What Colour Floors Go Best With White Kitchen Cabinets? 9 Stunning Options


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Wondering what colour floors go best with white kitchen cabinets? White cabinets work well with both dark and light floors, but the trick is knowing how to keep the colour scheme balanced and avoid the wrong style for your home. Ready to find out the perfect flooring option for you? Here we go!

What Colour Floors Go Best With White Kitchen Cabinets? 9 Stunning Options

Choosing the perfect colour for your kitchen floor can be a daunting task, especially when you have white kitchen cabinets as the centrepiece.

The good news is that white cabinets offer a clean slate that can easily blend with various floor colours and styles.

What To Keep In Mind When Picking Your Kitchen Floor

Before diving into colour options for your floor, it’s really worth thinking about a few things.

  • Consider the atmosphere you want to create in your kitchen. Think about whether you prefer a cool and spacious feel or a warm and inviting area that encourages socialising. You need to understand that white kitchens can create a clinical feel unless warmed up, can be very modern without traditional features, and can show kitchen clutter much more easily than other colours. Clinical, modern and minimal are no issues – as long as that’s what you want to go for. Whether you’re going for these sort of things, or want the opposite effect from your white cabinets – your floor colour can make or break your scheme.
  • Consider your kitchen’s overall design (cabinet style for example), lighting, and other existing elements to create a harmonious and cohesive look. Its really important to look at your chosen worktop(s) as these have to work with your floor as well.
  • You’ll need to decide on the type of flooring you want – as this may dictate some of the colour options. Hardwood flooring can be warmer underfoot, but floor tiles (porcelain tile, ceramic tile etc…) are really durable and can be used alongside heated flooring.

If you choose the wrong colour and type of floor then it could mean your kitchen style changes completely and won’t work as well for you, which would be a shame.

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We’ll look at the different options each colour floor gives you – with some pictures to show it really clearly – and I hope that it helps you to make the right choice for your new kitchen floor.

#1 – Black

White kitchen with black floor

Best For: A contrast to the white kitchen. Works really well with contemporary, modern, or minimalist kitchens.

Watch Out For: Black floors can show dust and marks easily, so you have to be willing to clean regularly.

Black adds sophistication and contrast to your kitchen, creating a striking yet harmonious look (especially if you have a black countertop).

A black floor can make your white cabinets truly stand out. You’ll find that this bold choice can complement a variety of design styles, whether you prefer a modern, minimalist approach or a more adventurous, eclectic style.

Selecting the right finish of black also plays a crucial role in tying together the overall design of your kitchen. Matt black flooring can add an air of elegance and a more casual feel, while a glossy finish can provide more of a contemporary feel.

#2 – Wood Tones – Dark Brown

White kitchen with dark wood floor
White kitchen with dark wood floor

Best For: Warming up the feel of the kitchen and giving a striking contrast to the units. Works well with all styles.

Watch Out For: A dark floor can show dust and marks easily.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and timeless look for your kitchen, dark wood floors can create a striking contrast with white kitchen cabinets.

The rich and warm tones add depth and character to your space, making it inviting and visually appealing.

When choosing dark wood flooring, it’s essential to consider the shade and texture that will best complement your white cabinets.

For a more traditional appearance, opt for darker, richer tones such as walnut or mahogany. These deep colours create an elegant and classic ambiance in your kitchen, while also enhancing the beauty of your white cabinets.

To create a more contemporary and fresh feel, try experimenting with lighter shades of dark wood, such as rich brown or espresso. These colours can still provide a striking contrast but are less formal and create a more relaxed atmosphere in your kitchen.

Remember that the type of wood used, as well as the grain pattern, can also impact the overall aesthetic of your space. Choosing a wood with a visible grain pattern can add texture and interest, while a smoother finish can evoke a more modern and minimalist look.

TIP: You could have your kitchen island topped with a similar coloured wood as your dark wood floor. Dark countertops for only a section of the room can look fantastic!

#3 – Wood Tones – Mid Brown

White kitchen with mid brown wooden floor
White kitchen with mid brown wooden floor

Best For: Classic and elegant kitchens

Mid wood tones, such as an oak wood floor, can provide a stunning contrast against white cabinets, making your kitchen feel cosy and welcoming.

As you consider different mid wood options, it’s essential to think about the undertones of the wood. Some may appear more yellow, while others may have a more reddish hue.

By carefully selecting the right undertone for your wooden flooring that goes with the rest of your decor, you can effortlessly achieve a harmonious look in your kitchen.

#4 – Wood Tones – Light Brown

White kitchen with light wood floor
White kitchen with light wood floor

Best For: Country Kitchens when the wood is more unfinished, and can look great in contemporary ones too. They tend to give a more laid back feel.

The combination of pale wood (such as Birch) and white units offers a fresh and inviting appearance, making your space feel open and clean.

Light wood tones really complement the crisp white cabinets, creating a sense of harmony and warmth.

#5 – Dark Grey

White kitchen with dark grey floor

Best For: Contemporary styled kitchens, and ones looking for a streamlined and more functional feel.

The contrasting dark shade of grey against white cabinets adds depth and sophistication, while still complementing the clean, crisp look of your white cabinets.

Plus, dark grey flooring is versatile and works well with various shades of white. It can really warm up a white kitchen as well (unlike black), which can make your kitchen feel more inviting.

#6 – Light Grey

White kitchen with light grey floor

Best For: A fresh feel in a modern kitchen that hides dirt well.

You might find that light grey floors are an excellent choice for complementing white cabinets and creating a cohesive look. The soft grey hue adds some warmth and character to the space, making your kitchen feel inviting and welcoming.

There are several advantages to choosing light grey floors for your white kitchen cabinets.

