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In todays financial climate we’re all looking for ways to save money. The best ideas maximise our incomings and minimise the outgoings, while helping us still being able to enjoy a luxury or two along the way. Here are 80 ideas to do just that – which do you use?

80 Ways To Save Money

Below are 80 ways to save money from areas all around the house.

They’re really quick changes and tweaks that you can use starting today to make to make your money go that little bit further.

I’m sure you’ll want to try at least one straight away, so let’s get started right away.

How much can you save? Let’s find out…

14 Ways To Save Money When Shopping

1. Think Before You Buy Anything

Do you really need what you’re about to purchase?

If you buy something in the sale it’s not a saving unless you really needed it and would have spent full price on it anyway.

You never have to throw away what you don't buy

2. Use A Cash Back Credit Card

Lots of credit cards now offer cash back incentives, and a large percentage now are tied to certain stores.

Shop around and see what deals you can find.

If you do get a good deal attached to a specific store make sure it’s a store you’d need to spend in anyway. This will mean that any money back vouchers are really useful for your shopping and you won’t struggle to spend them.

Putting cards in a purse

3. Don’t Buy Branded Items

Labels and brands cost more, and usually all you’re paying extra for is the brand. The actual item is as good from whoever you get it from.

Yes, sometimes it’s worth it, but definitely not always.

Start shopping around, test brands against cheaper alternatives, and look at reviews before you part with your cash.

4. Speculate To Accumulate

If you buy a lot from somewhere and can save with offers that are available at any time, then it may be worth paying more up front to save overall.

For example, Amazon offers their prime members free delivery on thousands of items once you’ve paid your annual membership fee (there’s a 30 day free trial available as well to see if it works for you first, saving you even more!).

It could work out to be a huge saving if you do it right!

Another one that I would recommend is Next delivery. I signed up for their annual membership last year and had free delivery for 12 months – saving me a LOT over time, because I do quite a bit of shopping online through them.

Take a look around, as there are others available and if you work out that you would save overall, then it’s definitely worthwhile.

5. Compare Prices Online For The Best Deal

Especially for larger purchases it’s always worth doing a little research online first.

With so many online stores available, you may be surprised at the difference in prices that you can find.

When you search in Google for instance, write down the product and then click “shopping” and all the prices at different stores will come up in a list for easy comparison.

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6. Stock Up When You Get A Deal

There’s no point in passing over an offer for, say, dishwasher tablets one month if you don’t need them there and then.

If you always use them it makes sense to stock up while they’re on offer.

Grab them while you can at the good price and you’ll save in the longer term.

7.  Shop In The Sales

Sales shopping can save you money when done right. 

Warning – only ever buy what you need and don’t get sucked into offers – they’re only a bargain if you need them!

8. Shop Out Of Season

Buying out of season can save a load of money as well:

  • Christmas decorations / cards / wrapping etc.. get reduced in January
  • Summer clothes are on sale when the kids go back to school in the autumn
  • Halloween decor is a bargain come November

And so it goes on…

A little forward planning can save loads over the year.

9. Return Things You’ve Bought In Error

It’s all too easy to decide it’s not worth the effort to take something back – but you’re wasting money if you don’t.

Next time you go to the shops take the item with you (for ease keep it in the car for when you’re passing).

10. When Shopping Online Look For Money Off Codes

Don’t ever buy online without first searching for a discount code for the shop first.

Type in the shop and the words “discount voucher” or “discount code” and there are several websites that will tell you whether you can get anything off.

You may be able to get a percentage discount or free delivery, which is worth the couple of minutes looking before buying.

Hand holding a credit or debit card

11. Don’t Pay For Bags In Shops – Take Your Own

Now that we have to pay for bags in shops this one can add up quite quickly.

It takes up no space or weight to carry a couple of canvas shopping bags in your handbag when you’re out and about.

12. Try And Barter When Buying – You Never Know!

In the UK we’re not very good at asking for discounts, but more and more shops are willing to discount or offer something extra if they get your business.

