59 Fun Ideas For Family Christmas Traditions You’ll Love!


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It’s such a special time of the year where the majority of us are happy and wanting to spend time with those we love.

Because of all this joy going around, it makes total sense to make that time as fun and memorable as possible – and that’s where family Christmas traditions come in.

59 Christmas Traditions that every family should try this year!

Why Create Christmas Traditions?

You may think that there’s enough going on with planning just the food and presents and socialising around Christmas to even want to try and add in traditions as well.

But I want you to think of the bigger picture here.

Traditions are a very special (and arguably crucial) part of Christmas for most families – for 2 main reasons: –

  • They give us a sense of belonging – of being ‘home’
  • They create a fantastic expectation and excitement each year that you can build on and pass on to your kids.

Christmas is a very unique and magical time of the year, and we have the power to make it even more unique – for our specific family and friends.

Traditions have the power to create that magic…..

Need I say more!

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What Traditions Does Your Family Have?

My family has several traditions already – some are from my own upbringing, others from my husbands, and yet more that we have created for our own family.

Some of these are: –

Opening presents in the afternoon of Christmas Day to build excitement / Seeing friends on Christmas morning to share this special time / Pantomine on Christmas eve / PJs from the elves on Christmas eve / Reading ’twas the night before Christmas’ before bed on Christmas eve…

Whether you’ve got a long list of traditions already, or are completely new to creating a special family tradition – there’s a HUGE list here for inspiration.

Not only that – but there’s also a FREE printable that you can download from the Printables Library to go with it. You don’t have to write it all down or remember it – you’re welcome!!

Free printable list for Christmas Traditions

Want a copy?

Click the button below to grab your Free Printable of the 59 Family Christmas Traditions from the Free Printables Library (along with over 50 other fantastic printables!)

59 Family Christmas Traditions To Try

You’ll find all sorts here – whether you’re looking for a unique Christmas tradition to experiment with, a few meaningful Christmas traditions to hand down through the generations, or just a new holiday tradition for everyone – you’re bound to find what you want amongst this collection…

December Traditions

#1 – Going to visit Santa – This could be at a fair, a local market, a specific shop etc… – wherever is the ‘special’ place for you and your family.

#2 – Going to the Christmas Markets – this may well be my favourite Christmas Tradition!. We love visiting the main Christmas Markets in our nearest city – there’s something really magical about them. Our town also does a cracking market so we get double the fun!

#3 – Having your own Christmas Music List – Michael Buble is a favourite in our home!

#4 – Carol Singing

#5 – Watching a Pantomine

#6 – Making and decorating a Christmas Cake

#7 – Making and decorating a Gingerbread House

#8 – Writing to Santa

#9 – Watching a specific Christmas Movie

#10 – Visiting family

#11 – Going on holiday

#12 – Having a specific board game – or choosing a new one each year

#13 – Doing a Christmas jigsawThis** is the one that comes out each and every year for our family…

#14 – Advent calendars

#15 – Go ice skating

#16 – Christmas drinks open house with friends & family

#17 – Have mulled wine

#18 – Have hot chocolate

#19 – Elf on the Shelf** – A relatively new tradition in the UK, but loads of fun (especially for parents if you like that sort of thing!!). For the whole of December the Elf does something each night when the kids are asleep – and they can catch them out when they wake up. Let your imagination go wild and you’ll have loads of fun with it!

Christmas Gift Traditions

#20 – Christmas Shopping

#21 – Wrapping presents together – all in one go

#22 – Taking the kids to buy their mum/dad/siblings their gifts – this also doubles up as special one on one time too – bonus!

#23 – A specific type of gift – what about always having a book or a game or a jumper in those presents?

#24 – Make homemade gifts

#25 – Do a Secret Santa with your family or friends – If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s when you put all the names in a hat, and then get everyone to choose one name and keep it a secret. That name is who you buy for – and only that one. That way everyone gets a gift and no-one has to buy too much.

#26 – Have personalised Christmas Cards

Black and White Christmas Presents with Greenery. Brown Star Label with red tags as well.

Traditions For Giving Back

#27 – Do a good deed for someone every day of December

#28 – Filling a bag for less fortunate kids – with toys and books they’ve grown out of

#29 – Helping at a local hospital

#30 – Donate to a food bank

#31 – Giving a present to a homeless person

#32 – Make a charity donation

#33 – Buy a gift for kids in hospital

Christmas Decorating Traditions

#34 – Go to the lights switch on in your Town

#35 – Putting the decorations up as a family

#36 – Start a decorations collection – get a new addition each year

#37 – Specific decorations

#38 – Let the kids decorate their bedroom

Christmas Eve Traditions

#39 – Watching a Father Christmas Video with the kids – SO magical to see your kids faces when Santa talks to them on the computer on Christmas eve!

#40 – Christmas Eve Box

#41 – Christmas Pajamas (PJs) – new on Christmas Eve

#42 – Reading ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ to the kids before bed on Christmas Eve. For me, this is the perfect Christmas story for bedtime.

#43 – Watch the santa tracker on Christmas Eve – This is a really fun Christmas Tradition to try, especially with little children, as it will fill the evening with even more magic for them.

#44 – Hanging the Christmas stockings

#45 – Tray of Food for santa on Christmas Eve – probably the ultimate Christmas Eve tradition!

#46 – Open a present on Christmas Eve

#47 – Reindeer food on Christmas Eve** – Sprinkle outside for them to eat when they stop by….

#48 – Midnight Mass

Christmas Day Traditions

#49 – Open stockings together on Christmas Morning

#50 – Special Christmas morning breakfast – My daughter has some christmas chocolate stirred through porridge and thinks it’s amazing!

#51 – Having Christmas Dinner at a specific time / on a specific day

#52 – A non-traditional Christmas dinner

#53 – Going to Church

#54 – Wear a Christmas Jumper

#55 – Dress up nice for Christmas Day – even if you’re not going anywhere!

#56 – Waiting to open Christmas presents

#57 – Watching the Queens Speech

#58 – A specific pudding for Christmas dinner

Traditions For After Christmas Day

#59 – Boxing Day walk We used to meet up with extended family each and every Boxing Day and walk together which I used to love. It even got to the point where we had a little boat race across the lake at the park as well (best homemade boat competition lol).


59 Fun Ideas For Family Christmas Traditions You'll Love! - 350
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And there you have it – 59 Fun Family Christmas Traditions that you can try this year!

Whether you have a Christmas tradition (or many!) already, or are just getting started – there’s so much inspiration in this list that you’ll have found something new to try this holiday season.

And maybe – just maybe – you’ll find your grandkids doing them in years to come with their kids…. how nice to be a part of creating memories for them as well!

P.S. If you’re ready to get festive with all this traditions talk, then CLICK HERE to head over to the Christmas page(s) – where you’ll find EVERYTHING you could possible need for a fantastic holidays….

P.P.S Don’t forget your FREE printable download of these traditions – you can grab it HERE

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