9 Spice Storage Ideas You’ll Want To Try In Your Kitchen


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Want to know how to store spices? However big or small your kitchen is, there are plenty of spice storage ideas that you can use to make grabbing the right herb or spice from your spice collection much easier. Let’s take a look and see what solution for how to organise your spices would work best for you…

9 hugely popular spice storage ideas you're going to love!

What to look for when storing spices: –

  • How many herbs and spices do you need to store?
  • Will you want to display your spices, or hide them away?
  • What space do you have to create your storage?
  • Will you decant the spices into matching storage (such as mason jars, or small glass containers), or use whatever they come in?
  • How will you identify the spices, and know if they’re out of date, of you decant them? (TIP – use blackboard labels on top and bottom to write what’s in them and their best before date – and that can be overwritten when new spices are added)
  • If decanting, what size jars would be best for the space you want to store them in? (If you can’t add all the spice into your containers, remember that you will need to store the excess as well somewhere)
  • If it easy to get the spices out of the jars you’re using? Can a spoon fit in, or can you sprinkle it easily, etc…
  • Will they be stored close to where you need them, and at an easy reach?

Do a little bit of planning and thinking up front, and that will save you time further down the line. You’ll be more likely to get the storage solution right and not waste money or energy in the process, which is always a bonus!

You’re basically (as with all organising projects) looking for a solution that works for you and the space you have. That’s why I always give lots of ideas, so that you can find something that’s the right fit for your needs.

Some of use want Instagram/Pinterest worthy solutions, and others are happy with getting them functioning right – no matter what they look like. There really is no right or wrong – so YOU DO YOU!

So how can we store spices so that they are handy, easily identifiable, and work in the space we have?

Let’s go, shall we….

9 spice storage ideas to inspire you…

#1 – Create a spice drawer

Adding a drawer insert is a great way to make finding what you want easier, but you can be as simple as you like.

This can be as easy as just emptying an existing drawer, and putting your existing spices in – and you’re done.

OR – there are ways to get creative and make it more organised. – including spice holder tray like accessories, and plastic channeling to keep them from rolling around.

spices in kitchen drawer
IKEA spice jars with written labels

GET THE LOOK – You can grab your own drawer organiser HERE

TIP – Make sure that it’s easy to see the spices you’ve got when you open the drawer – as this will save time each and every time you go there looking for a specific herb or spice.

#2 – Use a cabinet door (the back of it)

Cabinet space can be limited in smaller kitchens, so using a whole cupboard may be more than you can spare.

An alternative that works really well is to use the back of the cabinet door, using a cabinet that you can reach easily when cooking (as that’s of course when you’ll need the spices the most), and hang either a spice rack or a set of little shelves/spice organisers on there.

TIP – Make sure you can close the cupboard / cabinet door – check the dimensions of the space available before you buy. If you find that one or two shelves get in the way as they go right up to the cupboard door when closed, you could add a couple of separate shelves in the gaps instead.

TIP – You could also make use of the Pantry door if you’re lucky enough to have a pantry. This works really well!

GET THE LOOK – You can grab a similar spice rack HERE

#3 – Use magnetic spice tins

Using magetic spice tins is a great storage idea to make your fridge work harder for you on the outside!

The tins will stick to your fridge door, and will be in exactly the right place to grab when needed!

Or, get even more creative and fix a sheet of metal to somewhere like the side of a cupboard, or the wall etc… – and create your very own magnetic spice rack exactly where you need it.

A last option for this is to have magnetic strips in place, so you can have your favourite spices right next to the cooker without cluttering up the surface at all, and have the rest out of the way. Or you can use strips to make a full line across the backsplash for a decorative touch.

magnetic spice jars on metal backing

GET THE LOOK – You can grab magnetic spice jars (the ones I have!) HERE

#4 – Use a lazy susan

I love using lazy susans as spice holder storage for lots of different things around the house, but for herbs and spices they really make a lot of sense.

When you add lot of little jars to a lazy susan, you can turn them around quickly to find the one(s) you need.

This works really well in a cupboard (so you can ‘get’ to the back ones more easily, without having to reach inside and toppled the rest over.

