Transform Your Space: 16 Must-Try Christmas Decorating Tips for a Magical Home!


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Christmas Decorating tips to help you find the easiest way to decorate your home for Christmas. Make your home look Christmassy with these simple decor ideas and inspiration – and NO overwhelm!.

16 Brilliant Christmas Decorating Tips To Make Your Home Look Amazing

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I love having a home that feels Christmassy – and start decorating around the first weekend of December to get the most out of it (why not!)

But it can often feel overwhelming when you have the house to decorate – inside AND out. It’s another Christmas related pressure that, let’s face it, we could do without!

So – how can we make our homes look Christmassy without spending hours, or a fortune(!), in the process?

These Christmas decorating tips will help.

They go through everything from planning, to individual items like the tree and the dinner table – and give you the chance to decorate to your own budget and taste – so let’s get started, and make your home look fantastic this festive season.

16 Amazing Christmas Decorating Tips To Try This Year

1 – Know What Decorations You Have, And Plan It All Out

It’s always a good idea to make a list of everything you have – or take pictures.

Then, at the end of each Christmas when you take everything down, you can mark off anything that has broken or needs replacing ready for next year – while it’s fresh in your head.

This means that you can also take advantage of the January sales for buying anything that’s needed.

It pays to get ahead with decorations, so if you haven’t already got a list, then start one this year – you won’t regret it!

If you want help with this – and a lovely printable to keep the information safe – you can find it in the Christmas Planner I’ve created.

Then, if you know WHAT you have, the next step is to plan WHERE it will go (and therefore if it’s all needed after all).

Before you even start to get the step ladder out – it’s worth thinking carefully about where things will go.

See what rooms you want to decorate (usually these will be the social rooms and possibly a few decorations in the kids bedrooms too), and then how much decor you want in each space.

If you have a few decorations – what will give you the most ‘bang for your buck’?

2 – Less Is More!

Gold and white baubles and sprig of pine tree

Remember that you don’t have to go overboard with decorations to make an amazing impact at this time of year.

Think about the rooms that you will be socialising in in your home, and focus on these first. Then look at having 1-2 key items in the room that will make a real statement instead of lots of little things that will just end up cluttering the space.

If you have the tree in one room – that’s probably enough! – otherwise you will be drawing the eyes away from this…

Maybe have a garland around the fireplace or up the stair bannisters – or display all your Christmas cards on one wall – whatever you choose, these will look great and make the room just festive enough!

3 – You Don’t Need To Blow The Budget

Ideally you will have a list of what decorations you already have, and know what broke or needs replacing by the end of the last year.

You should always do this straight after so that you are only packing away what you buy decorations AFTER Christmas to take advantage of the January sales – but if you haven’t done that then don’t blow the budget on what you want.

You can either spend less, or buy less – but stick to whatever you can afford and make it go as far as possible…

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4 – Choose A Colour Scheme / Theme, And Stick To It

Green white and gold table decor ready for entertaining

Having some sort of theme within your decorations will look amazing, tie each room together, and enable you to use decorations in different rooms over the years for a change.

I like to stick to 2-3 colours – and then I know when I see new decorations what will and won’t make a nice addition to the collection.

TIP – Keeping things neutral with silvers and golds will work with any room colour scheme. These colours are timeless as well, so you are less likely to grow tired of them over the years and have to purchase a new set.

5 – Remember Scale When Choosing The Tree

Don’t buy a Christmas tree that’s too large for your home – measure the space before you go shopping! – that’s width as well as height…

Trees always look much smaller when they are outside or in big stores – but can all too easily take over your home if you get it wrong (it’s very much like when you go sofa shopping – then find that it won’t fit into your home even though it looked pretty small in the shop…)

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6 – Can You Make Instead Of Buy?

Have a bit of a DIY Christmas when it comes to decor, and you may just be surprised and delighted at the results (not to mention the cost!).

You can gather Pine cones and spray with some fake snow – a pine cone or three make a fantastic arrangement that looks great in lots of places in your home over the festive period.

Spraying pine cones with snow like white colour

Or, what about using discs of pine trees as your coasters, for a natural and rustic Christmas touch?

Cup of hot chocolate on coaster made of a slice of pine tree

7 – Go Fake vs. Real

Work out whether you really need/want a real Christmas tree this holiday season, or whether fake (an artificial Christmas tree) could work just as well for you.

Fake Christmas trees look great nowadays and can save a lot of money over the years (before you buy ensure you have somewhere to store it first!).

8 – Buy One Thing A Year Rather Than All At Once

I love the tradition of adding a little each year to the decorations. It definitely adds some Christmas cheer!

