10 Surprising Ways To Make Decluttering Fun (Yes, Really!)


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Decluttering can be boring. I said it! – Which is why I’ve put together this collection of ways to make decluttering fun. Yes, really – it can be something you find (at least a little more) enjoyable if you follow these tips.

10 Surprising Ways To Make Decluttering Fun - Yes, Really!

Mary Poppins famously said “For every job that must be done, there is an element of fun, find the fun and *snap* that jobs a game…”

And I couldn’t agree more!


Truth is – whatever we do, if we can find a way to make it more fun, it will feel easier to do and go faster as a result.

All good things, right?

But don’t worry, I’m not leaving you to work out how to make decluttering fun all by yourself. That wouldn’t be fair now, would it!

So – let’s look at the ways I’ve found over the years, and I hope that one or two (or more!) of them make your next decluttering session easier for you.

How To Make Decluttering Fun

#1 – Have A Reward To Look Forward To (Ideally Non Clutter Creating!)

After you’ve decluttered your space, reward yourself with something fun.

This can be anything from taking a relaxing bath to going out for ice cream – whatever you’ll look forward to.

Just make sure that the reward isn’t related to creating more clutter (like buying new clothes) and that it’ll help you feel good about your accomplishment.


Decluttering can be a lot of work, so it can be really good fun to celebrate your success with friends afterwards.

If you can’t celebrate in person, why not share photos of your newly decluttered space and tell them all about how great it feels to have a more organized home.

#2 – Listen To Something You Enjoy – Like Music Or An Audiobook Or A Podcast

Make the most of technology and declutter while you listen to something you love.

I often declutter while listening to music, audiobooks or podcasts because it makes it more enjoyable.

#3 – Set A Timer And Race Yourself

If you’re having trouble getting started, make a game out of it.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and see how much you can get done in that time.

Or see if you can beat your own record each time you declutter.

#4 – Get Everyone Involved

Decluttering can be a great way to spend time with your family. Everyone can take on different tasks and see who can get the job done fastest.

Not only will you be able to declutter your home, but you’ll also be spending time with your loved ones while getting something done together as a team.

People sitting on floor with cardboard boxes on their heads with faces drawn on them

#5 – Get Help From A Friend / Professional / Group

Trying to declutter your home on your own can be daunting, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and give up. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Getting some help from a friend, professional, or group can make the process a lot more fun – and less stressful.

For example, having a decluttering party with some friends is a great way to motivate each other and get the job done quickly.

You can also hire a professional organiser to help you figure out what to keep and what to get rid of.

Or, join a local (or online) decluttering group for support and accountability. These groups can provide valuable advice and encouragement as you work to declutter your home. 

Whatever route you choose, getting some extra help will make decluttering your home a lot more enjoyable – and effective!

TIP – If you’d prefer to DIY your decluttering, but need some help with the steps to take, and some accountability for your progress, then take a look at The Declutter Equation – it may be the perfect solution for you.

#6 – Set Yourself A Decluttering Challenge

Challenges are always fun, so why not create one for yourself the next time you tackle the decluttering?

Some ideas are:

  • Try to beat your record for most spaces decluttered in an hour
  • See how many items you can get rid of in one day
  • Set yourself a goal to declutter 10 items a day for a whole month
  • How about 365 decluttered items in a year (an item a day)
  • Tackle an entire room each month for a year

#7 – Make It A Game

See who can declutter the most in an hour, or turn it into a friendly competition with your partner or kids.

Maybe even have a prize for whoever has the most successful decluttering session!

#8 – Take Before And After Pictures So You Can Enjoy The Results

No matter how you approach decluttering, one of the best motivators is seeing the results of your hard work. And what better way to see those results than by taking before and after pictures?

Not only will taking before and after pictures give you a sense of accomplishment, but it will also help you to see just how much decluttering progress you’ve made.

As you look at the before picture, you’ll be able to see all of the clutter that was weighing you down. And when you compare it to the after picture, you’ll be amazed at how much better your space looks – and feels!

#9 – Make Yourself Your Own Homes Curator

One way to make decluttering fun is by making yourself your own homes curator.

This means that as you go through your belongings – every little thing – you take the time to appreciate each item and decide whether or not it deserves a place in your home.

For example, you might have a set of dishes that you rarely use but that have sentimental value. Rather than getting rid of them, you could put them on display in a cabinet or on shelves where you can enjoy them every day.

The key is to be selective about what you keep and to focus on the things that bring you happiness.

By taking this approach, decluttering can be an enjoyable experience that helps you create a more personal and stylish home.

#10 – Make It A Weekend Event!

Most people dread decluttering their homes because it seems like such a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you approach a weekend event as a fun decluttering task, you’ll be surprised at how enjoyable it can be, and the best part is that you’ll end up with a clean, clutter-free home that feels refreshing and new.

To start, set aside a whole weekend for decluttering and treat it like an event.

Often it’s trying to find the time between all the other day to day stuff we have to do that makes it less than fun – so having a full weekend carved out works brilliantly for upping the fun factor!

Get all your kit ready, nice snacks to hand, and have a plan of action for each part of the weekend. Then, set a timer and get to work!

You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in just a couple of days when you approach decluttering as a fun event.

And you’ll love the results!

TIP – During the weekend, sell your decluttered items on somewhere local like Facebook Marketplace so you get to see them being picked up while you’re decluttering. This can be great fun to watch it go!

10 Surprising Ways To Make Decluttering Fun - Yes, Really!

So next time you’re feeling stuck in a decluttering rut, remember these tips to make decluttering fun again.

With a little motivation and some creative thinking, you can have a clutter free home in no time.

Who knows, you might even have some fun in the process – good luck!

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