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If you’ve decluttered your home and want to make some extra cash from what you’re letting go of, then this is the post for you! These 27 things to sell are things around the house that you could put up for sale to make money from your clutter. We also go into some tips and tricks to help you get the best price – and I can’t wait to help you make some money from your stuff – so let’s go!

Pictures of things to sell around the house to make money


Well done – you’ve decluttered! But what now?…

You may well decide to donate most of it, but there may be some items that you want to make some money from if you can.


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Following on from a previous post from a few weeks ago where I went through the different places to consider when selling your clutter – I’ve decided to share with you a list of 27 items that I would specifically think about selling after decluttering, along with some fantastic tips to help make your selling go well and be as successful as possible.

So – if you’re happy to spend the time and energy selling your clutter then it may be very worthwhile to do. After all – as the saying goes “one mans trash is another mans treasure”…

Once you’ve read this post you’ll have a better idea of what types of items you can sell, and have gained some top tips on how to do it well.

I really can’t wait to see how you go. So let’s get started, shall we!



#1 – DVDs

Some sell better than others, but definitely worth looking at their potential value because they are easy to package and post – so I would class as a quick win!

Things to sell when you declutter - DVDs and CDs


#2 – CDs

Similar reasoning to DVDs…


#3 – Books

Textbooks and non fiction usually sell really well as people will specifically look for these, but you may be surprised at what you can get for certain fiction books as well.

Things to sell when you declutter - Books


#4 – Clothes

Well known labels from brands and certain shops will draw in buyers – but stay away from trying to sell underwear!


#5 – Accessories.

Hats, belts, gloves, scarves etc… can all do really well. A top tip would be to add in any specific things that make that item useful or stand out in some way – for example, I went to a 1920’s ball the other week and as such was specifically looking for 1920’s items. Some items that people wore weren’t 1920’s but had that look and feel (lots of beads and sequins etc…) – and so if these had come up in a search they would have appealed to an even wider audience.


#6 – Shoes.

Shoes are one of those things that we can fall out of love with pretty easily – as our style changes. They can also be pretty expensive – even those that aren’t from labels! – so it makes sense to find ones that are in good condition and sell them on.

Things to sell when you declutter - Shoes



#7 – Handbags.

As with shoes – if you have older handbags that you’ve fallen out of love with, and that are in good condition – then there are lots of women wanting to buy them from you!


#8 – Baby items

EVERYONE is looking for a bargain when they have a baby – as the list is truly endless of what you need to get for the little one. As such – think about what a new parent is looking for – something of good quality, that’s clean and well looked after etc… – and make sure that’s clear in the ad.

You can sell all manner of baby items – a few would be: –

  • Car seat
  • High Chair
  • Bath toys / Mat / Baby Bath itself
  • Cot
  • Pram / Pushchair

All of these are high priced items that you will want to get some money back for – and that a lot of people won’t be able to afford new – so it really is a win-win!


#9 – Furniture

Furniture that you don’t want or like can easily be exactly what someone else is looking for. There are people that are willing to restore or upcycle older items – so you may be surprised what sells!

Things to sell when you declutter - Furniture


#10 – Gaming items

Whether it be a games console, or the games themselves – selling items on when your kids have finished with them is a great way to teach them how to sell clutter to make money for new games they may want.


#11 – Mobile Phones

We are constantly upgrading our phones – and as such I’m sure you’ll have at least one mobile in your drawer being unused…. And there are ALWAYS people needing to replace a broken phone while they are in contract and can’t upgrade – or those that want to buy a cheaper phone always. Another great money maker!

Things to sell when you declutter - Mobile Phones


#12 – Watches

Watches can be collectors items – and some watches can even fetch more than you bought them for. There will always be a market for a good watch, and if you have a particularly high value watch you may do well to ask a jewellers advice before selling online – so you maximise your profit wherever possible.


#13 – Kids toys and games

Kids grow bored of their toys faster than most things – so a great way to teach them to declutter more is to get them involved in the process of selling them. The toys are theirs – so it makes sense for any proceeds of the sale to go towards new toys OR into savings. When children are old enough to understand that they can benefit from decluttering, this is a very easy way to get them to do it more easily!

Things to sell when you declutter - Kids Toys and Games


#14 – Kids clothes

As kids are ALWAYS growing – they grow out of their clothes all too quickly. As such their are parents everywhere looking to buy clothes at a decent price. Second hand kids clothes are a booming market – so why not make some money from it!


#15 – Hobby related items – sports, gardening, camping etc…

Hobby related items are usually great sellers, because they are specific items that will be searched for. Hobbies are also something that people dip in and out of – and so they may well look for a second hand item for a hobby that they are trying out.


#16 – Cycles – esp. kids bikes!