Of course, there are things that break and need replacing – but I’m talking about something like getting a new bauble for the tree each year (great for the kids to choose a special one as these create memories), or a larger item like a gorgeous Christmas wreath (helpful for spreading the cost over the years).

We did this when we were collecting out decorations supplies – in the first ten/fifteen years we lived together.

One year we got a gorgeous tree that hangs on the wall, and another we got some fake foliage that’s pre-lit and surrounds the fireplace or gets trailed up the stair bannisters.

This way, we can afford to get something we really want, and not feel like it breaks the bank.

9 – Clean The House Before You Put The Decorations Up

I know, I know – the very last thing you are probably wanting to do before you start decorating for Christmas is to do a thorough clean, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Think about it. The decorations for most people are up for around a month – and they can take over a lot of surfaces when they are up.

This makes it almost impossible to clean these surfaces for 1/12 of the year….

If you clean thoroughly beforehand, then things won’t look as bad when it comes to the day you take them all down.

You don’t want to be forced into cleaning straight away after Christmas, I’m sure!

10 – Use Plants For A Fresh Touch

Using fresh plants at this time of year is a lovely way to decorate easily and add some gorgeous greenery to the house. You could use traditional plants like Poinsettias, or Eucalyptus – or (of course) a fresh pine tree.

Lady in white dress with black dots - holding a red poinsettia

11 – Check Lights Work Before Putting Them Up

Check tree lights are working before you put them on the tree – they are much easier to fix at this stage, and I for one only want to put the fairy lights / string lights on the tree once each year!

Honestly – they are much easier to sort out when not put up anywhere already in the house – whether it be a Christmas tree, or wrapped around the bannister or mantlepiece etc..

12 – Get The Kids To Help Decorate

I love to let my daughter help with decorating the tree, and she has her own nativity scene that she sets up each year as well (making fake hay and everything lol!).

Getting the kids to help is a fantastic tradition, however much you want them involved…. (I refer to the classic FRIENDS episode where Monica lets everyone decorate the tree, and then turns it around to reveal the side that she has decorated perfectly!

If this sounds like you, then why not get a tree for the kids to do and a ‘grown up’ tree for you!).

Season 6 Christmas GIF by Friends - Find & Share on GIPHY

13 – Spend A Day Decorating And Make It A Tradition

I LOVE doing this with my family each year.

We tend to shop for a tree in the morning, grabbing anything we need along the way for decorating – and then turn the Christmas music on full blast and get decorating.

Adding in a Christmas card or two to the Christmas decorations also makes things different and more personal each year, as these constantly change, of course.

Brilliant memories!

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14 – Use Things In Different Ways To the Norm

white and gold baubles spilling out of white basket

What about putting lots of baubles in a glass jar for a centre decoration on a table, or on a mantelpiece?

It’s a great idea if they don’t have their hooks/strings as well!

15 – Don’t Forget The Outside As Well

When decorating, don’t forget about outside the house – adding lights makes all the difference at this time of year.

We started using battery operated lights on our trees last year and I totally love them. I especially love that you can set them on a timer so they come on and turn off automatically. It made a lovely feature at the front of the house.


What about a Christmassy welcome mat?

Sisal welcome mat with Merry written on it in red

16 – Swap Out Christmas Themed Items For Normally Used Ones

We all have decor in our homes throughout the year, and adding in EXTRA decor at Christmas can feel cluttered and too busy.

As such – one of my favourite Christmas decorating ideas is to make some simple changes, and swap out a few things instead of adding to them? This means you get a change of look, and have less to clean instead of more!

Things you could swap out include:

Christmas Decorations To Use Around the House This Year

WOW – lots of ideas to choose from – Hope you got some great inspiration for a Christmas decoration or ornament (or two!), and if you want to grab any of the items I talked about above, I’ve collected some of my favourites below that are available right now.

Just click on the image you want to find out more about and it will take you to their shop to buy. Please note that these are all affiliate links which mean I get a commission should you purchase – but at no cost to you – of course.

Transform Your Space: 16 Must-Try Christmas Decorating Tips for a Magical Home! - 350
16 Brilliant Christmas Decorating Tips To Make Your Home Look Amazing

Loads of Christmas Decorating tips (and some of my favourite decoration ideas) for inspiration this year!

Christmas really is a chance to get creative with your décor – even if you normally play it quite safe. You can also stay quite minimalistic too if that’s what you’d prefer

It’s a lovely thing to do, but can come with lots of stress if you don’t plan and make things work for your time and budget as well.

I hope these tips have helped you work out what YOU want to do this year in your own home.

Following the tips (and these to add Christmas touches to every room) will help to ensure that you have all things decorating covered by the time the big day rolls around – without lots of stresses in the process.

So – enjoy getting those Christmas Decorations up – and have fun!

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