How to Fold a Fitted Sheet – Easily! (Step by Step + Pics)


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Tired of messy sheets in the cupboard, and just want to make them easier to store with less wrinkles? I’ve got you covered! Here are the exact steps you need to follow…

Lady holding folded laundry with title words overlaid (How to fold a fitted sheet the easy way)

How many times have you grabbed an elasticated sheet from the dryer and tried to put it away neatly? (a flat sheet is so easy in comparison, right?!)

You end up scrunching it up into a relatively tidy (!) ball, and stuffing it into the linen cupboard.

This means not only having a messy space, but also not being able to store as much in the cupboard because the rolled up sheets take up loads of room.

Makes you want to switch to using a flat sheet for every bed, doesn’t it!

There must be a way to do it that doesn’t take ages, and that’s also easy…

I was recently asked by a reader how to fold a fitted sheet so that they stop looking so messed up when in the cupboard.

She’d been having issues with the sheets that have elastic all around, because they just kept springing out of shape when she tried to fold them neatly.

Fitted pink sheet in a messy bundle

There had to be an easier way, right?

Well – yes! – there is…

Follow the simple steps below and you’ll be folding clothes like a pro before you know it, rather than ending up with something that looks more like the above photo!…

TIP – This method is easiest when you have a flat surface like a table, a bed or a floor to work on.

Folding fitted sheets – steps to follow

Step 1 – lay the fitted sheet out

So you can see exactly what’s what, lay the sheet out onto a flat surface, with the elastic edge facing you, like in the picture below.

Please note that I am using a single sized sheet for the pictures as it’s easier to photograph!

409. fold sheets

It’s worth a close-up here of a seam – so you can see what I’m talking about in the next step!

There are 4 seams, one in each corner, and these are what will help you to fold the sheet more easily, so make sure you can clearly see each one before you move on!

409a. seam

Step 2 – put bottom corners into top corners

Take the 2 corners that are at the bottom and fold up and into the top 2 corners so that the seams align.

TIP – Some people like to do this lengthways, others do top to bottom, it’s totally what’s easiest for you. I can’t see much of a difference either way and believe me I’ve tried everything!

409b. seams
409c. sheets

Step 3 – Fold into a long rectangle

You now have a much more rectangular shaped sheet to work from, as the elasticised edges are now enclosed more.

This step is to fold the sheet so that you get a long rectangular shape to work with at the end.

Depending on the size of your sheet, you may just be able to do a couple of folds from the bottom to the top, or you can bring the top third down and the bottom third up to ensure nice straight lines (it depends on how square you want your final result to be….).

TIP – Remember to pat everything down at each neat fold as then you’ll get a much crisper folded fitted sheet

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How to fold a fitted sheet
How to fold a fitted sheet

Step 4 – fold the rectangle inwards

409f. sheets

The very last stage is to fold the left third into the middle, and then the right third into the middle:-

409g. sheets

All the time you are creating more squared off edges, and flattening it as you go – so you should end up with something like this:-

A perfectly folded sheet!

Or at least this is the perfect way for me. It’s not too much of a hassle, and gives a nice crisp finish.

Want an alternative way to fold A fitted sheet?

Another way I’ve found that it a great idea as well (although for me it’s much more fiddly) is this one –

I’ve included it as you may prefer doing it this way, and I want anything you organise to be organised how you find it easier – as that’s the whole point!

How to fold a fitted sheet - funny

Is it worth Folding Fitted Sheets At All?

Now, you may be asking why bother with this, as it takes more time than just rolling it up or folding as best you can…

But yes it really is – because you’ll save tonnes of time when it comes to finding what you need in your linen closet / cupboard.

It will also be much neater and easier to grab – not to mention quicker!

TIP – Why not keep the sheet sets in a pillowcase from that specific bedding – having the perfectly folded sheets will help keep everything tidy inside.

Lady holding folded laundry with title words overlaid (How to fold a fitted sheet the easy way)

There you have it – folding fitted sheets has never been so easy!

This method works well for me, and I really hope it does the same for you too.

I’d love to know if this is the method you use, or if you’ve got any tips that would help – just leave a comment below and let me know!

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