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This printable weekly self care checklist is a really handy way to track how you’re looking after yourself day to day – over an entire week. It’s a free printable self care planner template that you can download and get started with today – so you can make YOU a priority.

free printable self care planner

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What Is A Self Care Planner?

It’s is a planner style journal that can help you stay on track when it comes to looking after yourself properly.

After all – if you don’t focus on you, then who will?

This one is a handy one page sheet for an entire week of self care.

It makes it really easy to track the week at a glance, and could be added to your planner, or put on the wall (I would suggest in the bathroom as that’s the place you practise self care in the form of cleaning teeth etc… twice a day).

free printable self care planner

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Included in this planner sheet are the following:

#1 – Week to a page – starting on Monday. This weekly format can help you get a self care routine started.

#2 – Daily water tracker – colour in each glass you drink

#3 – Exercisewhat exercise did you manage to complete each day? Walking (steps), running (distance), swimming (lengths) etc… EVERYTHING can count – add in cleaning and gardening as these burn loads of calories as well as your normal exercise routine.

#4 – Hours of sleep – great if you’re trying to sleep more, or less, or stick to the same bed time and time to get up each day. You could also track how you slept in this section

#5 – Fruit and Veg – how much, different types, etc… – every bit counts!

#6 – Gratitude. Often we forget to be thankful for what we already have, and tend to look to what we DON’T have. Just the idea of thinking about starting a daily gratitude practise can really change your mood and help your mental health. It will help you think of the big AND little stuff and is one of the best self care ideas you can include in a planner.

#7 – Mood tracker. You can see exactly how you feel and if there are any patterns between sleep, eating, water etc…. – really handy!

#8 – Lastly – as we’re all so different, and want to track different things – there’s a blank space for whatever you want to add that’s important to you. This could be for any tasks or self care habits you want to start doing, something you’re trying to quit, etc…

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Life Quote - Don't feel guilty

Get A Copy Of This Self Care Planner Now!

free printable self care planner

This free printable self care planner can be yours today.

It’s part of the Free Printables Library available to all subscribers of OMH, and all you need to do to get access to it is click on the button below and sign up.

Note: This template is available in both A4 and Letter sizes, as a pdf template. Although 80gsm paper is adequate for most day to day uses, I recommend printing on paper that’s at least 100gsm for the best results, and 120gsm if displaying the printable. You could also use coloured paper and stickers for a more personalised style (I love using brown paper!).

free printable self care planner

So – are you ready to track yourself, and get healthier starting today?

If it’s a YES – then download your free copy of this template and get going.

I hope you enjoy your self care journey, and your stress melts away over the days ahead.

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