14 Incredible Benefits Of Decluttering Your Home – Get Ready For Change!


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Need more motivation to get on top of the clutter in your home once and for all? Just pick one of these benefits of decluttering to help get things done.

14 Incredible Benefits Of Decluttering Your Home – Get Ready For Change! - 328 benefits of decluttering sq w

Sometimes you just need to find the WHY you’re doing something, to actually get it started, and carry on until it’s done.

But finding that WHY can be difficult when it comes to decluttering.

There are some obvious reasons – like the fact that you won’t have clutter any more(!) – but these haven’t necessarily been enough of a reason for you as yet, which is why you still have a clutter issue.

Yes – this benefit may have got to the point where it IS large enough to get you to do something about it – but maybe it’s still not enough…

You may need to go deeper than the obvious – and that’s where this article comes in.

Hopefully you’ll find at least one benefit of decluttering that makes you want a clutter free home right NOW – and no matter what, you won’t be stopped.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you…

14 Benefits Of Decluttering Your Home That You’ll Love

#1 – You’ll Have More Energy

Clutter can drain all your energy far too easily – for a variety of reasons:

  • There are always things out of place
  • There are always things to do
  • You have to constantly make decisions about your stuff – and the more stuff you have, the more decisions you have to make
  • There are always reminders that make you feel less than positive about your surroundings
  • You’re always having to waste your energy on the clutter – maintaining / cleaning / tidying it etc…

Whether you feel physically tired, or mentally tired – clutter could well be the cause.

And not only that – but it’s also less easy to rejuvenate your lost energy in a cluttered home.

You can’t relax as well, and it becomes an ongoing cycle of being drained from the clutter, and your clutter not allowing you to rest and gain that energy back.

Not great…

So – get rid of the clutter and you’ll reap lots of energy related benefits quickly that you’ll love!

#2 – You’ll Have Less Stress

A decluttered home is quite simply a LOT more relaxing to be in.

There are many reasons why we have clutter in our houses – life gets busy and it’s inevitable that some amount of clutter will build up.

But it should be acknowledged that however busy we get, we aren’t doing ourselves any favours at all by NOT sorting out any clutter we have.

In fact, it’s proven that clutter can affect your mental health. It makes people depressed, cause anxiety, raises levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and makes them unable to relax in their own home.

It can even trigger coping strategies like overeating – which means clutter can cause weight gain from the stress too…

Statistic about clutter and stress

And it’s not easy to rectify the clutter when your stress level is high and you’re feeling this way.

It can be really hard to overcome it enough to tackle things – but if you know that the stress can be alleviated from living in a more decluttered space, and you start to see the benefits of decluttering even doing one small step at a time – then that’s got to be a good thing.

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#3 – You’ll Have More Peaceful Sleep

When I was a teenager we’d have many sleepovers.

Lots of these were with several friends – and I found that even thought I love my sleep and was happy to drift off later than usual – it was almost impossible with all the others around me either trying to sleep themselves / chatting / or still wide awake.

The environment was not conducive to sleep at all, and I’m still convinced they should be renamed as WAKE-overs….

Trouble is – even now as an adult – unless I have my bedroom set up for sleep – it eludes me.

And that’s the same for most of us.

So – what types of things create a sleepy environment?

  • Great bedding – as freshly laundered as possible
  • The right temperature
  • Nice smell (room spray etc…)
  • Fresh air


And can you see what’s not on this list?


In fact, anything that doesn’t promote sleep that’s visible in your bedroom could be the cause of you not getting as much rest as you need.

This is because it’s not allowing your brain to switch off at night. You can literally see things to do as you close your eyes.

Things to tidy away, jobs to get done, piles everywhere – are NOT what a good sleep needs.

Once you declutter your bedroom – you’re going to sleep much better, and that’s always going to be a benefit, right?!

#4 – You’ll Be More Productive

I work at home – and I have found over the years that I need to have as little distractions around me as possible in order to focus on that work.