You won’t know what you could have got if you don’t ask….

13. Give Yourself A Couple Of Weeks To Cool Off When You’re Tempted To Impulse Buy

How many times have you seen something in a shop that you just HAD to have, even though you hadn’t even thought about it until you saw it!?

Give yourself some time to think about it before you buy (I call it the 2 week buying rule), you usually go off the idea after that if you really didn’t want or need it.

14. Try Out Costco For Bulk Shopping

Costco and similar shops are always worth a look – you can bulk buy and find some great savings.

Saving Around The House…

15. Make Money From Your Unwanted Stuff

Sell your old mobile phone, sell old DVDs, in fact, sell anything you don’t want anymore. eBay is a great place to start and there are loads of other sites out there that will give you cash for your things.

Some places to look online to sell your unwanted items are Music Magpie, Amazon and eBay

16. Collect Spare Change

Have a change jar in your home, ideally by the front door.

That way, when you come in you can get rid of what’s in your pockets and have it all in one place – you’ll be amazed at how quickly it adds up.

Yellow piggy bank

17. Take The Thermostat Down A Degree

One degree difference in your home won’t be felt – apart from in your wallet!

18. Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Vinegar is a great all round cleaner that costs much less than loads of different cleaning products – and is less harmful to the environment as well.

If you have the time you can save loads doing this.

19. Use Your Dishwasher

Running your dishwasher for a full load costs less than washing by hand as it uses less water and detergent.

Who knew!

Loading or emptying the dishwasher

20. Learn How To DIY

It will cost a lot less to do minor fixes yourself than to keep getting a tradesman in.

Just make sure you’re comfortable doing this, otherwise you may end up paying more if it goes wrong.

You could look at asking someone else to do it and swap a skill so you do something for them in return instead.

TIP – Do jobs before they become larger problems that could cost more to fix

I totally love making money from the stuff I don’t want anymore.

It feels great to get something back for it rather than it just lingering or throwing it out.

As such, I’m always looking for places to use….

5 Ways To Save on Transport

Next up we’re looking at transport and bills – places that can be real money wasters if you’re not careful – hope the tips that follow help.

21. Walk Whenever You Can (Or Cycle)

Get fit AND save money – it’s a no brainer really!

22. Never Buy Cars New

They lose thousands the second they are driven off the forecourt.

23. Can You Share Lifts With Someone Else To Work Or School?

Any time you can use less journeys will save money. If you’re going the same way as someone, it just makes sense!

24. Can You Work From Home Once A Week?

In todays world, working from home has become a real option for many.

If you can, request that you work from home once a week – this would save travelling costs and commuting time.

25. Unladen Your Car

More weight in your car means it takes more petrol to get anywhere – make your car as light as you can to conserve fuel.

5 Ways To Save Money On Bills At home

26. Switch Suppliers

Don’t just keep renewing at the same supplier every time – look around on comparison sites for the best deals and you could save loads.

You can even save on insurance when you shop around at renewal time.

27. Use Skype (Or Similar) Whenever Possible

Free phone calls? Yes please!

28. Are You Maximising All Subscriptions?

Whether it be magazines that you don’t actually get time to read, or a digital TV package that you don’t really use all of – see if you can either cancel altogether or cut down on what you’re getting charged.

29. Clear Your Credit Card

If you don’t pay off your credit card each month you’re being charged a lot in interest payments – so get into the habit of paying it off asap.

Also – look where you have loans that have high interest payments.

Pay off these debts first and you’ll save more in the longer term (mortgages for instance are usually a lot less interest rates than other loans, and so it’s not always the best use of your money to pay off your mortgage if you have other debts at higher rates).

30. Rethink Your Mobile Phone

What minutes / texts / data do you actually use?

Are you paying for too much in your current contract?

Would you be better off paying as you go?

etc…. – all good questions worth asking!

Mobile phone next to tulips

12 Ways To Save Money On Home Luxuries

31. Cut Down On Non Essentials

If you don’t really need something , ask yourself if you’ll really miss it.

