71 Helpful Things To Do To Get Ready For Christmas This Year


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If you need some help on how to get ready for Christmas this year, then this is the ultimate TO DO list for you! Everything you need to get done to have the best Christmas ever – all in one place.

71 Things To Do To Get Ready For Christmas This Year

Every year around November (or even early December) – you’ll start to hear people stressing about getting things sorted out for Christmas.

Worrying whether they’ve done enough prep already, whether they’re already behind, or whether it will be a good holiday this year.

It’s overwhelming to say the least, and nothing is more so than the worry of whether something’s been missed along the way.

The best idea I’ve ever found is to have a really detailed Christmas TO DO list, and that’s what I want to share with you today.

I hope that some of these things will give you ideas and inspiration for your own list – and help you to not forget much (if anything) this year when you’re prepping for the holiday season.

TIP – If you want to have them in a countdown checklist – so you know what to focus on first this year, you’ll definitely want to check out the Christmas Planner. It has EVERYTHING you’ll need to get organised, all in one place. Never miss anything again!

Get Ready For Christmas This Year – The Ultimate TO DO List

PSST… If you’re looking less for the TO DO’s that aren’t fun – and more for the fun list of things to tick off your list in the run up to Christmas, then you’ll want to check the Christmas Bucket List post out…

  1. Decide on where you’ll spend the holidays – whether you need to travel, stay at home and host – or a mixture – this will affect all your planning so it needs to be looked at ASAP!
  2. Decide on what events you’ll be going to
  3. Decide whether you’re hosting anything this year – a party or event will add extra need for planning.
  4. Book tickets for pantomime / theatre etc..
  5. Create your Christmas budget – don’t forget about anything, it’s not just presents, cards and decor!
  6. Talk to friends and relatives about gift expectations / budget etc…
  7. Create your gift list
  8. Create your card list
  9. Decorate the inside of the house
  10. Decorate the outside of the house
  11. Buy gifts for all your loved ones
  12. Buy extra gifts in case you have forgotten anyone or if unexpected guests turn up
  13. Write your Christmas cards
  14. Post all the cards that need posting
  15. Hand deliver cards to local friends and family
  16. Post gifts that need posting (remember to think about the postal deadlines)
  17. Hand deliver gifts that you can
  18. Create a wish list for every member of your family – in case you’re asked for ideas, or to help you with your own shopping
  19. Buy all wrapping paper and postage items
  20. Declutter your kids toys ready for any new ones (donate older ones to charity)
  21. Declutter the rest of the house so it feels lighter before the decorations go up
  22. Clean the house thoroughly before the decorations go up
  23. Buy a Christmas Tree
  24. Decorate the Tree
  25. Book an online food delivery slot if you need one
  26. Do your Christmas Baking
  27. Prep your Christmas Planner ready to get everything organised
  28. Get guest bedrooms/beds ready
  29. Create your Christmas music playlist
  30. Buy all drinks
  31. Buy all food
  32. Check postal deadlines for all countries you need to send to this year – so you don’t miss them
  33. Buy stamps ready for posting all your cards
  34. Put any toys together before wrapping (to ensure all pieces are there and to give you some rest on the day instead of having to build everything then!)
  35. Check your Christmas decorations are all working OK
  36. Replace any decorations that are damaged
  37. Know your kids school event dates and what they need for each (the Christmas season is a REALLY busy time for the kids)
  38. Book time off work for holidays / events
  39. Book travel if you’re going away
  40. Check the car if you’re travelling over the holidays (fill up with petrol, check the oil and tyre pressure, add in emergency supplies etc…)
  41. Plan your outfits for Christmas
  42. Buy any clothes you need for events
  43. Check any loyalty cards for cash/vouchers that could be used for Christmas Shopping
  44. If you’re planning on big spends – consider a cash back credit card (only if you will pay it back immediately)
  45. Send out invites for any parties/events you’re hosting
  46. RSVP to any invitations you’ve been sent
  47. Stock up on home essentials for over the holiday period
  48. Batch cook some meals and freeze ready for easier catering over the holidays
  49. Buy extra gifts just in case you forget someone, or have extras that you didn’t know about
  50. Book hair cut
Christmas Tree Decorated for Christmas
  1. Book any beauty appointments
  2. Decide on your plan for Christmas Day
  3. Decide on your plan for Christmas Eve
  4. Work out what you’ll be doing for New Year
  5. Do Elf on the Shelf for the kids
  6. Plan what you’ll be doing with the kids over the whole school holidays
  7. Clean the oven if you usually do this before Christmas (I tend to do it after though!)
  8. Get the kids to write their letters to Santa
  9. Organise your Advent Calendars for whoever you tend to buy them for
  10. Make any homemade gifts / craft you’re planning on giving (this is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit as well, as it can be made into a whole day or weekend of fun!)
  11. Get the table items ready for any meals (table cloths, cutlery etc…)
  12. Take any photos to send in your Cards (or for the card itself)
  13. Make sure all tech is ready for Christmas Day (spare batteries, chargers etc…)
  14. Organise a visit to Santa to wish him a Merry Christmas and tell him whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year!
  15. Sort out a letter or video from Father Christmas, or arrange to watch him lead the reindeer in the skies online on Christmas Eve etc…
  16. Light an advent candle each evening in the run up to the big day
  17. Book a food delivery
  18. Order your turkey
  19. Decide on your table décor for Christmas dinner – and buy what you need
  20. Check you’ve got enough glasses, cutlery etc… for any parties/hosting you’re doing
  21. Have a fantastic Christmas – and don’t worry about a thing. If you haven’t done everything on this list, no one will notice, everyone will have fun no matter what!
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71 Things To Do To Get Ready For Christmas This Year

And there you have it – 71 things to get ready for Christmas – all in a quick checklist for you to use.

I hope it helps you get into the festive mood a little, and gives you ideas of ways to prepare for Christmas this year.

Don’t forget to grab the Christmas Planner if you want help for the full 10 weeks up to Christmas – it’s an invaluable tool that you won’t know what you did without!

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