Over 25 Brilliant Handbag Storage Ideas You Need To Try Now


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No matter how many you have, finding the best handbag storage ideas for your collection can be tricky. Here are some of the best storage solutions for all sorts of handbags – with ideas for every space you might want or need to use. Get started now, and pick the right one for yours.

Over 25 Handbag Storage Ideas You Need To Try Now

Issues With Storing Handbags

These all need to be carefully considered when picking storage – because they could cause problems if not planned up front:

  • They’re all different shapes and sizes (larger bags can be hard to store properly)
  • They can come in a variety of fabrics that may need different care and therefore different storage potentially.
  • They can be used often, or infrequently – so storage areas may be multiple as you’ll need easy access to at least a few of them.
  • They can be bulky – especially when you have quite a few.
Fitted wardrobe / closet

Things To Do When Storing Handbags

  • Make sure they’re empty before storing.
  • Make sure they’re clean inside and out.
  • Allow for air to circulate where they’re stored so that they don’t get damp or attract mildew.
  • Help them to keep their shape by stuffing them (use tissue paper that’s not got print on – not newspaper!).
  • Ideally put the straps inside the bag to keep them neat – but if the handles are more rigid, allow them not to be cramped into the storage you pick, otherwise they’ll lose their shape.
  • Use a dust protector storage bag for precious bags – or alternatively use a cotton pillow case.
  • Store separately so that bags don’t mark or scratch each other
  • Store away from sunlight so that bags don’t fade.
  • Store where they’re easy to use (you may well need to swap your contents over regularly if you change them often).

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Best Storage Ideas For Handbags

Wardrobe Hanging Storage for Handbags

Using some of the hanging space in your wardrobe is a great option for storing handbags out of the way, and using up extra vertical space you may not otherwise be using.

One of the most popular choices for this type of storage is a hanger unit that allows several handbags to be stored in a vertical way as it takes up the least amount of space.

This also works well as it doesn’t use the actual handles of the handbag for hanging them – they just slot into a space – and so these don’t get damaged.

It’s not good if you want to ensure the handbags keep their shape well – as the clothes in the wardrobe could squash into them.

It’s also not a great solution for more than a few bags, or any particularly heavy bags though.

Wardrobe Shelf Storage Solutions For Handbags

And easy idea is to use the shelf space above the hanging space (or below!) to house your handbags.

I would always suggest, however, to split them up into sections using shelf dividers so no bag gets damaged by another, and each has a clear space for itself.

Handbags on shelf

Over Door Storage for Handbags

A great alternative to using a wardrobe is using the door space – with over door storage – and it’s ideal if your wardrobe space is limited.

However, be aware that these will be able to attract dust more readily, and also have more light so could fade (a solution would be to house each in a dust bag that’s opaque).

Hooks For Storing Handbags

Individual hooks (or using a row of hooks) work well in small spaces – as they are an easy way to create extra storage – or if you only have one or two items in your handbag collection.

One hook can be useful for storing the handbag you’re currently using – so you know exactly where to find it each morning (and it’s a great idea to match the hook to your home decor).

Bag Storage Ideas for Handbags

Along the same lines as using fabric dust bags, you can get plastic storage bags for your handbags that keep them dust free and clean.

This could be a good option for luxury or designer handbag storage ideas.

Shelf or Bookcase Handbag Storage

Simply using a shelf or bookcase is a great option for storage that displays your bags – if you want to see them easily.

Be aware that any light will potentially cause fading though.

Handbags on shelf

A great way to make sure each bag has it’s own storage space is to use cubby hole type shelving (IKEA’s KALLAX range is a great option for this) – so you can add one bag to each square.

You could go one step further with this and have each bag in a storage container within each square. This would hide them away if you prefer not to have them on show.

Some options for this would be magazine holders, or size specific storage bins.

handbags in cubby holes

Rack storage ideas for Clutches

Lastly – you may well have a few small bags, or clutch bags. These still need storing carefully so they stay in great shape and don’t get damaged. As such, the best way to store these is to have a rack for them.

Each to see at a glance what you’ve got – and the rack would fit well on a shelf or in a deep drawer.

Best Handbag Storage Solutions Available Now

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Over 25 Brilliant Handbag Storage Ideas You Need To Try Now - 350

FAQs For Handbag Storage

Bag on wall hook with flowers in
Over 25 Handbag Storage Ideas You Need To Try Now

Which of these handbag storage ideas do you like best for your home?

Hopefully there’s something that will work perfectly for the space and the types of handbags you’ve got to store.

Have fun creating your own handbag storage!

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