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Clutter Free Home

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(Even If You've Tried & Failed Before)

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The Declutter Equation

the Declutter Equation Decluttering Course Contents
the Declutter Equation Decluttering Course Contents

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“I desperately needed to get on top of all the clutter and mess for so many reasons ... & it had become a mountain too high to climb so was just getting worse by the day.

I love my home now and I feel relaxed as I walk in (mostly!) rather than immediately stressed. 

I’ve made some money from selling things but mostly I’ve given things away which has been a joy. I now rarely waste time looking for things that are lost which previously was a feature of day to day life.

I have a home I’m proud to invite people into rather than feeling ashamed of what’s hiding behind each door.  Thank you!"

- Kate B -

Your Home Should Lighten Your Load

NOT Weigh You Down

But Is Yours Making You Feel More Like This?

Top of ladies head with top knot in white hair band


You just want to be able to find things when you need them, get on top of the chores so you've got time for other things you want to do - and be proud enough of your house to invite people over.

Lady holding her hand to her forehead


Your home feels SO full with 'stuff', and you don't know where to start sorting it out. EVERYTHING needs tackling - it's all just too much.

Lady holding clock in her hand


You're always playing catch-up, too busy reacting to things that need your attention straight away, and you feel like your home's running you rather than the other way around.

Clutter truly affects everything - from money and relationships, to time and energy.

If you're feeling like this, then please know that

You're Not Alone.

Clutter Statistic - Arguments
Time Statistic
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Statistic about clutter and stress
Stat - clutter and stress

The ugly truth is that we're not helping ourselves.

We’re constantly ADDING to the busy-ness of our already busy lives when we need to be TAKING AWAY from it.

But, by decluttering properly – your life could feel so different...

Just Imagine Finally Being Able To...

  • Feel proud of your home and enjoy being there. You can walk around it knowing that every space is clutter free and has things in it that you and your family need or love - nothing extra.
  • Invite people into your home without having to apologise for the mess. A friend could pop by unexpectedly and you'd feel no anxiety at welcoming them in. Just like it should be!
  • Relax & feel no weight on your shoulders anymore. No more seeing a pile of things that need sorting out every time you try and relax.
  • Spend more time on things that REALLY matter to you - instead of on excess chores, excess shopping, excess tidying etc...
  • Keep your home clutter free for the long term - even if you've tried and failed before.

All this is totally possible.

I’ve seen it again and again both first hand and through my clients over the years...

Chrissy Owner of

Hi - I'm Chrissy, Your Decluttering Secret Weapon! 

I founded in 2010 while running my own Home Organisation And Styling Business (which I successfully ran for 12 years but have since closed as I wanted to concentrate fully on the website and help many more people than my 1-1 services allowed).

I've worked with many happy clients, in lots of different shapes & sizes of homes. 

I've seen it all, and created solutions for each and every one that worked for their owners beautifully.

People I've helped declutter in their own homes with these methods have seen HUGE benefits - all related to their own lives.

These have included not needing to move house because they've got space for everything, having kids playing for ages happily because they can see what they have and enjoy it more, starting to cook again because their kitchen works for them, and even being able to start a business when they previously had no time and were unable to think for all the mess around them.

And it's not just clients that decluttering has helped...

My own family benefit from a clutter free home. The anxiety I've suffered with for years has decreased, we have more time for each other, and we actually enjoy being at home (so much so that we often can't wait to get back even when on holiday!).

These benefits could be YOUR reality too.

Every.Single.Day from now on!

I truly want you to create the home you deserve. The Declutter Equation is the best possible way to start on that journey.

I'm so excited to welcome you into the program and see your fantastic results!


And It Can Work For You Too...

I can't wait to help you discover for yourself that decluttering really is....

  • Life changing – When done right, it can give you the permission to create the home and life you want – whatever that looks like for you.
  • Truly addictive once you get started. It’s not just tidying up and moving things around again and again – it’s changing how your home works – for the long term
  • Eye opening - streamlining what you really love means you end up feeling like you have MORE rather than less!

So - If you know that a clutter free home means more time for you to thrive in other parts of your life - what's stopping you making it a priority for a while...?

