9 Clever Ideas To Get Clutter Free Kitchen Counters


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Kitchens are a hive of activity most days – so having clutter free kitchen counters / worktops / countertops / work surfaces (whatever you call them!) can really feel like an uphill struggle. It really doesn’t have to though – because I’ve looked all over to bring you the best ways to declutter your kitchen surfaces more easily.

9 Brilliant Ways to keep Kitchen Counters Clutter Free

In general I like to keep my kitchen counters as empty as possible.

I’m not a minimalist by any means, but it just makes things easier to have more work space to, well, work!

I don’t want the work surface to get cluttered by day to day paper piles, in progress household projects, homework and school stuff, and SO much more that really need to be put somewhere else!

NOTE TO SELF: Paperwork is NOT a kitchen item!

And although a completely clear worktop would be nice, there will ALWAYS be items that need to be housed on the surfaces, including things like: –

  • Toaster, Kettle – and any other larger appliances used daily
  • Knife block
  • Chopping boards
  • Some utensils
  • Some condiments
  • Wine bottle…

So how can we keep kitchen counters looking good, AND feeling more clutter-free?

The answer to less kitchen counter clutter lies in the ideas and inspiration below, and I hope at least one of these options works in your home for how you live (because, let’s face it – we’re all different!).

Let’s go, shall we….

Clever ways to get more clutter free kitchen counters…

#1 – Use Layers

The best way to maximise ANY space is to use the height of the space as well as the available width and depth – and that holds true for kitchen surfaces as well.

Yes, you need to have SOME stuff out on the worktop, but if you can take up the least amount of surface area while doing so – it will feel so much more clutter free.

And that’s where layers come in!

Just as you often see in kitchen cupboards – you can get use steps/shelves to maximise that vertical space by storing things on both levels, or you could use a small shelving unit to take things up on the vertical rather than spread them out on the horizontal.

Something like this would work well either on the work surface itself, or even fixed to the wall to take it off the surface completely…

white Kitchen shelves with wood and white accessories on

#2 – Use Containers

Yes, it’s an easy one – but we often forget that easy is still just as good!

Although not technically making the space more clutter-free (in fact, adding to it with the container) – it gives the FEEL of being more organised, because you are only giving things a certain amount of space.

Plus – it’s a lot easier to move a container around when you need to clean or use the space for a while…

TIP – Always choose a container that’s big enough for what you want to store in it, but not overly large for the space. And pick a style that works for your kitchen so you enjoy using it.

Containers on a kitchen surface (a box and a jar)
Containers on a kitchen surface (a box and a jar)

#3 – Use a Lazy Susan

A lazy susan is one of the best organising bits of kit ever invented, in my opinion!

It makes the clutter that we have on show much more easy to grab – instead of having to reach behind lots of other things and probably toppling stuff in the process.

It also helps keep the surface more clutter free, as you can move everything in one go, and it keeps it contained to one area only.

You could go even further with this idea by going for a double tiered one if you have more vertical space to use (layers in the same way as #1).

#4 – Use a Tray

A tray is a fantastic way to contain items that are needed on show but also need to be moved easily too.

Moving items is required for cleaning more quickly – and when you are cooking and need more workspace – and a tray with handles makes moving everything SO easy!

Kitchen work surface with a tray containing regularly used items
Kitchen work surface with a tray containing regularly used items

#5 – Create a place for notes

I’ve seriously lost count of the number of notes that appear on our kitchen island.

It makes sense to leave notes on there, because everyone is more likely to see them in a place they will visit regularly – but all that paper clutter looks messy!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of creating a message centre using a wall mounted unit that’s visible, looks fantastic, and is fun to use….

9 Clever Ideas To Get Clutter Free Kitchen Counters - 350

#6 – Use Hooks

A hook is ALWAYS a good idea for kitchen clutter organising, whether it’s a single hook, a set of single hooks, or hooks on a rail.

You could use them in so many ways to take things off the surfaces: –

  • Add to the side of a lower cupboard to house tea towels and cloths
  • Use on the wall to hang cooking utensils
  • Use inside cupboard doors to keep things accessible but out of the way
Kitchen rail with hooks for hanging items off the surface

#7 – Wall (or ceiling!) mount instead of using the worktop

Love the idea of taking things off the surface completely – while still allowing things to be easy to grab when needed.

9 Clever Ideas To Get Clutter Free Kitchen Counters - 350
Hanging metal fruit basket with 3 layers

#8 – Hide behind doors

A lot of us keep a small kitchen appliance (or several!) on the surfaces without really thinking about whether that’s the best idea.

By this I mean things like the toaster, kettle, mixer and blender.

Fact is – some of these are just kept out because that’s how it’s usually done.

But if you only use your toaster once a week, does it really need to be out the whole time?

You could create more space and decrease the visual clutter on the countertops by adding it to a kitchen cabinet instead. Just a thought!

#9 – Use shelves

Using shelves takes things off the worktops, but still keeps them handy, if you like the more open look.

Each shelf you add is kind of like adding extra work surface!

#10 – (Extra!) – Use Magnets

Love the idea of using magnetised strips for keeping metal items accessible and out of the way. Great for knives, for example.

Magnetic storage strip on kitchen wall with knives and metal accessories on it

Why not try some of these in your own kitchen?

It’s a quick DIY project that could make all the difference to how long it takes to clean your kitchen each day, having a place to prep meals, AND being able to find things more quickly.

What’s not to love?!

I’ve given you loads of ideas and inspiration to try in your own home – but I don’t want to leave you there!

To help you even more, if you’re looking for anything specific from the ideas above, I’ve gathered them together below – so just click on the images for more details: –

You can find out more about any of the items below by simply clicking the picture – where you’ll be taken to the shop it’s sold in. All links are affiliate links – which means that I get a commission if you make a purchase, at no cost to you of course.

9 Clever Ideas To Get Clutter Free Kitchen Counters - 350
9 Brilliant Ways To Get Clutter Free Kitchen Counters

There you go – loads of creative ideas to make your kitchen counters clutter free!

I can’t wait to hear how you get on, as I’m sure there’s at least one new idea in this selection that will really change how useful this space is for you and your family.

I think the main takeaway here would be to use vertical space as much as possible, rather than fill the available space on every surface (as we are so accustomed to do!).

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