10 Crucial Items You Should Keep In The Car Every Day


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Cars are work horses. We use them to get from A to B – but we also use them to transport all our stuff around.

They are crucial in most of our lives, and we really wouldn’t be without them.

But are we making them work for us?

I wanted to look today at how you can make sure you have all the items you should keep in the car for general day to day use without overloading it or making it a horrible place to be.

Items to keep in your car

After all – there’s a fine line between storing things that are useful and just using the car for storage – so make sure it’s the former rather than the latter and make everything that stays in your car something that you may truly need and that will make life easier if you do need it when out and about.

Only you know what your own life dictates you should have with you, but there are a few items that are crucial for most of us. Items that we would truly be lost without should the need arise to have them, and those are the ones I want to share with you today.

Items You Should Keep In the Car Every Day

#1 –  Spare Change

How often do you need those coins when out and about, only to find your purse is empty? Having change ready and waiting in your car for things like parking meters and toll roads is a life saver (not to mention if you happen to forget your purse and need a few pounds…).

TIP – keep it handy for when you are driving, I advise a drawer or compartment out of view that you can easily reach when needed.

#2 – Shopping Bags

In todays world when we have to pay for our carrier bags at the shops it makes total sense to have a few sturdy bags in the boot ready and waiting.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have decided while out to go to the supermarket and then found I’ve either had to pay for bags, or have struggled with everything instead…

#3 – Ways To Safely Transport Items Around

Cars are used for transporting things from A to B – whether that be people or stuff. As such, we want to ensure that we can transport anything easily without any damage, so having some good storage solutions to hand that don’t take up much room when not in use are always welcome!

I love the STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers that I reviewed recently as they hold pretty much everything in place when you have been shopping or have things that you don’t want to move around when you are on the go.

Another great option that works alongside these would be a fold away box as this can be a great addition to the boot of your car for a variety of storage needs. 

#4 – First Aid Kit

It goes without saying that a First Aid kit is a good idea for your car, and a lot of cars actually have one inside (take a look around if you haven’t found it already, they are often in the boot).

Stock it up with the essentials like plasters, bandages, creams etc… so that you can patch up any small injuries if the need arises.

#5 – Breakdown Kit

Key items to have if you breakdown are as follows: –

  • Breakdown company details
  • Insurance company details
  • Warm blanket
  • Water and a snack – who knows how long it will be until your car is fixed…
  • Torch
  • Jump leads
  • Everything to change a tyre (check that your spare is OK as well!)
  • Hazard triangle

#6 – A Spare Set Of Clothes

Trust me when I say that you may one day really thank your past self when you have them ready and waiting…

Let me tell you a quick story (gross but true, and probably an overshare, but hey ho!) that highlights the point: –

A number of years ago when my daughter was a toddler I decided to take her to an indoor soft play centre for a few hours.

She went off to play but unexpectedly came back to sit on my lap to give me a massive hug.

While she was cuddling in, and I was smiling as it was a lovely treat for me, completely without notice she was sick all over me and her (she was NEVER sick, so it totally came  as a surprise to us both!).

It went completely down my top and bra and through my jeans as well. I was covered and didn’t really know what to do.

Luckily, the staff came to my rescue and gave me a spare tracksuit top to use, and I of course had a change of clothes for my daughter so she was fine.

I ended up driving home in just that top and my knickers…. suffice to say I’ve always had a spare set of clothes in my boot since then (who knows what would have happened if i’d have had to stop on the way home!).

Depending on the time of year and the weather where you are, you should look to pack any or all of the following: –

  • Umbrella
  • Warm coat / waterproof
  • Ice scraper
  • Shovel
  • Boots
  • Sunglasses (for driving – the glare can be intense)

#8 – Space In The Boot!

OK, OK – this is something that isn’t actually a real item, but is oh so needed each and every day.

How many times have you got to the car after shopping only to open the boot and find that you have no room left because it’s full of stuff you’ve collected over time? – frustrating doesn’t come close!

#9 – Phone Charger

One that plugs into your cigarette lighter is ideal – in case you run out of battery and need to use your phone to contact someone, or even use it for your sat nav.

#10 – A Bin / Rubbish Bag

I don’t know how, but rubbish tends to breed in my car.

We are out and about a lot, which means we often have snacks and drinks in there, and miscellaneous receipts and paper related stuff crops up too.

It’s so much easier to have a bag ready and waiting to put all that rubbish in so that you just have to grab that when you’ve finished the journey and put it in the rubbish bin at home (our main bin is right by the car so the car rubbish never even makes it into the house!).

Car organising - Crucial items to keep in your car

Some of these items are big wins that really make all the difference in a major event, and others are simply those things that can make the day to day a little easier

But all of them will make some impact on your journey and how prepared you are for whatever it may bring.

It makes sense to go through this list and check that you have everything on it in your car – if not, do something about it now so that you don’t get caught out – better safe than sorry I always say!


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