“I've tried several different approaches, and they just haven't fit well or worked that well. I can tell off the top that your approach makes sense and is very do-able. The workbook itself is incredible!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Ann -

The Declutter Equation is (in a nutshell):

  • A unique online decluttering course / program created from over 12 years experience as a Professional Home Organiser. It will give uou all the tools and support you need to successfully declutter every area in your home - and keep it that way.
  • A proven system (or equation!) of MINDSET + MASTERPLAN + METHOD + MAINTENANCE = CLUTTER FREE. Just follow the easy steps in the program and you'll have the results you crave.
  • Designed to feel like I'm right there with you in your home tackling every space together. I will be your cheerleader, and your declutter coach. You won't be alone.

Payments are made through the Teachable Platform* & tax for your location will be added at checkout if req'd

the Declutter Equation Decluttering Course Contents
the Declutter Equation Decluttering Course Contents

“Your definition of clutter, and your ability to calmly speak about it are quite refreshing in all the chaos and clutter we experience. Thank you!"

- H.C -


This Decluttering Course Is The Closest Thing To Having A Pro With You Every Step Of The Way - But Without The Pro Price Tag

(and without having to make me a cuppa!).

In fact, just one session with a Professional Organiser would cost you around $200, and to tackle a whole house would take a block of sessions, easily costing over $800.

With The Declutter Equation™ you get the same results - for a fraction of the cost.

You Get All The Benefits of:

  • Having the whole step by step system laid out in a do-able way, with everything you need to declutter every space in your home
  • The feeling of me being there with you (with videos and audios throughout the program)
  • Easily staying on track - using the gorgeous printable / digital 87 page workbook
  • Support every step of the way - from myself AND the community of fellow program takers, in the private Facebook group - which you get 6 months FREE access to.

But With The Added Benefits Of NOT:

  • Having me in your home (some people prefer to work alone if they know what to do)
  • Working in specific session timings (some clients were very early birds or night owls)
  • Cleaning up before my visit (yes, even though we were decluttering, clients still did this!
  • Paying the pro price tag to get the result of a completely decluttered home (all rooms and areas tackled)

It's Everything You Need For Success:

the Declutter Equation Decluttering Course Contents

Valued At over $800,

Your One-Time Payment Is Just $249 

Payments are made through the Teachable Platform* & tax for your location will be added at checkout if req'd

“Now I have a plan and am ready to move forward. Thank you for all the details and the simplicity to make this doable for people like myself who are overwhelmed over-thinkers."

- H.C -


Take A Look At What The Program Includes...

Along with a very warm welcome and all the info you need to find your way around the program, here's what you'll find when you join The Declutter Equation™


Module 1: Create your MASTERPLAN

Everything starts with a good plan - and decluttering is no different.

In fact- having a plan means you're giving yourself all the foundations for real success.

In this module we'll go deep into WHY you're doing this (to give you the all important motivation), and we'll look at practical things like WHAT you'll do with your time and the stuff you let go of.

Then we'll move on to creating your very own HOME PLAN (the real secret sauce!), and even look at your HOME STYLE (yes, that's important for decluttering too, and you'll understand why when you go through this section).


Module 2: Learn the D.E.C.L.U.T.T.E.R METHOD

This module will train you in the art of decluttering - BEFORE YOU LIFT A FINGER!

I'll teach you the brilliant D.E.C.L.U.T.T.E.R method - which takes you through exactly what to do and when - so you'll feel totally empowered to go and get stuck in to your own home.


Module 3: Use the METHOD like a PRO!

This is where the practical, hands-on decluttering starts, and there's LOADS of advice and help for every area of your home, and you won't ever feel like you're doing it alone.

In fact, if you ever DO feel like you're struggling (which we all do at some point, with some items in our homes), you can simply dip into the stumbling blocks section I created, where I'll talk you through specific things as you need them (in little audio clips, just like I would chat you through it if I were with you) - so you'll be able to carry on making progress instead of getting stuck.

You'll really enjoy seeing your clutter free home emerge - one room at a time!


Module 4: MAINTAIN for long term success

You could stop after the decluttering has finished - but if you want things to last, there's a little more that I want to help you with.

In this last module of the program, we'll look at all the tools you need to ensure your home stays clutter free so you never get stressed by your stuff again...


PLUS: Shift Your MINDSET step by step

Alongside each module we will chat about MINDSET - the KEY area so often forgotten in decluttering, but that will help boost you, motivate you, and spur you on to all the success you crave.

In various Videos and Audios I'll talk about different ways you can think about things that you may not have thought about before - and how to change your perspective and empower yourself to make the changes you want.


Also Includes A Handy Workbook To Stay On Track

It includes diagrams, checklists, tips, and SO MUCH MORE - and you'll love using it as you work through the program.