Are you just buying some things or specific brands out of habit?

32. Swap Cinema For Film Nights At Home

An easy swap as you can create a cinema feel at home – get some popcorn and make yourself comfy!

33. Move House

OK so your home isn’t necessarily a luxury – but where it’s located may well be.

Are you spending lots of money for location? Could you lower your mortgage and bills by living a couple of miles from town? Are you driving too far to work/school and could you relocate nearer to save travel costs?

It’s worth looking at moving house for potentially huge savings.

34. Eat Out Less Often And Make Special Meals At Home Instead

Eating out has become a lot more common nowadays – but why not substitute at least one meal a month for a lovely meal at home?

Light candles, get a nice bottle of wine and create a great atmosphere – you can usually make great savings this way.

Reading a magazine on the floor

35. Quit Smoking

Or at least cut down.

Limiting drinking as well will save a lot over time.

36. Buy Furniture And Accessories For the House From Online Stores

Because online based stores have no overhead with physical locations, they can pass on huge savings to you.

As such, it’s always worth looking online for potential savings on things you’ve seen in person.

37. Do Things With your Children That Are Free

Often a trip to the park, a picnic, feeding the ducks, window shopping in town etc.. are all as good as anything you could pay for in your childrens eyes.

Don’t feel you have to spend on expensive days out to have fun…

38. Use Groupon For Treat Holidays And Days / Evenings Out

Voucher websites offer great deals – so subscribe to a local one and see what they have to offer.

The offers could make great presents, or treats for you – just don’t overdo it!

39. Holiday Out Of School Holidays If You Possibly Can

Even if you have school age children, sometimes their holidays don’t fall in peak travel times (as they could be a slightly different half term week than most for example) – so do your research!

40. If You’re A Regular Pub Go-er – Have Friends To Your House And Get Them To Bring A bottle

Socialising at home means you can usually hear yourselves talk a bit more as well! (and a bottle of wine at home costs less than a glass at the pub more often than not!).

41. Use The Library

Don’t spend loads on books – the library can often order the book that you want in if you can’t find it on the shelves, just take a look and see what they have to offer.

An added bonus is you don’t end up with book clutter after you have read it either!.

42. Try A Staycation Rather Than A Holiday

Holidays can cost a lot – so why not just stay at home instead?

Turn off all the usual distractions and take a look around your locality with a tourists eyes.

You’re bound to see things in a new light, explore places you’ve been meaning to, and get to sleep in your own bed each night – bliss!

Saving On Beauty…

43. Use Trainees For Hair Cuts And Colours

Haircuts and especially colours can cost a load of money.

Often trainees have slots where you can get a bargain – and as they are monitored by the hairdressers you are usually in safe hands – and it can amount to a massive discount. (If you have 7 or 8 cuts a year this is a huge saving).

44. Eek Out Time Between Treatments Such As Haircuts And Waxing

Leaving it an extra week/day or two could mean significantly less appointments over the year – and significant savings too!

45. Buy Beauty Products Online For Discounts On RRP

There are some great online shops that offer discounts on beauty products – my favourites at the moment are Gorgeous, LookFantastic, and Beauty Pie.

bathroom items

3 Ways To Save Money On Fitness

46. If You Don’t Love The Gym, Then Cancel It

The gym is a great place if you use it often and get your moneys worth – however for a lot of people it just doesn’t add up. You end up spending a lot on a monthly membership only use it once or twice.

Work out what your average visit is actually costing you to see if it’s worth it. You may be surprised at the results!

Why not look at a pay as you go gym, or individual fitness classes local to you, or even just walking/running more for free?

47. Go Out With Friend For A Walk Instead Of Meeting For Coffee

I’ve just switched to walking and running with friends to catch up – as it not only gets us fit, but stops us spending money on coffee and the inevitable temptation of biscuits and cakes!

48. Buy A Fitness DVD Rather Than Attending A Class Every Week

This is a simple trick that saves a fortune as a DVD is often as much as just 1 or 2 classes.

