Creative Gifts To Get Teens Organised (Without Them Even Realising!)


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Teenagers have a lot going on – hobbies, interests, school, etc – and with that comes a lot of stuff. That stuff can get messy – quickly. Use these gifts to get teens organised as inspiration the next time you’re buying them a present – and they won’t even realise you’re helping avoid the chaos!

Creative Gifts To Get Teens Organised - Without Them Realising!

My daughter is in her early teens and struggles with organising her stuff, as a lot of teens do.

She’s at the age where she wants to assert her independence, has lots of hobbies and school stuff to get stuck into, and is looking in general for what she loves to do/have/be etc…

There’s a LOT going on, for sure!

And on top of all that – she’s gathering stuff from her 13+ years in one space in the house.

All those toys, books, tech, crafts, games, decor, clothes, accessories etc…. soon pile up.

It’s a time where stuff is plentiful, but space is at a premium. The only thing to do (apart from suggest a declutter, but good luck with that!), is to help them stay organised in amongst everything.

That’s where some creativity in gifts come into play. Make the gifts useful for them as well as ‘cool’ or whatever the right phrase is at the moment…

What To Think About When Buying A Gift

If you’re worried about getting exactly the right present then it’s worth taking a few seconds to read a post that I wrote a while back – just CLICK HERE to read it, and I’ll see you back here in a moment…

Ready to get started?, let’s get on with the shopping then!

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Cool Gift Ideas To Organise Your Teens

Let’s get started straight away with a selection of brilliant items to buy straight away (perfect if you don’t want to have to scour things yourself – I’ve done the hard work for you! – just call me your personal gift fairy!).

You can find out more about any of the items below by simply clicking the picture – where you’ll be taken to the shop it’s sold in. All links are affiliate links – which means that I get a commission if you make a purchase, at no cost to you of course.

Creative Gifts To Get Teens Organised (Without Them Even Realising!) - 350

Organising Teens – Gift Themes To Try

So – we’ve looked at some brilliant ideas of what to get, but let’s look now at why these make great gifts.

You may well see a pattern, or a theme that works really well for the teen you’re buying for. Use this as inspiration for gifting and you won’t go far wrong….

#1  – Teen Desk Organising

Teens need to organise their desks and stationery in order to be more productive with their studies, and any craft/art hobbies they may have.

A cluttered desk can lead to a cluttered mind, which makes it difficult to focus on tasks at hand.

In addition, having an organised desk can help teens stay motivated and avoid distractions.

Some options for organising this space are:

  • Specific desk organiser – think about the specific items your teen will need to have to hand regularly. If they are into art, then a large pencil organiser may be perfect, and you’ll get bonus points if it holds their beloved mobile phone as well!
  • Paper OrganiserI LOVE this folder as they can hang it easily next to the desk and have a section for each subject at school or project they’re currently doing, and then fold it up and take it with them when needed.

#2  – Teen Makeup / Toiletries organising

There are some fantastic options in this category of gifts:

  • A drawer string makeup bag is always a winner with teens, because while it organises things and keeps them all in one place, it’s REALLY easy to open it up and have everything visible and to hand. It’s the perfect way for your teenager to feel like it’s all out on their dressing table without it actually having to stay out all the time.
  • Another great option is a multi layered lazy susan style organiser. This can be used for makeup, but just as easily for toiletries or hair products etc… It also maximises the available height without taking up too much of the surface space which can be handy in a teens bedroom where surface space is prime real estate!
  • Lastly – what about a caddy that they can stock with things that they often need in different places. Maybe one that they can carry to the bathroom with their toiletries in so that it doesn’t have to all stay out in the space, or a travel case if they tend to stay over at friends a lot etc…

#3  – Teen Jewellery Organisers

Whether it’s hidden storage on the back of the door (my personal favourite as it holds LOADS of stuff AND has a mirror on the front!), or a more decor inspired organiser – there are some fantastic jewellery organisers that any teen would LOVE to have in their room.

#4 – Teen Tech Organising

Anything that helps a teenager keep their tech organised will be a winner for them – because ultimately it means they’re keeping things handy and accessible at all times.

Some ideas to use for gifts in this theme would be:

  • Gaming box – somewhere to keep their gaming specific items together
  • Cord organising – for chargers etc…
  • A wireless charger station – perfect when your teen is always losing their charger!
  • Another great tech option could be to get them an app for their phone that they need to be organised. You can get some fantastic planner apps to keep their schedules on, for example.

#5  – Teen Bedroom Wall Organising

Teens LOVE to decorate their rooms to show their individuality a little – but those walls can all too easily get messy. Not only that, but they will want to keep changing the look so it needs to be easily updated too.

Some ideas for wall organising in teenager bedrooms are:

  • A wall organiser – with hooks and sections to put items away or on display
  • A noticeboard that they can add their own items to and change it as frequently as they want
  • Wall calendar / chart – this could be a really fun way for them to keep on top of what’s going on in their lives.
Creative Gifts To Get Teens Organised - Without Them Realising!

Hopefully these have given you some fantastic ideas for what to get the teenager(s) in your life.

And who knows – they may be just a little more organised as a result (we can but hope!).

Ready for some more ideas? – Why not head over to the gift giving section of the site – lots more gifts for everyone in your life. Enjoy!


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