The Declutter Equation Course Workbook

Let's Take a Sneak Peek Inside...

It's always good to see a little of what you're getting, right?!


You Also Get These AMAZING Bonuses:

When you join The Declutter Equation™ you ALSO get some extra AMAZING bonuses

which will REALLY help you get the results you want.

The Declutter Equation Course Workbook

bonus #1

Editable Workbook

Along with the printable version of the workbook that you get in the program, I've also included a digital version.

Not only will this save on printing costs, but you will also have no extra paper clutter!

It comes in a pdf format that's got fillable fields. You simply download and save to your computer, then fill in as you go.

Working outside with laptop and coffee

bonus #2

6 Months Access To Private Facebook Group

Not feeling alone is a HUGE part of successful decluttering - so I want to make sure you have a place to ask questions and get help/advice as and when you need it.

Also - it's a fantastic place to be able to share your wins and progress with people who 'get it'.

Because it's private, only members of the program will get access - so it's a safe space that none of your friends and family can see (unless they're doing the program as well!)

NOTE: I specifically give a time limit of 6 months as this is ample time to complete the program, but will give you another level of motivation to get things done - which benefits you too!

Keys in door - in shadow

bonus #3

Access To Q&A Vault

This may be my favourite part!

Lots of seemingly random questions will crop up for you when you declutter. I've seen the same ones crop up again and again.

As such - I wanted to create a place where you can get an audio answer from me of all those questions - ready and waiting for when you need them.

Each one has its own separate audio clip - so you can simply search for the question you want the answer to, and hit play.

It really is like I'm there with you!

Declutter Program Feedback Maria P

“I've bought in to other declutter approaches previously by other people but not completed them - I feel certain I will with yours.

In my opinion, you have many new ways of looking at the decluttering process that I think will make all the difference for me.

I'm taking my time, but I enjoy reading / planning / watching and listening to the programme. I love the videos... they make a real difference to being inspired and making me feel I can achieve my goals."

- Maria P -

Let's Recap: You're Getting All This...

the Declutter Equation Decluttering Course Contents
the Declutter Equation Decluttering Course Contents
  • The full Declutter Equation program. Follow it step by step, trust the process, and get the results you've been craving. Includes over 50 audios & 11 videos so that it feels like I'm working right next to you in your home.
  • Printable AND editable versions of the workbook to stay on track. 87 pages to take you through everything so you're never unsure what to do next.
  • Support so you never feel alone. Use the 6 month access to the private Facebook group to chat to me and others in the program for motivation and support.
  • Q&A Vault. Check this whenever you've got a question. It's like I'm reading your mind as there's usually an answer there ready and waiting!
  • Instant Access. Get started straight away after signing up, and work at your own pace through the program.

YES! all this, worth over $800, for just $249

Payments are made through the Teachable Platform* & tax for your location will be added at checkout if req'd

“We are so nearly finished with our house declutter and it feels amazing!... Our house is by no means a show home, but it is lots clearer, and takes a fraction of the time to tidy.

In fact someone came into our home for the first time the other day and said "This house is so tidy considering you have four kids..."

I feel really positive about the fact that we now have space to live and play and work and relax"

- Lucy Rycroft-


You're Going To Get All This:


No matter how cluttered your home is, or how big/small it is - just trust the process and you'll get results.

You get full access to all the steps I use with clients for the best results (including creating your HOME PLAN, the D.E.C.L.U.T.T.E.R method, mindset shifts, and SO much more). 

You CAN get the clutter-free home you're craving, and it doesn't have to be hard.


A major part of decluttering that's often underestimated, is your mindset. 

Decluttering DOES get hard at times, let's face it, you're going through ALL your belongings, but making sure you stay on track (and feeling good about everything) is key to success.

This program will help you to understand any fears/issues/doubts any time they crop up (because they will!), and will keep you in a positive frame of mind.

Alongside that, my aim is always to help you feel like I'm there with you (as much as possible for an online program) and that you're not alone. 

This really is the powerful stuff that you need!


Take advantage of the help and knowledge gained from my 12+ years as a professional organiser helping clients 1-1.

I know what works, and I'll teach it to you.

You also get that help in the right format - just like I was there with you....

For example - if I'd usually show you by doing something, then I've created a video to show you exactly how to do it. If I'd be talking to you and answering a question or giving you advice as we were working, then an audio has been recorded so you can listen and keep doing your decluttering at the same time. And lastly, if I'd sit with you and draw something out, and a diagram or words are best - then voila!