Get more out of them and change your routine by swapping DVDs with friends as well.

I’ve also started finding fitness classes on Youtube – so you could always check that out as well – just an extra idea!

6 Ways To Save Money On Gift Giving

We’re well into the money saving ideas now! I Hope you’re finding loads that you’re going to try.

This next set concentrates on how to save cash on gifts and presents – another money sucker when it comes to homemaking.

49. Consider Making Presents

If you are a great cook it would be lovely to bake some cupcakes and wrap beautifully for a present, or what about a piece of art?

If you’re good at something , use it to your advantage.

50. Consider Giving A Homemade Voucher For A Present

If you can do something for someone, then a voucher for that would be well received and only really costs you your time.

What about an offer to babysit for a new baby present, for example.

51. Re-Gift

Giving presents that you have received but don’t want/need can be a great way to save pennies.

Wait though – a word of warning is to label them clearly so that you don’t end up giving it back to whoever gave it you in the first place!

A black present with black and white checked ribbon

52. Secret Santa

Most people who work in offices utilise a Secret Santa over Christmas – where you put everyones name in a hat and then take on each – you have to buy one present for that person only. That way everyone buys one present and everyone gets a present.

This would work really well to keep costs down in a large family – and you could have a high budget for that one present so that they get one great present – but it would still cost less than getting something for everyone.

53. Only Buy Presents For the Kids In the Family At Christmas

Once kids come into the picture, families naturally get bigger very quickly. Why not just buy for the children from now on?

54. Have A Budget For Birthday / Christmas Presents – And Stick To It

I’ve mentioned this before – but it’s worth repeating!

When you have large families but still want to get something for everyone, why not set a present limit per person?

My family has a £15 limit on Christmas presents and honestly we’ve barely noticed a difference apart from to our wallets!

Presents can be a really tough thing to save on – especially when you want to give something lovely – but thinking outside the box (as these points have hopefully helped you do) can really help you save without losing out on the fact that the gift is gorgeous!

16 Ways To Save Money On Food At Home

Eating is something we can’t avoid and usually love – but food can be one of the biggest bills we have each month – let’s look at a few ways to save on food right now.

55. Swap Takeout For Homemade Takeout

It can be just as easy to prep a homemade takeaway.

For instance – swap takeout pizza for a frozen or fresh one from the supermarket – you won’t notice the difference!

56. Buy From Cheaper Supermarkets And Don’t Buy Branded Foods

Some supermarkets are more expensive than others, so when budgeting look for the best value for money for your regular shop – and try and buy the own brand options rather than the more expensive alternatives.

57. Buy Larger Pots Of Things Rather Than Individual Servings

If you read the labels on the supermarket shelves they normally do the maths for you and give you a price per 100g or the appropriate measure – you may be surprised at how buying larger portions on what you use daily anyway may save money (yoghurts, milk etc…).

58. Use Leftovers For A Meal The Next Day – Cook Wisely

Have pasta with Pesto for tea? It works really well with a salad for a cold lunch the following day as well.

Or, what about roast meat for sandwiches – the list really is endless!

59. Meal Plan – Make the Most Of What You Buy

If you plan your meals for the week then you can more easily use your food sensibly.

For example – you buy a large bag of carrots one day and use them for a casserole one night, then crudités for lunch the following day, and then as a side the day after.

You use up all the food that may have been wasted if you planned for completely different meals each day.

60. Don’t Always Buy Fresh

Frozen fruit and veg is often more nutritious, you get less waste as you only cook what you need, and it costs less usually than its fresh equivalent – triple bonus!

61. Get Baking

Do you buy cakes and biscuits a lot? Why not bake them for much less cost, and freeze ready for when you need them – much healthier too as you can pick what goes in them!


62. Have A Soup Night

Soup costs pennies to make – use up leftover veg, stock etc… and create a really nutritious meal once a week. It lets you get creative as well!

63. Buy A Flask

OK – so you’re buying a flask and that will cost money – but if you make your morning coffee up before you leave the house you’ll spend a lot less over the course of a month on your coffee hit each day.