Firstly, light grey offers a neutral base that works well with a variety of colours and textures. This means you have the freedom to experiment with different accent colours, such as bold shades or soothing pastels, depending on your personal taste and style.

Additionally, light grey floors are highly versatile and can be incorporated into various design styles. Whether you’re going for a modern, minimalist aesthetic or a more traditional, cosy vibe, light grey floors will seamlessly blend in and enhance the overall ambiance.

Another great thing about light grey flooring is that it’s quite forgiving when it comes to dirt and stains. Unlike stark white flooring, which might show every speck of dust, light grey is a bit more practical and low-maintenance, making it an excellent option for busy households.

#7 – Marbled

White kitchen with marble floor

Best For: A modern, clean lined look.

Marbled flooring brings in a sense of elegance and sophistication to your space, enhancing the clean and crisp look of your white cabinets.

It’s always pleasant to enter a kitchen that feels welcoming, and with a marbled floor, you’ll achieve just that. The natural veins in the marble can effortlessly connect with the surrounding décor and help you create a harmonious and visually appealing space.

Marble comes in various shades, patterns, and finishes, so you have ample choice when deciding on the perfect match.

For example, lighter shades offer a more subtle contrast with your white cabinets, while darker tones can make a bolder statement.

The important thing is to find a style that suits your preferences and enhances the overall charm of your kitchen.

TIP: Do remember that marbled flooring requires a bit more care and maintenance compared to other options. Regular sealing and cleaning will keep your floor looking its best. However, the unique visual appeal and timelessness of marble make it a worthwhile investment for any kitchen.

#8 – Black And White

White kitchen with black and white floor
White kitchen with black and white floor

Best For: Modern, contemporary, or retro-inspired kitchens

Watch Out For: Can take over and look too busy

Black and white patterned tile floors create a timeless contrast that’s full of fun and flair.

But do you go crazy with the pattern or settle for the classic chequered tiles? It’s up to you.

Concentric diamonds can bring movement, and hexagons might add a modern feel. Chequered patterns, on the other hand, give off a retro vibe that’s oh-so-cool. So, pick a design that speaks to your style and sets the right mood in your kitchen.

But please remember that if you pick a patterned floor you need to have balance in the rest of the room. After all, you don’t want your kitchen floor to steal all the attention.

Keep countertops and backsplashes in neutral colours or solid tones to avoid a pattern overload.

#9 – Beige / Natural Shades

White kitchen with beige floor
White kitchen with beige floor

Best For: Most kitchens work well with a natural shade floor – and it’s a good choice for hiding daily dirt.

I LOVE how beige floors provide a neutral canvas, and it’s relatively easy to pick one that matches your white colour cabinets because there is usually a lot of variation in the flooring that gives some wiggle room.

You can really play with various colour schemes and accessories when you have a floor that basically blends into the background.

#10 – White

White kitchen with white floor

Best For: Fresh and modern – minimalist.

White flooring with white cabinets? Absolutely! It’s a fantastic choice that, when done right, can create a beautifully clean and crisp aesthetic.

I know it sounds too sterile, but it really opens up the space, making it feel larger and brighter.

Just consider adding some life with green plants and accents in tan or light wood tones, creating a natural and inviting ambience.

You can also go for pops of colour for a vibrant and playful atmosphere if minimalism isn’t your cup of tea.

It’s not without its drawbacks, though – because white floors show dirt and hair easily.

Plus, colour-matching different shades of white can be challenging. You might want to select the cabinets and lighting first.

#11 – Terracotta

White kitchen with terracotta floor

Best For: Traditional, farmhouse style

This warm and earthy tone can create a lovely cosy and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen.

Terracotta tiles come in various shades, from lighter, peachy hues to deeper, more intense reds.

You can experiment with how these different tones interact with your white cabinets to achieve the look you desire.

The key is to balance the contrast between the cabinets and the floor, ensuring the kitchen feels harmonious.

When you choose terracotta, you also benefit from its natural and rustic appearance. This can add a touch of charm and character to your kitchen, making it feel more welcoming and lived-in.

Another advantage is its durability. Terracotta is robust and hard-wearing, which means it can withstand daily wear and tear.

#12 – Coloured

Best For: A pop of personality!

If you’re seeking a more vibrant option, consider adding a splash of colour with a bold blue or green floor. These colours can breathe new life into your space and provide a unique contrast with the white cabinets. To maintain balance, choose hues that complement the undertones of your white cabinets. For instance:

  • Crisp White Cabinets: Pair with cooler shades like aqua or teal.
  • Warm White Cabinets: Opt for warmer greens like olive or sage.

In smaller kitchens or those with limited natural light, stick to lighter shades to keep the space feeling open and airy. In larger kitchens, feel free to explore deeper colours for added impact.

Key Takeaways When Picking Your Kitchen Floor Colour

White kitchen with light wood floor

To wrap it up, I’ll leave you some key takeaways:

  • Dark floors will make the cabinets pop.
  • Lighter picks with white cabinetry can make the kitchen look really spacious.
  • Work with the shade of your white cabinets – as white has many shades that can have blue, grey, green, beige etc… tones
  • Picking the colour is only part of your decision making. You also need to choose whether you’ll put texture, pattern, or a solid block of colour onto your floor – as this can really change the feel of the kitchen as well.
  • Keep the colour schemes of other rooms in mind to create a cohesive interior that flows well.

Hope this helps!

What Colour Floors Go Best With White Kitchen Cabinets? 9 Stunning Options

So – which colour floor will you put with your white kitchen?

Will you use a pattern, a texture, or a more streamlined variety?

There are so many options available to you – but this article should have helped you narrow down what you like best.

Happy decorating!

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