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Having guests to stay is great, when you’re prepared. Otherwise it’s a stressful experience that can make you not enjoy seeing them as much as you should.

So, if you want to know how to make sure your home is ready at all times, and to avoid that stress and welcome them with a smile – then you’re in the right place!

25 ways to make your home ready for guests - be guest ready at a moments notice

If you have guests to visit, then read on to find out all the tips and tricks that will make your home ready at all times – it’s just about a little organisation (of course!).



Whether guests are staying for an hour or a week, you will want to be able to offer them something to eat.

As such, why not have a few things ready in your freezer for just those occasions: –

  • When you next make a meal, make double and freeze one so you can pull out a lovely homemade meal quickly and easily. This works really well for meals like lasagne, stews, bolognese etc…
  • Have an easy pudding to hand – ice cream is always a winner for kids and adults alike, sorbet works well as well. You can also have an apple pie or crumble ready and waiting if those take your fancy!
  • Stuck for snacks? – make some cookie dough and freeze in discs – that way you can get out what you need and bake them so they are fresh out of the oven – perfect for when you love to bake fresh for guests but have no time.
  • Cupcakes freeze well and you can eat plain or add toppings that you have in the cupboards/fridge.

NOTE – If you have regular guests, then make sure you are aware of any allergies or intolerances – and make sure you take these into consideration with food choices.



One of the other things that makes life easier is to clean your home so that it is guest ready most of the time.

Do this more easily by: –

  • Splitting chores up over the week, so that there is ever a time when it all needs doing.
  • Prioritising downstairs over upstairs (guests who stay over and need to be upstairs usually will give you notice)
  • Knowing which rooms you can close off should you need to (make the rooms you have guests in the main priority)

You will also need a few essentials in the house for your guests: –

  • Towels – ensure you have 2 towels for each guest. One great tip is to have guests towels that are a different colour to your towels, so that everyone can clearly see who is whose when the bathroom gets full!
  • Space for coats / shoes and bags – whether this be in the hall or in their room, make sure they have enough storage otherwise they will feel like they are imposing.


Lots of ingenious ways to make sure your home is always ready for guests - so that you have a less stressful and more fun time entertaining - be guest ready


Who knew there was so much you could do up front to prep for guests – and that’s just the start…

Next we will look at the actual guest bedroom, what guests need when you aren’t there, and even more….

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