And it works well in a corner because that area tends to be deeper and therefore you can turn the lazy susan around rather than try and reach back there.

A revolving spice rack also gives the same sort of effect, but something to watch here is that you’ll need to decant into the given bottles most of the time, as they are made to fit that specific item.

Spice storage lazy susan

GET THE LOOK – This revolving spice rack looks like a fantastic option!

#5 – Add layers to a shelf – and create more than one spice shelf in one!

A great way to make the best use of cabinet space is to add layers (or steps) to a shelf.

This is because most kitchen cupboard shelves are quite high, and herbs and spices are quite small – so there would be a lot of wasted space if you didn’t go vertically as well (and you want to avoid stacking if at all possible, as that will just make you want to never go in the cupboard to avoid them toppling over each time)

You can get extending step organisers that work really well to create your own little spice cupboard – just make sure that you can easily see what’s in each jar when it’s fully loaded up (you may want to label the edge of the lids, for example)

GET THE LOOK – This stepped shelf organiser looks like a great idea for fitting exactly in the space you’ve got…

#6 – Add pull out containers to a narrow shelf

Another great idea for shelves that ARE quite narrow, but go back a long way, is to use pull out storage containers that can carry a few spice jars in them.

You can simply pull out the one you need, and carry it over to where you’re cooking – which can be useful as well!

GET THE LOOK – I really like these plastic containers as they’ve got a handle, so would be easy to move

#7 – Create a kitchen wall display

I love a good spice display in a kitchen, because they can be a really gorgeous way to make a display from something useful!

You can use a wall mounted spice rack, or create a spice organiser of your own (DIY style) from a shallow cupboard, a set of shallow shelves etc… – have a look around and see what would work best for your kitchen style.

square shelving unit with spice jars in it
labelled spices on wooden shelf

GET THE LOOK – I like this one for displaying those spices nicely!

#8 – Use your pantry walls

And lastly – if you’re lucky enough to have a pantry – then why not add shelves or a rack to the wasted space of the walls in there? Some areas are so narrow you can’t use for much, so it’s a great way to not use up shelf space!

GET THE LOOK – These shelves would work really well all over the kitchen!

#9 – Use your worksurface

If you like having things to hand, and have the space (be careful here because it’s all too easy to create clutter) – you could use your worksurface.

You can get a lovely countertop spice rack that will work well on display – such as wooden racks, turntables, etc…

Spice jars on work surface

GET THE LOOK – I love the idea of this as it can stack for more spices, and creates a really lovely display – a little unusual!

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Want the spices to look nice? – Recycle old jars

Along with storing the spices, if you’ve chosen to display them in any way, you may want to make them all the same look (this can look really smart!).

As such, you could of course buy ready made spice containers, or you can recycle some that you may already have around the house.

One great way to do it is if your existing brand of spices comes in glass containers. You could take the labels off these bottles and then label them nicely, and re-use.

This is a great idea for the main reason that you won’t want to have to have to store excess spices all over the place that don’t fit well into your chosen bottles/bags – and if you’re re-using the old spice jars, you know they fit a whole jar already!

Another option that I’ve seen is to use baby food jars. They’re little and, if you’ve got a baby at home – are in plentiful supply!

glass spice jars of different sizes

Why not try some of these spice storage ideas in your kitchen?

I’ve given you loads of ideas and inspiration to try in your own kitchen (whatever the size and shape you’re working with) – but I don’t want to leave you there!

To help you even more, if you’re looking for anything specific from the ideas above, I’ve gathered them together below – so just click on the images for more details: –

You can find out more about any of the items below by simply clicking the picture – where you’ll be taken to the shop it’s sold in. All links are affiliate links – which means that I get a commission if you make a purchase, at no cost to you of course.

9 Spice Storage Ideas You'll Want To Try In Your Kitchen - 350
9 hugely popular spice storage ideas you're going to love!

There you go – loads of creative solutions for your spice storage

I can’t wait to hear how you get on, as I’m sure there’s at least one new idea in this selection that will work well for you.

I think the main takeaway here would be to make sure you’re using the right spice storage solution for the space you have, and the look you want – and you won’t go far wrong!

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