Same holds true if I’m doing anything in the house as well – like chores or decorating etc…

If other stuff comes into my sight line, I get tempted to turn my attention to that instead, and then what I WAS doing suffers.

I’ve learned over the years that, to be as productive as possible – I have to minimise those distractions during my work time.

I don’t do things like run the washing machine or arrange an appointment in the hours that I know I need to focus the most.

But, guess what the biggest distraction in your home is?

Yup – Clutter.

So, if you have any clutter – you’re going to be less productive instantly. Your excess stuff will be silently calling you to sort it out, and your mind won’t be able to completely shut that off – EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN.

If you get rid of the clutter – you will focus more on what you DO want to do, and be more productive as a result.

#5 – You’ll Feel More House Proud

Just getting rid of the excess clutter in a room can transform it – and possibly saves the need for complete redecoration as it gives the whole space a new lease of life.

Your decoration and accessories can get lost amongst the unwanted items / clutter collected in everyday life very easily.

Decluttering may not give you the show home minimalist look you think of when you hear the term declutter – but it will show off your loved belongings and treasured possessions that you’re keeping all the more, and it will make you feel really happy in your home now that it reflects you and your style a whole lot more.

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#6 – You’ll Feel More Organised

It’s always advisable to declutter before you start to get organised, because who wants to organise extra stuff that isn’t needed, right?

Well – the reverse is true too – in that if you declutter, you will start to feel more organised already.


With less stuff, your home will feel more organised immediately.

  • You’ll be able to find things more quickly
  • Cupboards will open without things constantly falling out

In fact, once you’ve decluttered, it may be organised enough for you to be really happy with how it works just as it now is, and that’s got to be a huge benefit!

Lady in yellow tshirt folding her arms with a yellow background

#7 – You’ll Have More Money

Stuff costs money – not only to buy, but also to maintain, clean, store – etc…

For example – you buy a dress you love. It’s in the sale so it’s a bargain, right?

Well – the cost of the dress may have been great – but you realise when you get it home that it will need dry cleaning each time you wear it.

Plus, it’s not quite the right length for you – so you decide to get it taken up an inch at the hemline.

That dress is starting to cost quite a bit – but your internal dialogue will probably still be saying it’s worth it because it was a bargain….

In actual fact – we need to always remember that anything we own will need a certain amount of cash spent on it or because of it – for the life of that item.

We need to factor in not only the initial cost of the item, but also things like:

  • Cleaning products
  • Storage to keep it in
  • Maintenance / fixing it if it breaks or gets damaged.
  • Insurance


And that all adds up.

So – it stands to reason that if you own less, you’ll need less money for it.

And if you’re sitting there yelling at the screen / disagreeing with the fact that you should get rid of things that you’ve spent your money on – then I’ve got bad news for you (or, as I like to call it, empowering news!)

The money you’ve already spent on something is not reason enough to keep it.

That money is not coming back to you – never – whether you use the item or not, whether you get rid of it or not. It’s gone.

The only thing you can control from here on in with the things you’ve already bought is to not spend any more money on it, and you can do thatby decluttering that which you really don’t need any longer.

Yes, you spent money on each item – but you’ve had your value from that item now. It doesn’t have to keep being valuable to you to have been valuable once.

So, let it go to someone else who can also get value from it.


Yellow Sofa on Yellow Background

#8 – You’ll Have More Time

Our “stuff” costs us time.

Time spent researching, purchasing, setting up, using, maintaining, cleaning etc…..

Phew – I’m tired just thinking about it all!

If you have less stuff, it stands to reason that you will have to spend less time doing these things, and have more time for fun stuff instead.

I’m in!

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#9 – You’ll Be Able To Clean More Quickly

I hate polishing. It’s one of those jobs that just never ends.

One way I find great to minimise the time I spend on polishing is to have less on every surface – as each individual item has to be picked up and polished, then put back.

It’s the same with cleaning around furniture, under rugs, around piles of stuff – if you have to move things to clean them all, then it takes more cleaning – and who wants that?

