How To Store Tupperware – To Find What You Need Easily!


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Tupperware is brilliant for storing all kinds of food and leftovers – but what about how to store Tupperware itself?! When you need it, you want it to be handy and stored in a way to make it easy to find what you need, right? Here are some great Tupperware storage ideas to try.

How To Store Tupperware - So You Can Find Things Easily

Tupperware food storage containers are a wonderful thing because you can use them to store all sorts of food or general kitchen items.

You can use them to organise your items together or to stop food from going bad.

Surely everyone has used them to at least stop their biscuits going soggy, right? Or to store leftovers in the freezer to avoid wastage?

However, despite their usefulness, there’s one problem with tupperware containers that might leave you annoyed and scratching your head wondering how to sort it out –  they’re quite bulky and take up loads of space in your kitchen when you’re not using them!

I’m sure, like me, you have a designated Tupperware drawer or cupboard where you shove all of your unused Tupperware containers.

Except, doesn’t it take you ages to find the correct lid for the correct container because they’re all stacked on top of each other in a haphazard mess?

Oh, and don’t get me started on the fact that when you attempt to stack the lids up, they always end up sliding off no matter how much you try to balance them, causing a mess and even further annoyance!


But, worry no more, because in this guide I’ll tell you all the best possible ways of sorting your Tupperware and storing them so you’ll barely even notice they’re there anymore.

What Is Tupperware?

It’s an American brand name that’s commonly used for any glass or plastic food storage container usually with a matching lid that can snap close. They are really useful for storing a wide range of things including leftovers, frozen food, and baking supplies in the kitchen cabinet (easy to stack and air tight). They also make fantastic lunch boxes.

Some benefits that make Tupperware so useful are:

  • It can be put in the dishwasher, fridge and freezer
  • It’s stackable so can make use of all the space in your cupboards
  • It comes in all sizes from small containers to larger – so you can get the perfect shape for what you want to store.
2 Items Of Tupperware With Green Lids

2 Key Things To Consider When Storing Tupperware

#1 – Figure Out How Many Tupperware Containers You Really Need

It’s good to start by considering just how many Tupperware containers you realistically need to keep in your kitchen.

Tupperware can build up and you can end up with way more than you actually need without even realising it. 

For this reason, it’s definitely worth calculating how many Tupperware containers you tend to use at one time and then, once you’ve worked that out, you should go through your Tupperware drawer and get rid of any excess ones that you don’t normally use. 

I know it’s bad to throw things out, especially because Tupperware containers are mostly plastic, so maybe think about donating them to homeless shelters, charity, friends and family, or companies that deliver homemade meals to people in need.

#2 – Where’s The Best Place To Store Your Tupperware?

Before you decide HOW to store your Tupperware (or anything for that matter!), you need to work out the best place for it to go.

Base this decision on a few things – including how often it’s used, who uses it, how much you have, etc…

Some ideas to think about would be:

  • Where do you tend to want to fill your containers? Store them as close to here as you can
  • How much will you use it? If you use them a lot then store them at an easily reachable height. That way you don’t have to keep stretching up or down to get them. If you use them less frequently, then they can be a little harder to reach if necessary.
  • Do the kids need to use them? Make it easy for them to grab as well.

Once you’ve worked out the best place for you to use – now comes the fun bit – deciding HOW to store it.

Best Ways To Store Tupperware

#1 – Get Drawer Dividers To Separate Lids And Containers

When you store Tupperware with the lids on each container, yes, it’s making it easy to find what you need in one go (rather than searching for the matching lid). BUT, it will take up a LOT more room doing it this way.

If you have the space, then great – but if you don’t (or want to minimise the storage space needed) then it’s usually best to split up the lids and containers and store them together but in different sections.

Storing your tupperware in a drawer, and investing in a drawer divider is a great method of keeping it altogether, while separating your lids from your containers.

You can stack containers on top of each other in a few of the divided spaces, and put lids vertically next to each other in the remaining spaces. 

This way, it will be easier to find whichever container and lid you need rather than them all being bundled together in a big mess. 

TIP – always measure your drawer before buying any dividers as you want to get the sizing right. A good idea can be extendable dividers so you can use in lots of places without worrying about exact sizes.

#2 – Arrange Tupperware By Size 

If you have a big Tupperware collection, you’re probably going to have containers of many different sizes so you can store different things – for example, a container for a leftover meal will need to be bigger than a container used for sauces or dressings. 

If this is the case, it’s a good idea to arrange them by size when storing them.

Put the lids and containers in order of size and that way you will find the size you need much more quickly when looking.

TIP – If you have less space, you could stack your containers inside each other when ordered by size. This can save a LOT of storage and is a great option for smaller kitchens especially.

#3 – Arrange Tupperware Lids Vertically 

To save more space in your Tupperware drawer, stack all your lids vertically rather than horizontally, because this will make it easier to grab the lid you need because it gives you a clearer view of them rather than having to hunt through a pile.

This way you won’t be sifting through them every time you need the correct lid for the container you’re using. Much quicker!

Use A Rack As A Tupperware Lid

In order to tidy up your designated Tupperware lid drawer, it could be worth investing in a rack that’s low and narrow enough to fit in your drawer

This way, you can then simply slot each lid into a section on the rack.

By doing this, your drawer will be neat and tidy and the added bonus will be that you can actually find the lid you want more easily because you won’t be digging around through a chaotic mess.

#4 – Stack Tupperware Containers On Top Of Each Other

When you have cupboard space rather than drawer space, this tends to be higher than it is wide.

As such, stacking your containers can be a great option as it uses all the available space really well.

If you have very high cupboards, then one issue with stacking the Tupperware is that it can get very unweildy and likely to fall over every time you need to grab something from the bottom of the pile.

To alleviate this you can split the vertical space up with a vertical rack, or add shelving to the space. This means each pile will be smaller and less likely to cause you issues every time you want to grab something. 

You could also get Tupperware that stacks in itself – which is a great storage option!

#5 – Throw In A Large Basket or Container

If you’re more likely to keep things neat by creating easy storage, then find a basket or container that fits the space you’ve got really well, and just use that.

It has the advantage of making putting your Tupperware away much easier, but will mean you have to hunt for what you need a little more than other storage options.

However, it WILL keep everything in one place. You can take the whole lot out and sort through it quickly, plus you will be able to maintain the space if you have a container for it (because you can only keep what fits in that much space, so you will naturally declutter if you and up with too much).

Lastly, you can also stack inside the container to save space, so you could find you get a lot more in than you first expected to.

Lots Of Tupperware Stored In A Kitchen Drawer

Best Tupperware Storage

Feeling inspired to try some of these ideas yourself?

Whether you have drawer space, cupboard space, prefer keeping things together or splitting them up – there’s a solution for you.

To help even further, I’ve collected together some of the best storage ideas available right now to save you the work of looking around for them yourself. Just click on the picture to go straight to the shop and learn more about it or grab it for your kitchen now.

Note – Clicking on any item below will take you to the store so you can see details and purchase – for your convenience. The links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission for any purchase you make – at absolutely no cost to you, of course.

How To Store Tupperware - To Find What You Need Easily! - 350
How To Store Tupperware - So You Can Find Things Easily

Storing Tupperware in a neat and tidy way doesn’t have to be difficult

As you’ve hopefully discovered after reading these handy tips and tricks on how to go about storing them.

Use these tips as inspiration and go sort your own collection now.

You’ll thank yourself once it’s done – and it really doesn’t take long to make all the difference.

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