101 Inspiring New Years Resolution Ideas To Try This Year


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At the start of any New Year, most of us are already looking for ways to make this one our best yet. The problem is that there’s always so much pressure on New Years Eve, with all those resolutions that we never seem to be able to keep up with.

This article provides some more realistic and inspiring new years resolutions to try out this year, from simple goals to more challenging ones – so get inspired by these 101 ideas now, and let’s make this year brilliant!

101 Inspiring New Years Resolution Ideas

I’d love to know which you end up doing (or if you have any to add to the list!) so please leave a comment at the end of the post.

For now though – let’s get to the list….

By the way, I’ve split the list up into different sections that will help you find one that’s right for you: –

  • 20 resolutions for your family and relationships
  • 20 resolutions for your health
  • 15 resolutions for your fitness
  • 15 resolutions for your home
  • 30 resolutions for you
  • …and 1 extra at the end, that’s the most important!

and I’ve linked to any other posts I’ve written along the way that may help with specific resolutions – I hope you enjoy!

20 New Years Resolution Ideas For Your Family And Relationships

  1. Spend quality time with your partner
  2. Spend quality 1-1 time with each of your children every week
  3. Go on holiday
  4. Go on a date night once a month/week…
  5. See your friends more often
  6. Do a good deed every day
  7. Have regular catch ups with friends who live far away
  8. Create a will – make sure everyone will be OK should the worst happen…
  9. Never forget birthdays or special events again
  10. Find a boyfriend/girlfriend
  11. Ask your partner to marry you
  12. Start trying for a baby
  13. Reconnect with someone you’ve lost touch with over the years
  14. Create a family night once a week – no TV, no computers – and play games/talk etc…
  15. Talk to someone new every day
  16. Get a pet
  17. Talk more
  18. Do the unexpected – write a letter and post it to someone you love
  19. Help people when they are struggling – cook a meal or offer to pick up the kids – something little means a lot
  20. Don’t shout at the kids so much – be more patient

20 New Years Resolution Ideas For Your Health

  1. Lose weight
  2. Quit sugar
  3. Quit caffeine
  4. Get up earlier
  5. Go to bed earlier
  6. Eat healthily
  7. Quit smoking
  8. Drink less
  9. Stop worrying so much
  10. Sleep better
  11. Ensure you stay on top of your appointments with doctors / dentists etc…
  12. Get a health checkup
  13. Stop eating fast food
  14. Stop snacking
  15. Eat regular meals every day
  16. Don’t skip breakfast
  17. Do a detox
  18. Drink more water
  19. Eat your 5 a day – every day!
  20. Take your vitamins every day

15 New Year Resolution Ideas For Your Fitness

  1. Get fit
  2. Run a marathon
  3. Do a triathlon
  4. Walk every day
  5. Try a new class at the gym
  6. Join a gym
  7. Learn tennis / squash / xx
  8. Stretch and breathe more
  9. Stand up as much as you can (much better for you than sitting)
  10. Tone up
  11. Take the stairs rather than the escalator or lift
  12. Walk instead of taking the car whenever you can
  13. Get off the bus/train one stop early – or park further away
  14. Play with your kids more
  15. Dance more and have fun!
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15 New Years Resolution Ideas For Your Home

  1. Get every room organised
  2. Declutter the house so that it stays tidy
  3. Redecorate a room
  4. Create a home you truly love to live in
  5. Make every part of your home work for you
  6. Be tidier
  7. Create routines in the home to make life easier
  8. Get everyone involved in helping around the house
  9. Move house
  10. Tackle the big projects you’ve been putting off
  11. Create a budget and stick to it
  12. Learn to garden
  13. Learn to DIY
  14. Sort through the family photos and get them displayed beautifully
  15. Have the house “guest ready” at all times (clean-enough!)

30 New Years Resolution Ideas For You

  1. Spend less time working
  2. Take up a hobby
  3. Start a new business
  4. Start a blog
  5. Enjoy life more
  6. Learn a language
  7. Do something every day that scares you – get out of your comfort zone a bit more!
  8. Appreciate every day – learn to be content and happier
  9. Watch less TV
  10. Be on social media less
  11. Read more (or listen to audio books while doing other things)
  12. Get a new qualification
  13. Create a capsule wardrobe so you always have something to wear that you love
  14. Save more money
  15. Spend less money
  16. Pay off a loan
  17. Donate to charity / do something for charity
  18. Learn to cook (or learn new meals if you already cook well)
  19. Face a fear you have – head on!
  20. Do things you really want to do – make time for them
  21. Have a technology free day at least once a month
  22. Say “NO” more
  23. Be less busy – and relax more
  24. Use SPF
  25. Argue with those you love less
  26. Leave your phone in a another room in the evening so you can’t keep checking it and are present for your family
  27. Try a new haircut / makeup look / clothes style
  28. Go for a promotion at work
  29. Complain less about the little things
  30. Treat yourself to something every month (could be chocolate, a film, some quiet time out etc…)

+ One Extra!

…ENJOY YOUR YEAR! – definitely the most important one in my opinion. If you enjoy your year then it means you life is pretty good and you have a good balance of the things you want to do and the things you need to do.

So – has this new years resolution ideas list inspired you to add something to your own this year?

101 Inspiring New Years Resolution Ideas

So – HAPPY NEW YEAR! – let’s make this one truly amazing…

P.S. want to start a new habit instead of creating a new resolution? why not take a look at my list of 52 Habits to change your life as this can give you loads of inspiration to do just that!

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