits your needs / abilities / preferences the best.

And enjoy your new mattress when you get it – aaah, a lovely nights sleep awaits!

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