It all adds up.

64. Have A Meat Free Night At Least Once A week

Meat is the most expensive part of the meal usually – so going without can make a difference to your spending.

Try bulking your food up with lentils or beans instead.

65. Shop For Fresh Food At The End Of The Day

Often, supermarkets and shops discount fresh produce at the end of each day – so you can grab a real bargain if you time it right!

66. Drink Water Rather Than Juices

Water’s free – enough said!

Water Bottle on White Background

67. Don’t Buy Pre-Prepared Or Ready Meals

You are paying for the convenience – but in reality is can be just as easy to make batches of stew/bolognese etc.. and reheat those when you can’t be bothered to cook.

68. Grow Your Own

If you can, try and grow some of your food yourself  even if it’s just a herb tray on the kitchen windowsill – it can save you loads!

69. Make A Shopping List And Stick To It

Don’t get tempted by the special offers – if you didn’t have it on your list – you didn’t need it!

70. Take Snacks Wherever You Go Out

Whether it’s to work, the gym, for your children – whenever you are out and about ensure you have some snacks with you.

If you bulk buy in your weekly shop then the same product can cost significantly less than if you buy individually on the go (think multi packs of crisps, or packets of biscuits, or grapes and other fruit)

(psst – even more money saving tips for food can be found HERE)

Food is a big category – and it is potentially the place where the biggest savings can be made – so pick one of those tips to try this week and see how you go.

We have now reached the last few tips – arguably the most effective – and these are based around clothes and general tips – so keep going as I am sure you will find some great ideas…

6 Ways To Save Money On Clothes

71. Shop At Second Hand Stores

You can pick up great individual items that no-one else will own, and for a fraction of the price of the high street. Look at charity shops as well.

72. Fix Clothes Or Alter Them rather Than Buying New

If you have lost weight, paying someone (or learning how to do it yourself) to take in that dress you love will cost a lot less than buying new.

Try and fix holes, sew hems back, reheel shoes etc… before you look to buy new, and you can save money.

73. Don’t Buy Clothes that Need Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning costs money – your clothes will therefore cost you ongoing – worth thinking about!

Shirt on a coathanger

74. Air Dry Washing Whenever Possible

Use the washing line – or an airer rather than your tumble dryer whenever you can to save a load of cash.

75. Wash Clothes On The Coolest Possible Temperature

There are lots of detergents that work well at 30 degrees now. Also don’t use quite as much conditioner – you’ll barely notice in your clothes but it will last longer.

76. Wash Clothes When They’re Dirty

I mean visibly dirty! How often have you washed clothes that really don’t need to be washed – be honest!

4 General Ways to Save Money At Home

77. Learn To Be Happy With What You Have

Probably the most important advice I can give is that it’s not worth trying to keep up with the Jones’ as they’ll always have something bigger and better than you.

The grass is always greener, isn’t that the saying?

Buying more isn’t always the answer – so questioning whether you really need something is the first way to save.

If you don’t spend then you save!

78. Cut Out the “It Only Costs A Few Pence” Mentality

A few pennies every single day soon adds up to many, many pounds.

If you manage to cut your spending down by just a pound a day – that could pay for a holiday by the end of the year – think big and you’ll save loads.

79. Hide The Credit Card And Pay Cash

If you only pay by cash then you are much more likely to be able to save money.

You won’t have the means to overspend as easily, and paying by cash has been proven to make you think more about what you buy, as it feels more like real money when you see it leaving your purse.

80. Make A Budget – And Stick To It

Creating a budget is one of the most important things to do when trying to save.

If you can balance your incomings and outgoings then you should naturally be able to save a little extra each month, and you’ll be more in tune with what you have.

80 Ways To Save Money

There are loads of ways you can save money without even really changing your lifestyle that much.

So why not try a couple this week and see what a difference it makes to your pocket – you may just be surprised!

And if you want to start saving even more, why not get started on budgeting? You’ll find all the details you need right HERE.

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