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Can you find everything you need when you need it in your kitchen?

Or – do you have specific places for things, and does that place make sense for how you live?

If not, read on to find out some amazing tips that will change the way your kitchen works for you – forever!

 Simple tips to organise your kitchen


The Kitchen is the hub of most homes.

It’s where we spend a considerable amount of time each and every day, both eating and socialising – so it’s really important to ensure that it works the best it possibly can for you and your family.

After all – there’s nothing worse than having to make do with a badly organised kitchen. It can sap so much of your time and energy, both of which could be spent doing much more interesting things!

(of course, unless we are redesigning a new kitchen, most of us have to work with what we have. It’s about making the most of the space, whatever layout you have.)

So – here are my tips to make your kitchen work the best for your needs – hope they help!




This is such a true statement when it comes to any type of organising – but is never more true than in the kitchen.

Any kitchen has a LOT of stuff to keep tidy and organised.

  • Cutlery
  • Crockery
  • Appliances
  • Gadgets
  • Entertaining items
  • Cooking utensils
  • Pots and pans


For your kitchen to work best, you need to have a place for all these things – and it has to make sense to how you live.

Think about how often you use each item. Less used items can be placed more out of the way – but frequently used items should be within easy reach.

Not only will this save time when you need things, but it will save time putting this away as well (so you are more likely to keep it tidy).

TIP – I have a dishwasher, and as such I like to keep things I use daily right by the dishwasher, because this means I don’t have to move very far when it comes to unloading – perfect! (If you don’t have a dishwasher, then your sink would be best to work around as that’s where your dishes will dry)



Of course – decluttering your kitchen will help you see exactly what you have, and what you need to keep (and therefore store properly).

Sort through your stuff and only keep what you actually use. Here are some quick tips that will help: –

  • Get rid of anything you don’t use – there are always certain gadgets and appliances lurking in the back of cupboards!
  • Look for anything that’s broken – chipped crockery/mugs, cracked glassware etc..
  • Be ruthless with things that you don’t need so many of. If you have a massive pile of plates but never get to the bottom of the pile – do you REALLY need them all?
  • If you keep things for entertaining (serving dishes etc..) but rarely entertain, then why not only keep one or two instead of a cupboard full?


(… if you want to get your decluttering started in quick and easy ways, why not check out my FREE 30 day clutter blitz – CLICK HERE to find out more!)



Look at what you actually are storing in your kitchen – maybe you need to have some things that don’t need to be stored in the kitchen itself.

This is usually true for things that you only need once or twice each year (entertaining items, Christmas, the best cutlery/plates etc….)

As such – why take up the valuable kitchen space for them – could you put them elsewhere in your home?

A dining room (if you have one) is perfect for this type of thing, or stored in a garage (boxed well).

Think about where you have the space that works better than your kitchen, and move things there.

TIP – don’t move and forget about things though – you only want to move things that you will truly use again – otherwise they should be let go of completely.



Because you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, there may well be things that would work better being stored in there instead of elsewhere – even though they are not kitchen related.

A few examples –

  • Would it make sense for you to store your childrens school stuff here? If your children tend to come in from school and head straight to the kitchen, and leave the house in the morning after having breakfast – then it may be the perfect idea. Bags could be stored so that they are easy to grab (and put away) – and you could have trays for papers/books and a homework area. It keeps everything in one place and you can see what’s going on more easily. You also have less chance of losing things as they won’t be going through the whole house!
  • How about having chore charts and schedules on the wall – they are then in the place that everyone goes to each day and are less likely to be overlooked as a result.
  • If you tend to spend all your time in the kitchen then why not make your paperwork area an area in this space? Then you can open the post while sitting having a coffee, and distribute paperwork into the right areas straight away – saving lots of walking around! Just don’t let your kitchen table become a paperwork mountain as that’s no good to anyone!
  • What if you work at the kitchen table a lot – maybe having a cupboard for your work items will save time and effort overall.

Think about how you live, and how you use the rooms – and then you will find the best solutions for you!



9 simple tips to make your kitchen work for you. It's not just about what SHOULD be in the kitchen, it's about making the room function for all your needs - how many do you use?


So – we’ve gone over the basics – decluttered and looked at the right places for things. Now it’s time to look at the details more closely – storage issues and much more.

Let’s get going, shall we!

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