9 Places You Can Sell Your Stuff [Get Cash For Your Clutter]


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Find out the best places to sell your unwanted items, both online AND offline. This is a brilliant way to make some extra cash from your clutter – so, what are you waiting for…?

9 Places To Get Cash For Your Clutter - Sell Your Stuff And Make Money

So – you’ve decluttered – well done!

Pat yourself on the back – but please don’t stop just yet.

You’ve got to get rid of that clutter ASAP or it may well creep back into your home – which is the LAST thing you want to happen!

Usually I recommend taking items to a local charity shop, or asking friends and family if they want specific items from the piles (be careful with this though because you don’t want them to feel they have to take them…) – but there’s another way to get rid of that stuff AND make a little cash as a result.

And that’s to sell the stuff you don’t want anymore.

But before I get started on this – I’d like you to read this post I wrote a while back on things to consider before you start to sell your stuff. They’re really important and will help you decide firstly whether you even want to go down that road at all.

I’ll wait…….


Still want to sell your stuff?

Fantastic – Let’s get started on the options…

9 Options For Where You Can Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

#1 – Facebook groups

I started with this because it’s the main place I go to when I want to sell stuff.

Why? Because it’s probably the quickest, easiest and least stressful way to do it!

I use local groups that I’m a member of to post ads, and I usually do this as I’m decluttering.

It’s quick and easy to snap a picture and share it with the group – and nine times out of ten the item has sold and has been picked up before the day is over.

It’s a great way to ensure the clutter doesn’t stay around your house for too long, and it takes the difficulty out of selling.

TIP – Only sell to groups that you feel safe with. I advertise to our local mums group from school and so I know that everyone seeing the items (and coming to my house) usually already knows me and I trust them.

#2 – eBay

Another place I’ve used in the past with varying success.

If you’re thinking of selling on eBay then take a look at your competition because then you’ll see whether it’s worth your time.

If you can see that similar items are being sold for around the price you’d like to get – and that delivery costs are reasonable etc… – then it’s worth doing.

TIP – Group items like DVDs, CDs and Clothing together – as this is more time effective for you, and people tend to like bundles that are good value so you’ll stand out a little more. Would you rather spend time selling 5 items for £10 than single items for £2 each?…

Quick story – You may be surprised at what sells and what doesn’t. People use eBay to grab a bargain usually, and so assume that they are the lowest prices out there.

This isn’t always the case – so as a buyer you should do your research but as a seller you never know what you will make money on….

For example – my mother in law unfortunately passed away some years back and had the most amazing collection of CDs.

We kept the special ones, but decided to sell the rest.

It was a project for me as I was then at home with my new born daughter. Looking at what sold and what didn’t was eye opening!

I was so surprised at the results because some of the ones that we thought wouldn’t be popular went for a LOT, and others went for very little.

What was even more surprising was the some items went for considerably more than they were available for elsewhere.

The holy grail is when you get a bidding war on one of your items – because you may well make quite a bit – although this is unusual it MAY happen!

Gold piggy bank on top of a pile of books

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Don’t want the hassle? Get someone to sell your stuff for you instead…

Did you know that you can use an eBay reseller to sell things on your behalf? Well, you can!

Places such as are worth considering for higher value items as they do all the work for you. It should be noted though that this comes at a price – 1/3 of the final sales price to be exact. If you don’t mind this, and are happy to make 2/3 profit to save time and hassle, then it may be worth a look…

#3 – Ziffit

This is a really simple to use service, and you can sell things like books, CDs, DVDs and games without any hassle at all.

The basic idea is that you can enter the details of each item (or scan the barcode into the app on your phone) and you’ll get an instant price come up. If you like that price, then you can choose to sell it to them.

You pack everything up and either drop at a local point, or (if it’s a heavier box) then they will pick it up for free for you.

The money is then transferred and you’re done!

Perfect for when you really don’t want any hassle.

Find out the details HERE.

TIP – You don’t always get a lot for each item – some will be worth quite a bit but you have to be realistic that you won’t get a lot back usually…. However – if you have lots to sell then it could definitely be worth it when everything gets added together.

#4 – Music Magpie

A similar service to Ziffit – whereby you scan the items into the app or enter everything on your computer – and they give you a price.

However – the added benefit of Music Magpie is that it also buys phones and other tech items from you. It even buys LEGO!

Statistic - how much people hang onto worth of stuff

#5 – Preloved

A site that’s pretty similar to eBay in that you can sell second hand items on it. Again – worth looking to see what other similar items are being sold for and going from there…

TIP – For furniture – you could possibly get more from a piece by upcycling it in some way. For example – painted furniture is very sought after – so if you have the time and like doing craft projects this may be the perfect way to make the item earn more for you.

TIP – They also have a “Freeloved” section for people giving things away for free – so if you try and sell your stuff but it doesn’t actually sell, then this could be a good secondary option…

#6 – Amazon

We all use Amazon a LOT for our shopping – but did you know that you can sell your stuff on there too?

Just enter the details and when it sells you post the item.

This is best when you have multiple items to sell as you have to pay a selling fee of course – but in return you get your items shown to their massive audience of buyers – so it’s well worth looking at.

#7 – Gumtree

Another online marketplace where you can simply set up ads for your items. This is one of the largest sites out there for selling – so you’re in safe hands! Take a look HERE.

#8 – Vintage Cash Cow

I found out about this amazing service a few years ago as a member of APDO, and this is the place I’d go for selling jewellery and valuables as they know their stuff!

You send your items in – they value them and send you and offer which you can either take, or they will send you the items back. Dead easy!

#9 – Car book sale / local fair

If you’ve got quite a lot of stuff, and you don’t mind spending time selling it – then you may want to consider a local Car Boot sale or a school fair etc….

Bear in mind that you have to usually pay for a spot at places such as these – so balance out what your time is worth and whether this would be the best option for what you have (people love a bargain here, so you may not make what you hope).

#10 – Get the store to buy it back!

Yes, really!

It’s been rumoured that John Lewis are going to be buying back their customers older clothes purchases to save landfill!.

This article explains it a bit more – but it looks like this could definitely be an option in the future – so watch this space!

#11 – Swap clothes for money off

At H&M you can take a bag of ANY clothes in for recycling in exchange for a discount on shopping (correct at time of writing).

There are other shops that do similar schemes.

Other Great Resources For Selling Your Stuff

There are LOADS of options to choose from, so I thought I’d add in more here with a little info on each, in case there are some options you prefer. Hope it helps.

  • Vinted – a great place to sell second hand clothes and accessories online. Easy to use.
  • Shpock – great to sell most unwanted items – use the app and get it sold!
  • – The perfect choice for – you guessed it! – selling your unwanted books.

How Do You Price Used Items?

This is a difficult thing to answer for sure, as it depends on a lot of factors (including wear and tear, scarcity, etc…) – but what you always should do before you put a price on an item is to check out the competition.

Look around, including the place you’re thinking of selling your item(s), and then you should get a good feel for the price you’ll be able to charge – AND get.

It’s important to check out SOLD prices if at all possible – as that’s the clearest way to see the real value.

9 Places To Get Cash For Your Clutter - Sell Your Stuff And Make Money

When you start to look for places to sell your stuff then you really are spoilt for options!

Definitely look around to work out what’s the best way for you to spend your time, what returns you’ll get, and what is actually worth selling at all.

Then you may just turn your clutter into cash – which can’t be a bad thing!

I hope you have success, and in the meantime – why not have a read next all about selling your stuff online…

Good luck!

And if you have any other places that you think should be on this list, let me (and other readers) know in the comments below. It’s always handy to find new options!


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