People are ALWAYS looking for bikes that are in good condition – as they can cost a LOT new.

In fact – there are Facebook groups set up to sell specific brands of bikes only – that’s how popular it is!. People tend to research the bike they want like they would do for a car – and then they find the places that are selling them for the best price.

For instance – my daughters very first bike was cheap as chips. I don’t like spending too much if I can help it – and this did the job perfectly. When we went to look for her next bike though, we DID end up spending more. Why? well, it was actually more sensible to pay a little more for a much-wanted brand because we realised that it would sell on at a really good price when she outgrew it. And she did! We sold that bike and didn’t lose much money on it at all – which enabled us to buy a second hand branded bike for her next (and current) bike – and she couldn’t be happier! A great lesson in budgeting and making money go further because she got a new bike (new for her is as good as new!), and didn’t have to spend anything on it.

Things to sell when you declutter - Bikes


#17 – Scooters and outside large kids toys

As with bikes – parents will look for second hand sellers for outside toys, scooters and larger toys – because they are aware that they won’t last forever and second hand will work just as well.


#18 – Jewellery

Dress jewellery OR real – just ensure you get the right value for what you’re selling (use a jeweller for a valuation if necessary).

Things to sell when you declutter - Jewellery


#19 – Art

Framed art or original art COULD be worth selling online – and you’re always best to sell using a place that you can see art selling well on. You can get a better price that way!


#20 – Kitchens and Bathrooms

If you have a refurb of either of these rooms, ask the builders/fitters to take the existing items out as carefully as possible – because you should be able to sell them on to people looking for a bargain. Usually kitchens and bathrooms are fine but we grow out of a style or want a change – so why not sell the existing and make the new one cost that bit less!


#21 – Appliances and Gadgets

We all have a few gadgets – usually kitchen gadgets – that we bought and have maybe used once or twice and then they’ve been relegated to the back of the cupboard.

Why not sell it on – and make some money! Everything can sell: –

  • Ice cream maker
  • Pasta maker
  • Blender

etc… – are all good examples.


#22 – Wedding Dress

Hard though it may be to let go of your wedding dress, why not take a picture of it so you have the memory (hopefully you’ve got lots of wedding photos anyway!), and then make some money back from it. After all – it’s probably the clothes item that you spent the most money on – and there will be people that can’t afford a totally new dress that you can make very happy!

Things to sell when you declutter - Wedding Dress


#23 – DIY and Tools

These can sell really well as they are expensive to buy new – in the same sort of category as gadgets and hobbies…


#24 – Cameras

These can be expensive to buy new – so there is a ready made audience ready to buy second hand – why not make the most of it?

Things to sell when you declutter - Cameras


#25 – Tech items

Tech is always moving on – and there are some people who like to stay up to date totally (my hubby!), and others that are happy to stay a few steps behind (me!). As such, if you tend to be one of the former, then it makes sense to sell to the latter and make some cash for the next new thing.


#26 – Photos – can be sold to stock sites!

This is a little out there – and possibly doesn’t count as clutter around the house – BUT if you have digital photos that you don’t want anymore, you may want to sell them and make some cash.

There are sites out there that you can upload your photos to, and then when people want to use them they will pay a small amount for the privilege.

Photos of specific items, scenes, places etc… can do well – but stay clear of using peoples faces or more personal pics.


#27 – Gift cards

Last but by no means least – on your decluttering travels you may well have found a few old gift cards that you didn’t know you had but are still in date. Chances are that if you haven’t used them, you don’t spend money in that specific store – so it will go to waste. You can sell them to online companies such as Zeek for less than face value – but at least make a little money from what would otherwise be value-less.



Phew! – quite a lot there!

Of course – this list could be LOADS bigger – because everything you own has the potential to sell to someone, and it’s up to you what you try and sell after you’ve decluttered.

BUT these are the items that I would suggest are ones that could be worth your effort to sell as they have the potential to make enough to pay for your time and energy doing so.

I hope you do well with whatever you decide to sell from this list – and that it gives you ideas for things to declutter if you need some quick cash (always an option to make the most of what you’ve already got when it comes to making money from home)….



Wording for the article with some items you could sell for cash in the backgroundSo – you may well have a few piles of these things in your home, and are happy to look at selling them – You know your WHAT – but what next?

Firstly – it’s deciding WHERE to sell them – and my post about options available is HERE – but alongside that you should be looking at HOW to sell them for the best possible price.

After all – if you’re going to go to the effort to set up an ad, take photos, write a description, liaise with buyers, and post the items – then you may as well get as much as possible for those things – right!

And that’s where my next post comes in – a post with 7 amazing tips for exactly HOW to sell them to give you the best chances for success – just click on the NEXT button below and I hope they help!



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