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Exercise is important for every one of us – there’s no denying it – but we don’t all have the cash, time or inclination to do it. As such I wanted to look at one way of getting fit that takes away a lot of these excuses, and that’s to exercise at home.

If you’re ready to get some tips and ideas as to what you need to exercise at home quickly and easily, then you’re in the right place! – let’s get started, shall we…

Exercise at home tips and items to help

Over the years I’ve found that doing some sort of exercise each day really helps me both physically and emotionally to be in the right place to be able to get things done and feel good.

It’s one of the “must-haves” in my life now – a priority – and I really believe that some sort of exercise each day can transform anyones life in a positive way.

Trouble is – we don’t all have money for expensive gym memberships, or time to travel to one – and a lot of the time we’re at home because we have kids to look after or jobs to do etc…

It’s easy to see how exercise can fall by the wayside, and it can feel impossible to fit it into our busy lives.

But there is an answer…

That is, to exercise at home.

Why Is Getting Fit At Home A Good Idea?

I’ve gone through lots of different exercise regimes (fancy words for ‘whatever I fancied doing at the time!’), and I always come back to doing exercise at home at least as part of my week, for the following reasons: –

  • You are already there – so there’s no travel time to eat up your busy day
  • No gym membership fees are required
  • It’s easy – you can literally get up and start moving…

Your home is the hub of your life, and so it should be able to help you get fit as well – don’t you think!

So – without further ado, here is the list of items I have in my own home, or things that I need to make happen, that help me to exercise more easily – I really hope they help you and show you that you don’t have to have loads of things (don’t want to create clutter!), just a few key items can make all the difference.

If you’ve thought about exercising at home before, or made excuses as to why it’s impossible – this list may just help give you a little inspiration to get started…

#1 – Time

Above all else, you’ve got to create some time to exercise.

Yes, you need less time to exercise at home, but you still need that time, and it can be all too easy to make excuses or to find that the day has flown by without you doing anything.

TIP 1 – Schedule time into your diary just as you would any other appointment. That way it is more likely to get done

TIP 2 – Find the times in your week that work best for you. If you try and fit it into days that you can’t really fit it in, you will be less likely to get it done. Maybe you can get up a little earlier, or exercise with the kids after school – whatever works for you.

TIP 3 – Get out of bed and get your kit on. Once you have done this you are already getting into the mindset of working out – and it will be much MUCH easier to fit it into your day as a result. You are ready to go when you have scheduled it in – no excuses!

TIP 4 – I usually find that mornings work best, because evenings with a family can be busy and all too often exercise becomes a last thought rather than a priority.

#2 – An Exercise Class

Taking a class, at home?!

Well – yes!

If you struggle with motivation when left alone in your home, then think about trying an exercise class to keep you focused and on track.

They will even push you to do more which, if you’re anything like me, you probably wouldn’t do as well by yourself…

You can take a class from home in a couple of different ways: –


I have used exercise DVDs when they were still exercise videos (showing my age now…) – and they are a fantastic way to get a workout easily at home.

There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of them to choose from, depending on your level of fitness, goals and time – but for a few examples here are ones I have used and love: –


Another favourite way to exercise (and for free!) is to utilise the web.

There are lots of free classes on YouTube and standalone sites – you just have to search for the type of class you want to try, and there will be a few to choose from.

The one I have fallen for at the moment is Fitness Blender, and they have hundreds of free videos that are really easy to follow and keep you on track.

Things to help you exercise at home. There are only 5 things you really need and I will share these along with tips and tricks to inspire you

#3 – An Exercise Mat

If you only get one thing, let it be an exercise mat.

Whatever exercise you end up doing, you will want to have a surface to workout on that is soft on your body.

I have exercised on carpet and wooden floors in my time, and they just aren’t the same.

The exercise mat I use now is amazing – and was a Christmas present last year from my parents. I have a bad back and so I loved the idea of a thick mat to take some pressure off. It works a treat!, but always shop around for one that will work for you and your needs of course.

#4 – Weights

Weights are my new favourite way to keep fit. They tone me up, burn fat, improve my posture and lots of other really good stuff.

So it stands to reason that having some weights at home to exercise with makes perfect sense.

TIP – If you are just starting out with weights, then you can use what you have around the house – cans of beans or bags of sugar work great and are inexpensive. After a while though you will probably want to increase your weight, and so weights are one of the only 2 items of equipment I would say you needed to exercise at home and are worth the investment.

Lucky enough for me, my husband does weights at home when he has a few minutes spare, and so we’ve had weights in the house from the moment we moved in together.


Weights can be really bulky, really messy, and can feel like clutter – at least to me!

They are hard to store, not very attractive, and you need lots of different weights for different exercises (especially in my house, as my husband needs far heavier weights than I need).

I was SO happy when I found a solution that would work for both of us, look nice, and were easy to store – and those were the weights they used on Fitness Blender. You can take a look at the exact ones I have right HERE (yes, they ARE quite pricey, but as they house so many different weights they are worth it – and are much cheaper over the long haul than the gym).

Things to help you get fit at home easily quickly and cheaply

#5 – A Few Fitness Clothes

Last but not least, I really do think investing in a few items of clothes specifically for exercising in is a must.

They will make moving and sweating much more comfortable, and keep your body protected as much as possible from injury.

Here are my top picks: –

  • For us girls, a good sports bra is really key to ensure that area is kept in place, and you don’t end up with saggy boobs later down the line. It pays to look and find one that fits really well and is comfortable.
  • Trousers – Lycra legging style exercise bottoms are perfect for ease of movement, but you could easily have shorts or jogging bottoms if you prefer.
  • Tshirt – I prefer a vest style top as they allow me to move easily, but any sports top that works for you is fine.
  • Trainers – Ideally have a pair that you only wear around the house so you don’t make a mess of the floors (we have a no-shoe policy at home so this is a must!). Trainers should be worn to protect your feet from injury and they cushion landings when you are jumping/running around.
Exercise at home - tips and tricks to help, along with the 5 things you need to get started.

So – there you have it – 5 things that you need to be able to exercise at home really easily.


Have all of these and you can do pretty much any exercises you want to. They won’t take up much space (I keep my mat under the sofa and my weights by the side of the sofa out of the way), cost too much (WAY cheaper than a gym membership), and will make exercising a cinch!

I hope they have helped give you a little inspiration for getting fit this year.

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