25 Easy Things To Declutter From Your Wardrobe Right Now


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When it comes to excess clothes it can be hard to know what to let go of. That’s where this brilliant list of 25 things to declutter from your wardrobe comes in handy. Go through each of the types of item in turn, and before you know it you’ll have a clutter free wardrobe with only the clothes you love left to choose from each day when you get dressed. Sounds good, right!?

25 Things To Declutter From Your Wardrobe Today

How many times have you gone to get dressed, only to find yourself standing in front of a wardrobe full of clothes you can’t wear for some reason or another?

Maybe they don’t fit? Or they’ve got holes in them? They’re possibly in outdated styles or colours that don’t work well for you.

If so – it’s most definitely time to declutter your wardrobe!

Here are 25 types of clothes to declutter from your wardrobe right now that you won’t ever miss.

In fact – you’ll be GRATEFUL you let them go, because you’ll have lots more time and money as a result (from all the saved time getting dressed, washing, ironing, shopping etc…).

TIP – Go through your wardrobe looking for each category of item one at a time. That way you get to sift through things more easily and quickly – as you’ll be focussed on looking for one specific thing at a time. This is often better than going through each item and asking lots of different questions about it.

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Things To Declutter From Your Wardrobe:

#1 – Clothes That Are Too Small For You

Most people have a few items of clothing in their wardrobe that are too small for them. They might hold on to these clothes in the hopes that they will one day fit into them again, but this is rarely the case. In fact, hanging on to clothes that don’t fit only makes it more difficult to get dressed each day because you’ll have to go past the ones that don’t fit to get to the ones that do – which takes extra time.

#2 – Clothing That’s Too Large For You

Clothes that are too big for you can be just as problematic as hanging on to clothes that are too small.

Often we have these clothes because we’ve lost weight, and it’s tempting to keep them just in case that weight goes back on.


If you have a backup plan then your subconscious may well let you lose all that hard work and allow you to put the weight back on.

Why make it easy?

#3 – Clothes That Don’t Flatter Your Shape Properly

Not every piece of clothing looks good on every person. That’s why it’s important to only keep the clothes in your wardrobe that flatter your shape properly. Even if they’re the right size and in good condition, clothes that don’t flatter your shape will just make you look bad.

Fitted wardrobe full of clothes with lady sorting the hanging items

#4 Clothes That Don’t Fit Your Current / Ideal Style

Your style changes over time. It’s natural. So it only makes sense that the clothes in your wardrobe should change too.

If you’re holding on to old clothes that are from a different era or that don’t reflect your current style, then it’s time to let them go.

#5 – Clothes In Colours That Don’t Work For You

Maybe you love a certain shade of red, but it clashes with your skin tone / hair colour / eye colour – and so you never wear it.

Get a cushion in that shade instead – and enjoy it in a different way that actually works!

#6 – Clothes That Don’t Match Anything Else.

You’ll never end up wearing it unless you get MORE clothes to match them… better off sticking to a few colours in your wardrobe and then you get to mix and match them all.

#7 – Old Clothes That You Don’t Wear Anymore

You’ve just run out of liking for them – but they’re still totally fine so you keep them. It’s time to let go of these clothes and give them to charity or sell them. You’ll make some money, and someone else will get to wear them and feel good in them.


#8 – Clothes That Still Have The Label In Them – Even Though You’ve Had Them For A While.

Chances are it was a purchase you shouldn’t have made – for various reasons. You may well feel too guilty to have let it go already – maybe you feel like you’ve wasted your money, or you planned to take it back but it’s too late to get a refund etc…

Whatever the reason – remember that you’ve already spent that money. Keeping the item in your wardrobe isn’t going to make you any richer.

You’re better off letting it go – or possibly selling it to get some of that cash back

Shirt on a coathanger

#9 – Clothes That You Don’t Feel Amazing In

I am really bad at treating myself to new underwear. Honestly – most of mine has seen better days – but I put up with it because it’s not a huge pain, and I’ve got better things to spend my money on.

Trouble is – I know the reasons I don’t upgrade are valid – but that doesn’t actually make me feel any better about wearing them.

Truth is – you don’t have to spend a lot to get that upgrade – you may even have stuff already that you just aren’t wearing because they’re hidden behind all the stuff you wear day in day out…

#10 – Duplicates

Excess clothes – things you’ve got too many identical items of – are a classic way of clutter building up without you realising – as everything is ‘useful’.

But honestly – who really needs more than 20 pairs of jeans?

Streamlining the amount of each item will help you manage your wardrobe much more easily over time.

#11 – Clothes That Are Worn Out

If it’s worn out and you’re never going to wear it again, then let it go.

These are things like bobbly jumpers, over-stretched t shirts etc…

It’s not doing you any favours hanging around in your wardrobe taking up valuable space!

#12 – Clothes That Are Damaged

These are things such as items with holes in, ripped beyond repair, those underwired bras with the wires poking out, laddered tights, etc…

All they’re doing is making you annoyed when you put them on, because you’re likely to have forgotten that there’s an issue with them. You then have to take it off, find something to replace it, and you’re not getting that time back…

#13 – Clothes That Are Stained

Things like yellowed white T-shirts etc… are frustrating because you know the stains aren’t going to come out in the wash (you’ve already tried), but you can’t just bin it because it’s not actually ruined.

