21 Surprising Things You Can Clean In A Dishwasher – Which Have You Tried?


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Here’s an amazing list of all the things you can clean in a dishwasher – and I’m sure some will surprise you (they did me!).

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If you’re only using your dishwasher for cleaning kitchen crockery, pans and cutlery, then you’re missing out on a whole world of cleaning goodness from it!

Those that are lucky enough to own a dishwasher also own a cleaning buddy when used right…

I love to fill my dishwasher up when I’m doing a cleaning day – so that it’s cleaning for me while I’m getting on with other stuff.

It can clean a lot of things a lot more thoroughly than I could ever manage, and it’s like having a second pair of hands (I’m all for delegation where possible!).

So – let’s explore all those things you can clean in a dishwasher over and above the obvious – as I’m sure you’ll love trying a few!

What Else Can You Wash In A Dishwasher (Besides Dishes)?

#1 – Glass Light Fittings

One of my favourites, as it makes your lights so bright afterwards!

Just unscrew or pull the glass fitting from the light (you may have to take the bulb out first, so make sure the lights are off), and they will clean up beautifully on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

#2 – Kids Plastic Toys

Lego bricks or other building blocks, small pieces from a board game, plastic toys – I’ve even heard of metal toy cars coming up well – you may as well add them to your dishwasher to help them be as clean as possible.

This is especially important for little kids toys, as they often chew on them!

#3 – Hair Brushes And Combs (All Plastic)

Get rid of any nasties quickly and easily by putting all your brushes and combs into your dishwasher each month or so.

#4 – Cleaning Sponges And Brushes

Love this idea! – the perfect way to make sure what you use for cleaning is in fact clean itself!

#5 – Bathroom Sponges

We wash ourselves with them, so it makes sense to ensure they’re as clean as possible (without any mould or buildup due to being used daily)

#6 – Fridge Shelves

A great way to make sure your fridge is spotless is to take all the shelves out and get them washed in the dishwasher.

#7 – Cooker Fan Filters

Gets into every nook and cranny much more easily than you could!

#8 – Microwave Turntable

Another really quick win for an item that can have lots of spills and buildup of food grime over time.

#9 – Vases

Each time they are used – pop them into the dishwasher to come up sparkling again.

#10 – Toothbrush Pots

I don’t have to say much at all about the grime that can build up at the bottom of these….

Bathroom objects on a shelf

#11 – Soap Dishes

… and here! ’nuff said!

#12 – Shower Caddys

We have shower caddys that are metal and plastic, and these come up a treat in the dishwasher when put on the top shelf.

#13 – Bath Toys

Worth washing every so often to stay clean. You may think that being bath toys they stay pretty clean by themselves, but they can collect mould and germs over time.

#14 – Pet Toys

Let them chew a clean toy once in a while!

#15 – Indoor Plant Pots

They can house all sorts of nasties from the plants (especially if flies have been around them etc…) – so popping them into the dishwasher works perfectly.

Artificial plants from IKEA - fake plants

#16 – Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

Make sure what you use for cleaning is as clean as possible first!

#17 – Utensil Holders

Kitchen utensil holders can house all sorts of bits at the bottom, so worthwhile adding these to your washing cycle every so often.

#18 – Sink Drainer

Whether metal or plastic, this makes sense to add every so often, to ensure it’s clean for your drying needs!

#19 – Dustpan

Quick and easy, but very effective!

#20 – Certain Ornaments

Plastic, metal (not copper), and not too fragile – all work well washed through a dishwasher every so often.

#21 – Keys

Last but not least – think how dirty your keys get over time, being taken everywhere with you.

They deserve a good clean too, right!?

What Should You NOT Put In Your Dishwasher?

#1 – Anything that specifically is labelled not to put into a dishwasher

#2 – Anything wooden – or parts that are wooden

#3 – Anything electrical

#4 – Anything that’s got fabric on

Tips For Washing Things In Your Dishwasher Successfully

#1 – The top rack is the safest place to clean things – so more delicate or fragile items should always be put there

#2 – Small items could be grouped together in a basket or bag and washed like that

#3 – Remember to clean you dishwasher after you’ve washed other stuff in it. Makes sense when the next wash may be things you’re eating off…. I use these to clean my dishwasher, and it comes up great every time!

Dishwasher with wording overlaid '21 things you can clean in a dishwasher'

And that’s the list of all the things you can clean in a dishwasher.

I really hope that you find at least one of these is a new one for you, and I can’t wait for you to try it.

For me? – sponges. This will make my next cleaning task more simple!

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