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You may be wondering why you need a housework schedule for your home, and be worried that it will restrict you and have some sort of control over you. This post will answer these questions, and show you that actually having a simple household routine will help your home and life more than you realise. If you’re ready to get started and make housekeeping that little bit easier, then let’s go!

8 Amazing Reasons Why You Need A Housework Schedule For Your Home

Housework schedules – they are amazing, aren’t they?

I am pretty sure you’re NOT wholeheartedly nodding in agreement.

Let’s face it. Having a household schedule isn’t really rock and roll.

They’re nothing to get that excited about really, but they ARE one of the best things you can create for your home to make life easier – and here are the reasons why: –

#1 – Creating A Housework Schedule Makes You think About Things Properly

Putting a household schedule together means that you will start to REALLY think about what needs doing, how often , and by whom.

You may never have thought about this in detail before.

Chances are you’re just running around getting things done as and when they crop up.

You may well have a schedule of sorts already – but have you ever really thought about whether things need doing, or whether it’s just become a habit?

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#2 – Helps Save Your Sanity

Have you ever had that phone call where someone is letting you know they want to visit soon, or the doorbell goes and it’s a friend that you want to invite in for a coffee?

If you’ve felt that pang of annoyance that your home isn’t ready for them, then creating a housework schedule will really help to avoid those last minute panic blitzs or weekend long ordeals.

If you can create a schedule that has your home looking pretty decent all the time – it doesn’t have to be perfect – then you’ll feel better when the unexpected guest pops in, and you’ll feel lighter each and every time you walk through your door.

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#3 – Means You Can Relax In your Home More (And Be House Proud)

Always a bonus!

I like to feel proud of my house, and that can only happen when *most* of the chores are done, or at least under control.

Just the fact of knowing that even though something may need to be done, I have a time scheduled to do it, means I can relax more in the meantime.

The chores don’t mount up like a TO DO list in my head, and I am less stressed.

Much better!

#4 – Teaches Your Kids Homemaking Skills

This is one of my favourite by-products of having schedules in your home.

If you show your kids how things are done, how you can stay on top of the house without it taking over or causing stress, and if you can get them involved as well – then you are creating a young adult who will feel more than capable of running their own home one day.

I don’t think reasons come more amazing than that!

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#5 – A Housework Schedule Helps You Stay On Top Of Everything

Schedules can help you stay on top of EVERYTHING that needs to get done around the house – and let’s be frank – that can be a long long list of chores!

If you have a schedules for daily, weekly, monthly AND seasonal / annual chores – then you can make sure at a glance that everything is being dealt with at some point in that equation.

It would be all too easy to forget to do particular chores if they aren’t written down somewhere – or to underestimate how long ago that task was last done….

A HUGE bonus of staying on top of chores usually means that you don’t have quite as much to do. For example – if you clean your oven each season (4 times a year), but forget to do it for 3 or 4 seasons as time runs away with you – it will take a LOT longer to do when you finally get round to it. The time taken to clean things lessens considerably if you keep on top of it.

#6 – Helps Stop The Nagging

Schedules give everyone in the house a sense of responsibility.

You don’t have to take ownership of everything, they can see for themselves when it needs to be done – and the nagging can end.

A godsend both for you AND the kids!

It also helps you nagging inside your own head – if you are constantly beating yourself up because there are things to get done in each and every room in your home – then a schedule can alleviate this pretty much immediately because it will give you the knowledge that it WILL be done and to stop worrying about it.

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#7 – Minimise The Chances Of Disasters

If you keep a schedule going, and tackle every part of the house as often as it needs to be tackled – then things are less likely to go wrong as a result.

For instance – cleaning your drains means less chance of a blockage, cleaning your washing machine means it should last longer – etc…

Look after your home, and it will have a better chance of looking after you in return. You are being proactive rather than reactive.

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#8 – Fits With Your Life

Instead of always feeling like a headless chicken, running around and just trying to stay afloat with the mass of chores that need to be done – there is a better way!

A housework schedule means you can stay in control of things.

You can decide when things are done, how often, and by whom. And YOU are in charge.

It’s SO free-ing when you can fit things into your life, rather than fitting your life around .

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8 Amazing Reasons Why You Need A Housework Schedule For Your Home

There you have it! – 8 reasons why a Housework Schedule is SO important to create.

I hope they have given you the drive to want to create your own – or update your existing one to check it still works well for you.

Good luck, and I hope your scheduling goes well!

P.S. If you want some help with creating your very own schedule, then my post on How to Create a Cleaning Schedule that REALLY works is the perfect next step for you – you can take a look HERE.


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