If it’s something that you’re never going to wear again, then you may as well cut your losses, and let it go.

If you’re keeping it because you think you MIGHT wear it again one day – then pop it in a box labelled ‘for dyeing’ or similar, and set it aside for when you have the time to sort it out.

#14 – Clothes That Smell

One clothing item that you should definitely look at getting rid of are things that smell bad.

Sportswear especially WILL start to retain those horrible sweat smells after a time, as will shoes / slippers, and even day to day clothes in certain fabrics that cause you to sweat more.

If you can’t bear the smell, or you’re worried others can’t – then it’s time to let it go.

#15 – Clothes That Itch Or Feel Uncomfortable For Any Reason When You Wear Them

These could be shoes that are tight, something with a label you can’t remove that always scratches you, etc…

Pile of jumpers

#16 – Clothes Related To A Hobby You No Longer Do

Maybe you were a keen runner a few years ago, or you dabbled in dance. If there were specific clothes that you wore for these, that aren’t being (and never will be) worn – then let them go.

Maybe donate to someone who you know still does that type of hobby – a charity shop would be a good place for items like this.

#17 – Clothes Related To A Job You No Longer Do

In the same line as #16 – anything you wore in a previous job that you don’t do any longer is fair game for letting go.

For example – did you used to wear a suit every day to the office, but now work from home? Those suits can go (maybe keep one for those odd days you do have to meet people)

#18 – Clothes From A Life Season You’re No Longer In (And Won’t Be Again)

These can be quite sentimental items like: –

  • Pregnancy – maternity wear
  • Retired – work wear
  • Student days – student uniform/clothes

This is probably one of the hardest types of clothing to let go, as it’s often got some sadness to it because that time is over – and therefore hold some sentimental value.

I know I struggled with letting maternity wear go – especially as we were never lucky enough to have a second child – but I realised that those clothes were better out of the wardrobe in the long run.

Make the decision to let these things go – and you’ll probably feel better for it.

#19 – Clothes For A Type Of Event You’ll Never Go To Again.

A ball gown, your wedding dress, etc…. They were great when they were needed, but now they’re just taking up valuable space.

Chances are these clothes can be sold rather than given away – as people are often looking for ways to dress for one off events in a more cost effective way.

TIP – It can be SO hard to let go of items you’ve truly loved wearing, or that evoke happy memories. Why not take a photo of the item, or find a photo of you in it – and keep it in your memory box, or framed – that way you can still enjoy it without it taking up loads of wardrobe real estate!

#20 – Clothes That Are Too Expensive To Clean

Most of us don’t check the care labels on every item of clothing we buy – and every so often there’s something that will need dry cleaning or other special attention.

Because this costs us in money and time – often these items are avoided when it comes time to pick an outfit.

Problem is that you’ve now got an item you feel guilty about not wearing, and worried if you do wear it.

Better to let it go (possibly sell it) instead of having these negative emotions crop up every time you see it.

#21 – Clothes That Cost A Lot To Buy

We’ve all been there when we’re worried about damaging something that’s cost us money. It’s not different with clothes… but in this case we avoid wearing them altogether as the solution.

What’s the point of them still being in your wardrobe if you’re never going to wear them? They’re just clothes clutter at this point.

#22 – Anything Not Suitable (Or That You Feel Don’t Look Right Any Longer) For Your Age.

I’ve found some dresses now are just slightly too short for me to wear comfortably now I’m in my 40’s. This is a personal choice, of course, and there’s no right or wrong – just what’s right for you.

It’s also a good chance to have a change of style as you get older – because your tastes may well have changed too…

Pile of jeans

#23 – Anything With A Logo You Don’t Like Any Longer

Maybe you have some T shirts with sayings / quotes / phrases on them that don’t work for you anymore.

Or you might be over a certain brand – but you’ve got clothes with their logo on.

If it doesn’t work for you any longer – let it go!

#24 – Items Bought For A Use They No Longer Do

  • Waterproof clothes that aren’t waterproof anymore (that you can’t fix)
  • Underwear that have lost their elasticity
  • Sports bras that have lost their support
  • Leggings that are more saggy than tight…

#25 – Items That Should Have A Partner, But Don’t

These all need to go because you’ll never wear anything that isn’t whole…

  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Earrings
  • Gloves
  • Suit (you may have the jacket but no trousers/skirt)
  • Half a track suit

Plus One Extra…. Excess Coat Hangers

I couldn’t not mention the coat hanger when it comes to what to declutter from your wardrobe, now, could I?!!

These are always a clutter trap as you think you should keep them all – but they seem to breed!

Ideally have only about 5 spare at the bottom of your wardrobe space, and get rid of the rest (especially the wire or thin plastic ones, as they don’t do your hanging clothes any good at all).

25 Things To Declutter From Your Wardrobe Today

And there you have it – all the types of clothes you should be letting go of from your wardrobe ASAP.

When it comes to your clothing, less is definitely more!

The decluttering process is hard to do, but by getting rid of everything that doesn’t serve you, you should have created a lot more clothes storage space to find everything.

Most importantly – everything that’s left is something that you love and that you want to put on – so getting ready each morning should be a pleasure rather than a chore.

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