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Quick & easy way to keep track of gift ideas – Pinterest!


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Do you struggle to know what to buy people when a present is needed?

You will no doubt want to find the perfect gift that they will love, that means something to them, and that works for your budget as well – but it can all feel very overwhelming at times – and can be so time consuming…

I have just the solution for you to try!

Quick and easy way to keep track of gift ideas

The need for buying presents is always there

You can’t get away from a need for buying presents for people on a regular basis.

Whether it be Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, Thank you’s etc…. – there is usually always at least one present you need to buy at any given time, of that I am pretty sure (especially if your list is anything like mine!).

Having to come up with original and unique presents that fit within your budget and that are available to you easily can be hard work (we all know how much time shopping at random can take up and I for one want to avoid this as much as possible).

But I bet that you often think of things that would be perfect for people when you are in random places, at random times.

The trick is to capture this information and have it accessible to you when you want to buy that special person a gift.

And that’s one of the (many) reasons I love Pinterest.



Let me explain…

For those new to Pinterest I urge you to take a look – as it’s the most organised way of filing website articles, pictures etc… that I know of – and saves so much space and time.

I used to circle catalogues, or write myself a note with ideas for things on as I thought of them – but the difficulty there was that everything was in random places and not to hand when I needed it. Pinterest collates it all perfectly!

It’s basically a place where you can create your own boards and attach (pin) pictures that take your fancy when browsing the web.

People create boards for literally anything they are interested in – including wedding planning, foods to try, pictures of interiors to take inspiration from, articles to read – and much much more. I can’t recommend it enough!

If you want to take a look at my own boards for Organise My House – feel free – just CLICK HERE.



So – with the idea of creating your own boards in mind, I decided that it would make perfect sense to create a board specifically for present ideas for people – and it has cut my present shopping time down considerably (though of course not the thought or effort that I put into finding the right gifts as much as I can).



Want to know how to do this? Here’s how…

First things first – you need a Pinterest account – simply go to Pinterest and sign up – it’s free.

From here you can set up boards, and I suggest that you create a private board for your gift ideas, as the last thing you want to show to your followers (who may well be your friends and family) is what you are thinking of getting them!

After you have set up your private board, you can then go looking around the web and pin anything that takes your fancy for anyone you need to buy a present for.

Most shops now have the Pinterest button on each item so you simply press that and add it to your board – you can add a description of the item and here I would suggest adding in who you are thinking of getting it for, and any other details that are useful to you.

NOTE – Some places don’t have the Pinterest button but you can download the Pinterest button to your browser and then you can pin anything you find on the web (take care of adhering to copyright of course).



What are the benefits of using a Pinterest board for this?

The main benefit is that when you look at your board at any time you can simply click on the picture that you have saved and it will take you straight back to the shop that the item was pinned from – so you can quickly and easily buy it.

Or you can access your Pinterest boards via your mobile phone when out shopping so you have some ideas to hand at all times.

I love using a free evening to browse shops online and see what’s available, pinning things as I go from favourite shops – a much more pleasant and time saving way of doing your shopping.

For example – you may start by looking for someone specifically, but as with all shopping, you may be looking for one person but come across something that would be absolutely perfect for another person. You can now simply pin that item to your board with a quick note on to say who you were thinking about getting it for, and move back to browsing again – simple!



Other ideas for present boards:-

Other than a simple and more general present ideas board, there are lots of ways that Pinterest can help with organising your gift ideas:-

  • Create a board for ideas that you would love to receive – your partner will then always have ideas of what to get you, or what to tell others to get you if they are ever asked.
  • Get your spouse/children/friends etc… to do ones as well that you can take a look at for inspiration from them directly without having to tell them what they are getting.
  • Create specific present boards for different occasions – especially useful for things like Christmas – similar to the way a wedding gift list is created (in fact it would be perfect for that as well!).


Using Pinterest to keep track of gift ideas

Are you inspired to give Pinterest boards a try for your present shopping? Do you do this already? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below – thanks in advance x


PS – Don’t forget to follow Organise My House on Pinterest for loads of Organising ideas to make life simple! – just click on the box below….



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