Also included is a gorgeous printable workbook that will help you stay on track and focused - in a do-able way.


People work at different times, have different energy levels, and different timelines for their decluttering.

As such, I don't want you to have to wait for access to anything in the program - so it's all available within minutes of you joining.

You can work at your own pace, and work on the rooms/spaces in your home in the order you prefer.

(I will also give you access to ANY updates to this program while it's still available from me - once you're in, you get everything without ever having to pay a penny more)

“I'm writing to you to announce my clutter free house. I'm the happiest person on earth!"

- H.C -

100% Happiness Guarantee

I'm so sure that The Declutter Equation™ will help you create the home you've been craving for so long and that you'll be amazed at the results, that I'm offering a 100% happiness guarantee.

If for any reason you join the program and aren't happy with your purchase, eMail me at and I will do my best to help you. If, however, you still aren't happy - I will give you a full refund*.


Pinky swear!

*Please note that any refunds HAVE to be requested within 14 days of purchase.

Still got questions?


There are no absolute guarantees in this world – but I will say that if you follow the steps in the program then you will see HUGE differences in your home – for the better. The more you put into this program, the more you get out. It’s SO worth it!


Absolutely. You get all the tools to help guide you just as I would help if I were in your home. You are alone, but you won't feel alone.

Follow the simple steps and you’ll get there! And you can always ask for help from the Facebook group where I will be hanging out, ready to offer tips and motivation. In fact – you’ll probably be helping others in no time with some stuff you learn!


This isn’t purely a decluttering course. You'll get a whole lot more that will help you get AND maintain a clutter free home for the long term. I take you through making a plan for your home (so you know what you want to get out of it), and there’s lots of mindset work that really helps to keep things clutter free.

It’s a full package – and has come about through my 12+ years in peoples homes doing 1-1 decluttering work. I know what’s needed for results – and I have put all that into this program (for a fraction of the cost of 1-1 services).


I’ve made each part of the program as bite size as possible – as I want you DOING rather than watching/reading/listening. I’ve also created the right format for what you need – so audios when you can be listening and doing something, and video when you really need to see something, so you won't have to spend lots of time just sitting in front of your computer. 

Decluttering takes different amounts of time for everyone - depending on levels of clutter, energy levels, snd time available. What I will say is that if you can commit to making this a priority, you will see results within a week that will help you progress and keep you motivated.

An average home will take a few months to go through in it's entirety.


I want to be realistic here and say that it depends on your home and how cluttered it currently is. You have been living in your home and with your stuff for YEARS – so a quick fix is unrealistic.

Yes, you could throw lots out in the first weekend – but if you don’t change habits and learn the process to stay clutter free, then you’ll be back to the start before you know it (kind of like losing weight and then eating the same as before once you’ve lost it).

I DO give a few quick wins at the start of the program, but if you follow the program step by step you’ll see progress. 


The cost of the Declutter Equation plus all bonuses is just $249. 

You will be charged any necessary tax for your country at checkout - as every country has different charges. 

Please note that Teachable is where you will be purchasing from, as this is where Organise My House sells all products. Teachable is what will show up on your bank statement - but please get in touch with if there are any issues.



Although all products on OrganiseMyHouse are in USD, you can pay via Paypal and in there they will give you the product cost in your accounts currency before you pay.


You get instant access as soon as you sign up. No waiting needed. I understand that once you know you want to get decluttered, you want to start NOW, so I’m more than happy to make that happen for you!


You get access for the lifetime of the program. I don’t intend for this program to be going anywhere though!

My promise to you is that this program will continue and I will update when needed - you will get all updates whenever I add them once you're in.

and I’m in this for the long term!


At present I don’t offer 1-1 services, but please email me at with anything you think you need extra help with – and I’ll see what I can do to help!

Right Now, You've Got 2 Choices:

#1 - You can keep your home exactly as it is – and make the best of all those things that frustrate you. You can spend extra time each day finding lost things, cleaning everything, and tidying up.


#2 - You can grab this step by step program, and finally create the calm home you crave. Just imagine what your home could look and feel like a few short months from now...

Your clutter free home (along with less stress & more time) is just around the corner.... and The Declutter Equation™ is going to be what finally gets you there.

* PLEASE NOTE: All payments are made through the Teachable Platform  Privacy Policy & Terms of Use