How to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas – 10 Ways!


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Tips, tricks and simple ideas to make your home smell like Christmas throughout December (and longer if you like!). Get started today with these ways to add Christmassy scent to your home and give it the festive fragrance it deserves!

How to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

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When I think about Christmas growing up, a lot of my memories centre around the smells.

Whether it’s the Christmas tree, the log fire, the food, the drink, or other things – there are just so many smells that remind me of this festive time – and they take me right back there when I smell them.

A lot of memories are made through smells – and none more so than at Christmastime.

No wonder that we all want to make our home smell like Christmas throughout the run up to Christmas time, especially when we spend quite a bit of time at home at this time of year.

So – here are my top picks for making your home smell like Christmas – and I hope they help you make your very own memories, just like me!

What smell reminds you of christmas?

Christmas Quote

But first – it’s definitely worth looking at exactly what smells evoke Christmas anyway – that way you’ll know more what to look for, and what options are out there for you (pick your favourite Christmas scent or mix and match!)

  • CINNAMON – All the hot chocolate and mulled wine where you put in a Cinnamon stick or two are what I think of here
  • EUCALPYTUS – wreaths are made from this a lot, and many people have branches woven through their bannisters too
  • FRESH PINE – The smell of a real Christmas tree is a gorgeously natural way to envoke Christmas around your home
  • GINGER – Thinking of gingerbread houses here!
  • PEPPERMINT – candy cane, anyone?!

So, keeping these fragrances in mind, you can pick a variety of ways to add their holiday scent to your home.

You could treat yourself to a Christmas essential oil (or several!), to DIY your own home scented products – or you could choose these fragrances in ready made items – it really comes down purely to what you prefer to do.

So, let’s explore them all now and see what you like best (or maybe you’ll pick a few!)

Brilliant Ways to make your home smell like Christmas

#1 – Using a scented candle (or several!)

Candle with Christmas items around it like fir cones

These are one of my favourites, as they produce that lovely warm cosy glow that evokes Christmas as well as their smell.

The only issue with having a Christmas candle is when you’ve got kids around – as there’s a safety issue with the open flame, of course.

Some of my favourite candles are THIS, THIS and THIS.

#2 – Use Wax melts & a burner

Another great way to use wax is to have a burner.

You can pick from an electric burner which is safer but doesn’t give off as much heat as the traditional tea light candle burners – so it’s worth doing some investigation as to what works best for you, and what’s safest etc…

I like wax melts instead of candles because you can mix blends of the wax rather than have to light the same scent every day for hours. Each wax melt is pretty small – so blending them together is just as easy as using 2 or 3 of the same aroma.

#3 – Use a Diffuser

A diffuser is a great way to have a scent in the house constantly, without any worries about a flame like you would have with a candle. You can get two different types of diffuser: –

Reed Diffuser

Gery armchair in background with diffuser and gold baubles on table in foreground

A cheaper option for a diffuser is using a reed diffuser – that works by having reeds dipped into a glass container with oils in.

Electronic Essential Oil Diffuser

Bottle of essential oils with star anise next to it

These are a fantastic way to give off a scent without a flame (I have one switched on in my house pretty much all the time I’m awake and there!), so can be a great choice when there are kids in the house.

You simple add water, and some essential oil(s) – and switch them on, and they release a scented mist into your home.

A great addition to a hallway, living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom

The options to create your own scent is there, and you could choose from a few of the Christmas scented oils we talked about earlier – or you can grab a pre-made oil blend which a lot of companies produce at this time of year.

#4 – Use room spray

Room sprays are like air freshener in that you have to spray them where you want them, when you want them – and so are a good quick fix to freshen up a space.

You can buy ready made sprays – or why not make your own using a Christmas essential oil blend that you like and adding it into a simple spray bottle: –

DIY recipe

  • 3/4 cup of water
  • 2 tbsp of rubbing alcohol
  • 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil (more or less dependant on your preference)

#5 – Use Pot Pourri

3 lit candles with dried oranges and cinnamon sticks on a tables

A oldie but a goodie! – Having some scented pot pourri around the house means the smell lasts a long time.

You could make your own with some DIY scented pinecones as well – simply take each pine cone and spray with your favourite essential oil scent – and voila!

#6 – Use Plants & Flowers

I love using plants and flowers in my home for some freshness – and there is nothing nicer than real foliage giving off a scent especially in Winter and Christmas.

Two of my favourites are: –

REAL PINE CHRISTMAS TREE – This is a no brainer if you want a traditional scent throughout your home. (Although you could get the same effect with a pine essential oil diffused behind a fake tree…)

EUCALPYTUS – Wreath or get some branches and twist around your bannister. The leaves give off a stunning scent when touched or brushed past.

#7 – Light a Fire!

Whether you’re lucky enough to have an open fire, or a log burner – light it and make the most of the cosy scents that it provides.

Also – this year the White Company have a winter scent of FIRESIDE – perfect if you’re without the ability to get that real flame…

#8 – Add to your cleaning products in December

Why not change up the scent of your chores over the festive period, and put some Christmas into your cleaning! It makes a nice change to clean with different scented products as well…

#9 – Use Scented Hand Soap

A lovely addition for when guests come to stay as well as for you and your family – and cheap and cheerful to add.

#10 – Get in the Kitchen!

Whether you love baking, or have a mulled wine on the go over the holidays – these can all add a gorgeous Christmas aroma to the air.

I like to make cookie dough, roll it into balls and freeze – then I can grab it when I want fresh cookies and put them in the oven. Quick and easy and smells divine!

And to create a mulled wine – get red wine in a saucepan and add cinnamon, orange segments, and cloves – warm through, and voila!

Grab some Christmassy Smells For your home…

I didn’t want to leave this article there, without giving you all the best options I could find in one easy to scan place – see below!

To learn more about any product, or to buy – just click on the picture and you’ll get sent to the shop it’s sold in (please note that all products are affiliate links so I get a commission should you purchase, at no cost to you).

Happy shopping!

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So – there you have it – Loads of ways to help your home smell like Christmas this year!

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your own home, whether you want to go for one scent and method of distribution – or lots of different ones – have some fun, and enjoy!

P.S. If you want to add some Christmas touches all around the house – then THIS is the place to go next!


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