Spruce Up Your Space: 10 Inspiring Christmas Tree Decorating Tips You’ll Love!


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The choice of how to decorate your tree this Christmas can be tricky. Not only whether you should have a real tree or artificial, but then, what type?, and then – should you go minimal, colourful, traditional etc…? These Christmas tree decorating tips will help you with ideas and inspiration this year.

Fantastic Christmas Tree Decorating Tips To Inspire You This Season

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I love a good Christmas tree – and Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without one, but knowing what to get, and how to decorate it can be so difficult.

In fact – Christmas tree decorating can sometimes feel like an impossible task.

How to get the right amount of lights and decorations, what to put where, what goes on top – and so many more questions spring to mind for starters….

As such, it’s time to look at this and get the answers, once and for all. I’ve scoured the web for inspiration, and put in some of my own Christmas tree decorating tips to help as well.

So, have fun, and I hope it helps!

Choosing Your Christmas Tree

First things first.

Before you even get to decorate your tree, you need to choose the right tree for your home.

That choice is based around a few factors – whether it’s real or artificial, the type/style of tree and the size of it.

Let’s delve deeper…

TIP – If you have children and prefer to have a neatly decorated tree then consider having two – a family one and one for best!

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Will it be real or artificial?

This really is the very first place to start on your Christmas tree journey…


  • The smell – you really can’t beat the pine aroma of a real tree
  • Feels the most festive and traditional
  • Lots of choice, types, sizes etc… – so you can pick something new each year


  • The pine needles fall off and can be really messy
  • It needs to be watered, and can easily start looking worse for wear even before Christmas Eve if not cared for properly
  • They have to be purchased each year and therefore can be costly
  • It can be hard to find one that’s ‘perfect’
  • Can be less safe with water around electric fairy lights


  • You can re-use year after year so, although costly up front, over the years it can become cost efficient
  • You can get in all sorts of colours and sizes – and you can ensure the shape is ‘perfect’
  • Safer – in terms of no watering needed around electric lights


  • Doesn’t feel as traditional
  • No pine smell

There’s no right or wrong decision – just the right one for you and your home / family. So – let’s assume you’ve now picked what tree you’re getting – it’s now time to look at the style and size…

TIP – If you don’t have space for a traditional tree, then think outside the box a little. Use cut branches in a pot or put a tree shape on the wall – there are loads of ways to create the feel of a tree without having to have a complete tree!

Christmas tree made with pieces of foliage and baubles stuck on a wall with star on top
Bookcase made to look like a Christmas tree
Christmas tree design made of string on a wall with baubles
Baubles hanging from ribbons on twig

What Style Of Christmas Tree?

The meaning of ‘style of tree’ is different whether it’s real or an artificial Christmas tree, but it can be a mix of the colour of the tree and/or the actual specimen you pick.


If it’s real, then you have different shades of green, but you could also look at having a flocked Christmas tree (white snow spray on it) – and there are also gorgeous bluey grey trees available.

Flocked Christmas tree - real

If it’s artificial – then you pretty much have every colour to choose from! – a white Christmas tree is very popular – and you can get trees that look real, or go for it and get something totally different (usually the coloured trees have tinsel style branches).

White Christmas tree with gold decorations
Wooden stick Christmas tree with baubles on

TIP – When picking the colour of the tree – think about the colour of the Christmas tree decoration / ornament that you’re going to be putting on it – and what will look best for you

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There are lots of different types of Christmas tree that you may want to pick. They have different positives and negatives to think about as well.

This site has a great table to look at when deciding what’s right for you – and it looks at all sorts of variables like:

  • Do the needles stay on?
  • How much pine smell is there?
  • How soft are the needles?
  • How large are the needles?

It’s always worth going and taking a look as well though before you make your final decision – as cost will of course be a factor as well.

What Size Christmas Tree?

Lastly – you want to be very aware of the size of tree you can get – BEFORE YOU GO SHOPPING!


Because it’s far too easy to look at a tree in the shops and not realise exactly how large (or small) it is for the space you have in mind, until you get it home. And by then it’s too late!