If I can lessen cleaning time in ANY way – I’m taking it – and a good declutter will give me that in bucketloads.

Getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40% of housework

#10 – You’ll Be A Great Role Model For Your Family

Whether you’ve got young kids and you want to show them how to run a home well, or you’ve got a spouse that has issues with clutter themselves and showing them the benefits of decluttering first hand may help them – decluttering is a good idea to show family members what’s possible, and to lead by example.

Because, like it or not – all eyes are on you – and what you do with your stuff is noted.

What would you prefer those eyes to see?

For me, this is powerful motivation to keep my stuff clutter free as much as possible…

#11 – You’ll Be Able To Sell Your Home More Easily

People move house usually because they’ve outgrown their current home.

They want more space, and so that’s what they’ll be looking for when they start their home search.

As such – you want your home to appear as large as possible when selling it.

Whether it’s a small 1 bedroom flat, or a 5 bed detached home – you can make it appear larger simply by not having clutter in sight.

Without the clutter, the potential buyers will feel able to fit their lives into it with no issues.

This *may* mean that your home will sell faster and for a better price as a result of decluttering – because a clutter free home has more appeal than a cluttered one.

#12 – You’ll Have A Home that Functions Better

When was the last time you had to search for your keys and were late to work?

Or taken longer than you’d have liked to get to something you needed quickly – because you had to move loads out of the way first?

Or had to tell someone they couldn’t stay the night because the spare room was full of stuff to sort out?

None of these scenarios is hard to imagine, right?

Very normal day to day events in most homes.

The trouble is we tend to put up with these types of situations that are less than ideal, because it feels like a big job to tackle them – and they have become the norm now so they’re not really doing any harm, right?

Well – no – they ARE doing harm. You are letting your home run you rather than you running your home – and that’s not going to help streamline anything anytime soon…

But if we were to declutter our home – then it would help everything inside it run a lot more smoothly.

I for one will happily use this benefit of decluttering as motivation to get started on a declutter session – because I want to have an easier life as much as possible – who doesn’t?!

#13 – You’ll Have More Space

After you’ve decluttered, you naturally gain more space within those rooms, and this extra space can be used for a new reason (craft space, fitness space etc…), or simply for having some space for you to breathe.

And it’s not only the physical space you gain more of, it’s also mental space.

Because physical clutter can be really mentally draining – and taking that away can make all the difference.

And along the MORE SPACE benefits – remember Benefit #11?

Decluttering makes your home more spacious to sell – and that can work for you as the home owner as well.

Because if you’ve been thinking about moving to get more space, you may want to declutter to stage your home well and make your home look as good as possible to potential buyers – and this could have an unexpected effect…

By decluttering, you may find that there’s more space than you realised – and you may not need to move after all!.

This could be the biggest bonus of all, as you have saved the stress, time and money of moving – all by decluttering!

#14 – You’ll Make It Easier On Loved Ones Should The Worst Happen

Have you heard of Swedish Death Cleaning?


I hadn’t until a few months back – but after finding out about it – it makes total sense!

It’s a method of slowly decluttering your stuff so that you leave less of it (and therefore less stress) for those you leave behind as and when you pass away.

Morbid to think about, I know – but it’s a really practical benefit of decluttering (especially if you’ve ever had to go through a loved ones home and sort it all out, and don’t want that to happen to your loved ones for you) – PLUS you get to reap the rewards of a decluttered life as you do it as well, so I class this as a win-win really!

14 Incredible Benefits Of Decluttering Your Home – Get Ready For Change! - 328 benefits of decluttering pin

What are your favourite benefits of decluttering?

It’s so important to focus on the good parts of decluttering when you start to think about clearing clutter in your home.

Otherwise it can all too easily become overwhelming, and we stop before we’ve started.

Hopefully now you’ll feel really motivated by these benefits (at least a few of them!) – to get started, and tackle that excess stuff once and for all.

And if you’re still not convinced that any of these benefits are possible – why not give decluttering a try and see how you get on.

You may just surprise yourself…

Good luck!

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