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When I was younger I used to think that summer went on forever – the days and weeks seemed so long. Which is why I’m constantly amazed now I have a little girl of my own to see just how quickly the weeks fill up, time seems to fly by!

Printable to track what you are doing each day of the summer holidays at a glance - one sheet printable download

It’s hard to keep track of what’s been organised, what we would love to do if there’s time, and everything else that’s put off until the long holidays, and I wanted to make it easier to see what’s what.

I love a good plan (naturally!) – and my daughter also likes to know what’s planned and get involved a bit – after all, there’s a lot to consider: –

  • Working (this blog doesn’t run itself and then there’s the day job!)
  • Playing and having fun with my daughter
  • Visiting friends and relatives
  • Hosting friends and relatives
  • Holidays away from home
  • Daughters social life (friends to play etc…)
  • Specific days out
  • Day to just relax and enjoy the summer!

If things aren’t planned out, then we run the risk of not doing what we wanted to do, wasting time, and not truly enjoying time relaxing and doing nothing (I always feel guilty unless I’ve planned to do nothing!).

Having a view of the entire holidays means that it’s easier to try and balance each week out as much as possible. I want to enjoy the time whilst my daughter is little and wants to spend time with me (it won’t last!) – but I also need to keep daily life ticking over.

All this requires a bit of planning – yay!

See At A Glance What’s Planned – Ahead Of Time

My diary is week to view – which is great for most of the year, but for a long (6-7 weeks) holiday, having an overall view would be ideal.

If I can glance at the entire view of the holidays then I can more easily see gaps, see whether we are overbooked, and the rest of the family can have a view of what’s coming up.

As such, I always draw out a quick plan of the weeks so we can both see at a glance what’s going on, and when.

It really does help things to go more smoothly, and enable us to have a great summer without too much stress.

Remember to balance your time as you don’t want to end up more tired at the end of the holidays than you were at the start…

It doesn’t have to be complicated – just a simple sketch on paper will suffice: –

Hand drawn summer holiday plan

But if you want to have something that’s been done for you – I’m happy to share what I am using this year: –

  • One page so you can stick on the wall for everyone to see
  • Tracks an overview of the holidays in an easy way
  • 8 weeks duration
  • Space on the left to write the date the week starts (I didn’t write in dates because everyones may be slightly different and then you can use it as you wish (it can then also be used for other holidays too!)
Holiday planner - track what you are doing every day of the holidays - great for kids holidays - summer etc...

Want a copy?

You can grab this for FREE by heading over to the Printables Library – packed full of FREE printable checklists and helpful pages to get you more organised. Get access by clicking the button below:

Printable to track what you are doing each day of the summer holidays at a glance - one sheet printable download

I Hope That Planning Out Your School Holidays Is Made Easier With This printable – And That You Have A Great Time, Whatever You’re Doing!

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