Some tips for knowing what size tree to get are as follows: –

  • Know the space you want to put the tree (also know where anything that you need to move to put the tree up will go…)
  • Measure the height of the space, and the maximum AND minimum height you want the tree to be
  • Measure the maximum width of the space as well. This is the measurement that’s often missed out, and is actually the most crucial, because trees can be MASSIVE at their base, and end up taking over the room – EVEN THOUGH THE HEIGHT IS FINE.
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Inspiring Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

So you’ve now got your tree. Well done you! – and whatever its style/shape/colour – it needs decorating.

This is the fun part!

Here are my top tips when it comes to Christmas tree decorating – hope they help inspire you this festive season…

#1 – Ensure you get a great looking tree – if you need to cut a few of the branches so it fits in place, and looks right, then do it!

#2 Consider where to put your tree – lots of people put it in the window at the front of the house so it looks great to passers by, but I suggest putting it in the room that you spend most of your day in at Christmas – wherever that may be. You are getting it for you and your family – not the passers by…

#3 – Pick a theme for your colours and style – and stick to it! You will probably want to think about what other decorations you have in your home, and what the usual decor is like as well – so that you can tie everything together.

White and clear baubles with writing on

#4 – Your lights are part of the theme as well – Whether you go for all white lights are they warm white or bright white, or will you go for coloured lights. Will they flash, or stay static. Will they have a shape to them. SO MANY THINGS TO THINK ABOUT!

#5 – Always start with putting the lights onto the tree first, and add them at different depths to get the most impact – THEN add on any other decorations you choose. (You could also always stop there – and have a very stylish look with just lights on your tree…)

Real Christmas tree with just warm white lights on against black background

#6 – Have loads of tree lights on it – the more the better – it makes it so much more magical that way, and people often underestimate how many fairy lights a Christmas tree can take.

#7 – Don’t go with the normal decorations if you want to be a little different – just as with your house decor be unique to what you love. Use home accessories / kids homemade items – or anything that takes your fancy really!

#8 Don’t use tinsel – it hardly ever looks good…

White Christmas tree with gold tinsel

#9 – If you have children in the house or coming to the house then edible decorations work really well

Edible ginerbread Christmas tree decorations with white icing

#10 – Distribute the decorations evenly around the tree

#11 – Use larger decorations at the bottom and smaller ornaments at the top where the branches are less strong – and so that the tree looks balanced. Large decor at the top looks strange.

Christmas tree with colourful baubles on and presents underneath

#12 – A great tradition (and fantastic personal decorating idea) is to buy a decoration for each child each year – so you can have a really personalised tree over the years and decorating it can bring back great memories each year. This could create a gorgeous collection of, for example, baubles or a specific themed ornament.

#13 – Think about what tree topper you’ll add – This can be traditional like an angel or a star – or you could go a little more funky with things like THIS or THIS.

#14 Think about the base of the tree as well – it will only have presents hiding it for a short while, then what will you be left looking at? (I use a tree skirt – something like this – to cover the tree base which looks lovely and is a good finishing touch)

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Ready to pick your tree, and get decorating now? I thought so!

Before you go anywhere, I want to share some of my favourite Christmas tree decor items with you.

Note – Clicking on any item below will take you to the store so you can see details and purchase – for your convenience. The links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission for any purchase you make – at absolutely no cost to you, of course.

Spruce Up Your Space: 10 Inspiring Christmas Tree Decorating Tips You'll Love! - 350

Want More christmas Tree Decorating Inspiration?

For a load more decorating ideas, why not take a look at my Pinterest Christmas board.

and lastly – my favourite tip taken from around the web – this blogger has done a great post about how to photograph Christmas trees – this is amazing and I will definitely try it this year – wish me luck!

Fantastic Christmas Tree Decorating Tips To Inspire You This Season

There you have it – loads of Christmas Tree Decorating Tips to try

I hope you’ve gained loads of ideas and inspiration – and maybe found a few items to add to your own Christmas tree this year.

Whatever you choose to do – and however you choose to have a tree – enjoy the festive season loads!


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