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Do you struggle with knowing what you should and shouldn’t take on your holidays? What if you need something, what if you forget something?

Surely it could be easier?

Well – it can!

Today I wanted to look at your summer holiday checklist – exactly what to add to your packing list and why – in the hope that you can create your very own packing list and be safe in the knowledge everything has been thought of.

and… as a special bonus – I’ve included a free printable for you – hope this helps!

Summer Holiday Checklist - 68 Items You Should Consider Packing - free printable

It can be so hard knowing what to pack when you go away – whether just packing for you or for the entire family – the onus is on you to make sure you pack as lightly as possible while still having everything for every eventuality.

I’m feeling a little stressed just thinking about it!

But – it needn’t be like that – in fact, it can be easy! – and here’s why…

Questions To Ask When Packing

Before you even start to open cupboards and start packing, you want to know the answers to a few key questions: –

  • Where are you going?
  • What will the weather be like?
  • How long are you going for?
  • How are you travelling?
  • Who are you travelling with?

These questions are vital in knowing what to pack.

Think about it – if you’re travelling in your car you can pack a LOT more than if you are flying, where there are weight restrictions.

If you’re travelling with another family there will be things that you can split so you can share while away and not have to pack everything.

If the weather is absolutely guaranteed to be hot then it’s a complete waste of time to pack a jumper.

And if you’re going away for a weekend, then the amount of clothes you take will be far less than if you’re away for a fortnight.

Knowledge is power!

So – once you know the information about your holiday, you can start to create a packing list.

But – What Shall I Take?

I’ve created a summer holiday checklist for you that you can download which should help give you loads of ideas of what you need to pack for your own holiday – but I’ve also listed them all here with some extra advice along the way – hope they get you thinking!

Summer Holiday Checklist - 68 Items You Should Consider Packing - free printable

If you want to grab a copy of this list then you can find it in the PRINTABLES LIBRARY by clicking HERE, or the button below…

68 Items For Your Summer Holiday Checklist


TIP – Think about having a main colour for all your clothes so that you can mix and match everything. This means more choice with less items when you’re away.

TIP – These are purely areas to think about rather than exact items, as your needs will change depending on what the answers to the previous questions are, and also what you like wearing!

#1 – Day wear – Tops, dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts, cardigan, jacket etc…

#2 – Evening wear – More dressy items if applicable

#3 – Beach / Swim wear – Swimsuit, Bikini, Trunks, Cover up

#4 – Sleep wear – Nightie, PJs

#5 – Fitness Kit – running shorts, running top, socks, bra

#6 – Outerwear – Jacket, Coat

#7 – Underwear – Knickers, Bra, socks, pants

#8 – Travel wear – what you will travel in (think about wearing your heavier clothes if flying so you don’t take up too much of the weight allowance).

#9 – Shoes – flip flops, trainers (for walking and tourist days as well as fitness), evening shoes

#10 – Accessories – Sun Hat, Dress jewellery (less expensive so no worries about losing it), Sunglasses, belts

#11 – Bags – travel bag, suitcase, beach bag, evening bag, bag for each child

#12 – Specific clothes needed for activities when away – ski / diving / climbing / walking etc…

Toiletries And Meds

TIP – Think about what you will need to have with you when you travel (if flying) – medication would be critical to carry just in case your bag doesn’t make it with you….

#12 – Any personal medication that you will need (this is really the ONLY thing you will absolutely need when away)

#13 – Pain killers

#14 – Bite cream / Repellant / Plugin for nighttime

#15 – Toothbrush(es) and toothpaste

#16 – Deodorant

#17 – Travel sickness meds

#18 – Shower gel

#19 – Shampoo

#20 – Conditioner

#21 – Moisturiser

#22 – After sun

#23 – Sun cream

TIP – If going for a shorter time, consider dispensing shampoo etc.. into smaller travel sized containers so you aren’t taking too much (or buying travel sized) – and pack in a plastic bag in case of spillages.

#24 – Shaving items (razors, shaving foam etc…)

#25 – Tweezers, nail clippers

#26 – Hand sanitiser

#27 – 1st aid kit

#28 – Lip balm (ideally with sun protection)

#29 – Perfume

#30 – Makeup – as minimal as possible – bronzer, mascara, concealer, lipstick, eye shadow etc…

#31 – Hair items – brush, comb, hair bands, grips, hair dryer, hair straighteners

TIP – See if the place you are staying provides things like hair dryer and straighteners to save you taking them

#32 – Glasses / contact lenses

#33 – Wetwipes / tissues

#34 – Feminine Hygiene products

Entertainment And Tech

#35 – Headphones

#36 – Charger(s)

#37 – Adapter

#38 – Phone (what about a waterproof case for your phone for protection by the pool / sea?)

#39 – Camera 

#40 – Watch

#41 – Kindle / iPad

#42 – Books / Magazines

TIP – Use a service like audible for downloading audiobooks while away (there’s a free 30 day trial when you sign up which will cover your holiday so you can see whether you love it or not!), or use a Kindle for reading – that way you can take lots away without taking up much room or weight. Magazines are also available online.

#43 – Pen and paper

#44 – Games – pack of cards is easy to carry, or a board game if small

#45 – Sports / hobby related items 


#46 – Passport

#47 – Insurance details

#48 – Currency

#49 – Travel details – itinerary, contact details and addresses of where you are going and travel companies etc…

#50 – Tickets

#51 – Credit card

#52 – Keys (house keys and car keys)

#53 – Copies of passport and insurance

TIP – You could scan into something like Dropbox so you have access while away if everything gets lost

#54 – Driving license

#55 – Present for your host – something local to you would be great!

#56 – Bedding

#57 – Towels

#58 – Pillow protectors (I like to have these as I prefer to know what my head is resting on when I am unsure of where I am staying!)

#59 – Tea towels (I always have a few of these if I am staying self catered)

#60 – Plastic bags (to put washing in – could be just carrier bags)

#61 – any food items needed (either due to allergies or preferences)

Children Specific

#62 – Nappies / change bag

#63 – Toys / games / books

#64 – Specific cuddly toy

#65 – Car seat – We loved this seat when my daughter was old enough to use it – worked as her bag for the flight as well which saved on added bulk!

#66 – Travel Cot

#67 – Swim items – goggles / float / arm bands etc…

#68 – Baby carrier/ pushchair

Want a copy Of This Packing List?

Summer Holiday Checklist - 68 Items You Should Consider Packing - free printable

If you want to grab a copy of this list then you can find it in the PRINTABLES LIBRARY by clicking HERE, or the button below…


Quite a few on this list, I’m sure you’ll agree! – but of course, not all of them will be applicable for your specific holiday. They are simply a guide as to what would be sensible to at least think about taking.

Summer Holiday Checklist - 68 Items You Should Consider Packing - free printable

Remember, when you’ve answered the questions at the start of this post, you’ll know more about what need to be on your very own summer holiday checklist

– and you can create a perfect packing list more easily.

Good luck! – and if you want to get a bit more inspiration for what to pack, why not check out my 5 essential holiday items? – just CLICK HERE next…


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