The Very Best Audiobooks To ‘Read’ For Positivity This Year


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It’s always good to find something to read that makes you want to turn each page – and that’s no different for audiobooks (only the pages don’t need turning, of course!). Here are the best audiobooks to make you keep listening again, and again!

8 Best audiobooks for a dose of positivity in life

Getting different peoples points of view can be inspirational – and create a very positive vibe in your life – if you allow it in.

That’s why I love reading.

And I read a LOT.

Time is tight though, so when I found Audible and started to ‘read’ audiobooks – the amount I read sky-rocketed – because I could read when doing errands, when cleaning, when walking, when at the gym, when on the school run – etc.. – so many more opportunities when you don’t have to find time to sit down and pick up a book!

And what do I read?

Mostly self help or business books – because I also like to learn and improve each year as much as I can, and I get so much out of these categories of books.

As such – over the years I’ve created a FANTASTIC collection of the best audiobooks that I go to again and again depending on what I want to focus on at that particular time (what I basically need a kick up the behind in!).

Sometimes I just need a different perspective on things, or a dose of motivation, or a goal to achieve – or maybe I want to improve something I feel I’m lacking in (confidence, money mindset etc…).

I wanted to share with you the books that really have made a difference to how I feel about life in general – in the hope that you can also benefit from them as well.

The criteria for a good audiobook:

#1 – Interesting topic that is light enough but deep enough to make you think a bit.

#2 – Read by the author ideally (as you usually get extra bits of book because they think of things as they go and add them in!), and it feels more friendly when the author is reading you their own words.

#3 – Long-ish! – Always look at the length of your audiobook before you buy – I like to have at least 5hrs of reading as this feels juicy enough to get lots out of it. Also – there’s nothing worse than finishing a good book, because you want it to carry on for longer!

#4 – Reviews – I always look at how many reviews a book has, and then look at a few of the reviews to get a feel for what it could be like. I take the very low and the very high reviews with a pinch of salt though because there are always people that are going to be super fans and haters out there!

#5 – More than one by that Author – Not critical – but I love to see more than one book being read by that Author because it means that there’s more after the one I’m reading!

Tips for reading audiobooks in a productive way

I HAVE to make things as productive as possible, and there are loads of opportunities to save time and get more done when listening to audiobooks:

#1 – ‘Read’ while doing other things, like cleaning, walking, or driving (I can stream my phone through my car).

#2 – Listen on at least 1.25* speed. This is just a setting you can change in the app, but makes SO much difference to how you feel when listening. You can get through your books more quickly – but they’re also better to listen to this way, because it feels more conversational rather than slow like people when they read aloud.

The best audiobooks to get you motivated With Some Positive Thinking:

#1 – Do It Scared – Ruth Soukup

Great for working out how fear is affecting your day to day life (spoiler – it probably is – even if you don’t realise it).

It’s written and read by my blogging mentor (I learned how to make this blog my business from her as well through her EBA course, if you’re interested – I highly recommend it!) – and for an extra bonus – she has just released the 3rd edition of her blogging book as well – How To Blog For Profit, which I’ve also read on Audible already.

Yes, I’m a fan!

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#2 – You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero

This is a really good listen if you want a kick up the proverbial! – she talks like a best friend, and it’s really powerful in its lessons.

(Again – she has other books – which is another bonus for Audio Books when you find a great author!)

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#3 – Girl – Stop Apologizing – Rachel Hollis

Rachel is a force to be reckoned with – a real powerhouse.

She talks again like a best friend, and takes no prisoners.

This is a great book with lots of lessons to be learned along the way.

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#4 – Get Rich, Lucky B**ch – Denise Duffield Thomas

Don’t let the title put you off, as this is one of the very best of the best audiobooks that I ‘read’ again and again.

I ‘found’ Denise last year when on holiday and looking for something a little different to listen to – and I’m hooked on this lady!

She’s a money mindset mentor – with a really down to earth vibe (shes Aussie, which may have something to do with it!).

She narrates all 3 of her books – but I would recommend starting with ‘Get Rich, Lucky B***h’ as this gives you some fantastic advice on how to feel more positive about money in your life.

Her ‘Lucky B***h’ book is a fantastic story with lots of lessons in it about how she has been lucky in her life – and was SO fascinating – so read this book second, and lastly…

If you’re into business and wanting to make that elusive work-life balance happen – then listen to Chillpreneur as well!

The Very Best Audiobooks To 'Read' For Positivity This Year -

#5 – Do Less – Kate Northrup

At first I though this was a little ‘woo woo’ for my tastes – but now I’ve become a huge fan.

As a woman, we face different issues with being productive and successful – and Kate thoroughly embraces this by talking through our cycles and how we can be empowered by them.

It’s a book about time and energy management for busy mums – and I love it!

Truly fascinating!

The Very Best Audiobooks To 'Read' For Positivity This Year -

#6 – Atomic Habits – James Clear

Little changes make big impacts – and habits are the way to do it.

I love that we can tweak things slowly to make a huge difference in our lives – from a getting organised perspective along with many other things – this is a must-read!

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#7 – The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod

Not being a morning person, I’m always intrigued by anyone who says that it’s the way forward to get things done and feel great.

This is a fascinating book that has some great takeaways for even the most night owl people out there too!

#8 – The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

This is a great book about how habits make our lives.

It has SO many examples, and is really interesting to see how habits can affect us so much.

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Get a free audio book to see what you think….

How To Get One For Free – Sign up for an Audible Account HERE and they will give you a 30 day free trial, along with a free audiobook of your choice. BARGAIN!

How to make the most of Your Audible account

Signup for a trial and you get 30 days for free – along with one Audio Book.

After that, it costs £7.99 a month and you get one credit each month for this.

I can easily read a book each month – usually one a week if I’m being honest (I re-read lots as well), but I always make sure I only use a credit if the book is worth MORE than the £7.99, because that way I am getting really good value for money from my membership (most books can be over £20 so it’s usually great value).

There are regular sales and extra credits to buy as well – so just be aware of what you can get for your money – so you maximise what you DO spend it on.

I get SO much more out of an audio book than I do a magazine – and I always used to fall foul of that magazine rack in the supermarket – but an audiobook is comparable in price, lasts for a LOT longer, and you get to keep it and read it again and again.

Oh yes – the best bit? You get to try before you buy. You can sample a little of it before you click BUY (some readers are better than others!), but if you DO buy and decide you don’t like it – you can return it for an exchange. There’s literally no hassle involved. I haven’t done it often, but when I HAVE needed to, it’s worked like a charm.

And of course – being the organising person I am – audiobooks are the future, because they have so many other positives too: –

  • No book clutter
  • You can read a lot more because you can fit it into your day more easily
  • You can multi task while reading
  • You can read on faster speed so you get through books more quickly
  • You get to keep books forever, so I am always re-reading past books
  • You can get an account for your kids as well – audiobooks are fantastic for travelling in the car!
8 Best audiobooks for a dose of positivity in life

So that’s it! – all the best Audiobooks for lots of positivity and a little self help when you need it most

I really hope that you find at least one of these books speaks to you and that they give you motivation and support when you need it.

P.S. Don’t forget to grab your free trial, pick a book from the list – and enjoy!

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