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If you’re busy doing task after task to get your home and life sorted, then you may be feeling tired and a little unloved and under-appreciated. Why not reward yourself a little? It will give you some motivation, and a well earned treat. If you like the idea, here are 32 ideas to get you started…

Reward yourself - 32 brilliant ideas for treats


Have you ever watched Mary Poppins?

It has long been a favourite in my house, and my daughter has watched it a LOT over the years.

The last time it was on, I found myself singing that oh so familiar tune ” a spoonful of sugar” – and the first line made me stop and think….


In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun, you find the fun and SNAP that job’s a game!


It’s not just the children in this film that this applies to….

If we can make any task more enjoyable then we tend to do it more quickly.

Now, making some household tasks fun is a stretch to say the least – but what if we could reward ourself at the end of the task?

Would that help make things a little more do-able?

I think so!


As such, today I wanted to look at all the different ways you could pick to reward yourself for any job well done.

Whether you’re decluttering a drawer, organising your whole house, sorting out a cleaning schedule, or starting a new habit – having a reward to look forward to at the end will no doubt drive you on and spur you to get things done that little bit more quickly.

After all – we all deserve a pat on the back for a job well done every so often, and homemaking tasks can feel like thankless work a lot of the time….

So, my challenge for you today is to pick a treat for yourself the next time you have a task to do that you aren’t looking forward to – and reward yourself for a job well done.



  • Don’t pick a reward that negates what you’ve just achieved. For example, if you’ve decluttered, don’t buy stuff as a reward. If you’ve sorted out a great morning routine – don’t reward by having a lie in!
  • Pick a relevant reward that is something to do with what you’ve just done – to reinforce your good work. For example, you’ve finally sorted your bedroom and organised it all – so treat yourself to an early night and enjoy the room a little!
  • Pick something that truly motivates you to get the job done. If you can look forward to something then it drives you to get the job finished that much quicker.
  • Make the reward something easy to achieve quickly – for example, don’t reward with a holiday if it’s going to take you a year to save up…
  • Reward yourself with a treat that’s on the same level as the task. Small rewards for small tasks, and large for large ones.
  • Remember, rewards don’t have to cost anything – you can get pleasure out of the most simple things if you allow yourself to really enjoy them.





  • Enjoy a magazine and a coffee in peace and quiet for half an hour
  • Relax with a lazy lie in
  • Run a hot bath with a good book and a relaxing bath foam / candle
  • Take a break. A holiday / day out etc… or simply some time away from everyday life
  • Book a meal out
  • Savour a nice glass of wine
  • Listen to a favourite music album
  • Watch a film (either at home, or maybe go to the cinema in the middle of the day!)
  • Watch a TV programme you have been meaning to watch for ages (or indulge in an entire box set!)
  • Go for a long walk
  • Go to a concert or the theatre
  • Try a new exercise class
  • Start a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to do
  • Take up a new sport
  • Sign up for a night class
  • Organise an evening out with friends
  • Delegate a task – a cleaner could be just what you need now you are back in control of things – work out what’s important for you to do and what your time is worth.
  • Visit an exhibition / museum / gallery etc…
  • Treat yourself to your favourite cake / chocolate etc…
  • Go to a coffee shop and relax for a while with your favourite drink
  • Get a takeaway and take the night off cooking
  • Take a day off work just because!
  • Spend time with a friend
  • Have a beauty treatment
  • Visit a spa / sauna etc…
  • Have your nails done
  • Read a book
  • Have a child free day/afternoon to do whatever you want
  • Have an early night
  • Get flowers / a plant for your home
  • Light a nice candle
  • Have a picnic in your local park


The list really is endless…


Reward yourself when you do a job with these brilliant ideas. Treats and rewards for a job well done - because you deserve it!

So – has this list inspired you to reward yourself and enjoy a few more treats in your life going forward?

I know I am. And I’m not going to feel guilty for it either!

Remember – it doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Even the smallest treat will help you feel more content and motivate you to get things done, and that sounds good to me.

….as such, I’m off to run myself a nice hot bath. After all – I’ve just finished writing this post so I think a treat is most definitely in order ;o) …



Amazing ways to reward yourself for a job well done. Get motivated to do your tasks by picking a reward or treat for after you've done. Get inspired today!

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